Making a Chroma Cube from Epoxy Resin with Dichroic Film | As seen in Guardians of the Galaxy

Making a Chroma Cube from Epoxy Resin with Dichroic Film | As seen in Guardians of the Galaxy

For this project you will need to make small shiny cubes – and lots of them! I bought a 1cm optical cube off eBay and made a silicone mould from it I did buy a mini ice cube mould first, but it wasn’t shiny and the resulting cubes were not fully transparent 🙁 This only needs a tiny bit of moulding silicone so I combined it with another project, which is why there is so much in that dish! I used the mould to create a cube each time I had a bit of leftover polyurethane resin, simply because it cures faster than epoxy I kept making cubes until I had 36, and then used those to make a 36-up mould 27 would have been enough but I like to have some spares 🙂 Turning this many cubes into a single mould meant that I only had to do 1 epoxy resin pour For this project I’m using my usual epoxy art resin, which has a 2A:1B mix ratio by weight If you use a pipette to fill the cavities, and touch the bottom of the mould with the pipette, it will help to avoid bubbles getting trapped in the corners Let the resin dome very slightly so it levels off as it cures Lots and lots of small, optically clear cubes 🙂 Now you need to cover 3 sides of each cube in dichroic window film I found the easiest way to do this was to place the cubes onto the sticky side of the film, then cut around them with a sharp knife The only rule here is to not cover opposite faces of the cube, as per the illustration coming up Cover these 3 sides on each cube This took about a week Or maybe it just felt like it did :/ This a 50mm cube mould off eBay. Pour 5mm of resin and let it firm up. Get them bubbles! Pour a little more resin into the mould, and then add your cubes The idea is that they will all have the dichroic film facing in the same direction… But I managed to get some in the wrong way around :/ You can use a small flashlight to see which sides reflect gold Top up with more resin until it covers the cubes by 5mm, then straighten them up Allow that to firm up, then repeat the process for another two layers What did the ice cube say to the water? I’m cooler than you XD Sorry…. it’s the only cube joke I can think of This project did suffer with micro bubbles, but you really need a pressure pot to deal with those Just get as many as you can with the lighter flame Final layer I wonder if I could make a resin Rubik’s cube? Apparently the more you play with it the harder it gets :/ That’s it we’re done – 24 hours to cure and then it’s ready 🙂 Watch your knuckles on those sharp top edges Looks great, and no post-finishing required 😀 I’ll make a stand for it… Drill 6 holes in a hexagon pattern to suit some 3mm dowel This is actually a piece of scrap oak flooring Cut some 40mm lengths of 3mm dowel They literally flew 10 feet You can use wood glue or epoxy, anything suitable really I usually go for whatever dries fastest Finished! Be sure to leave any suggestions for a future video in the comments 🙂 Thanks for watching! Oh no here she comes… [Alexa] I’m actually impressed [Alexa] But I don’t think you’ll be putting Jack Storms out of a job any time soon

Dereck Turner

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  1. resinAce says:

    This video is closed captioned. Please turn on your subtitles to view tutorial text.

  2. Ann Hind says:

    Very clever. Turned out beautiful.

  3. JR Oliva says:

    Just one word amazing.

  4. DS. Kim says:

    Awesome video.I like the video is the best.guitar cover song.What do you think about this.Thank you for being friends with music.ㅣ

  5. World Through My Eyes says:

    Ooo kaaay…we making sugar cubes…no…we r testing Eli Lilly's latest medication we will have 2 buy @ $500. a script….no we r testing DNA…no…looks like a whole bunch of math & science stuff. Looks great! Keep u the good work!

  6. Blaster53 says:

    Absolutely SUPERB, congratulation.

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  8. VELOPE MUSIC says:

    That is so cool

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  10. Denis Triton says:

    А что если на 3D-принтере вместо маленького кубика напечатать какую-нибудь основу для трехмерной микросхемы. А потом покрыть таким лаком.

  11. Dark Elf says:

    I swear I can just watch him twirl that cube for hours. Just absolutely mesmerizing.

  12. Xro says:

    Directions a bit lacking. You show the Film to point in 3 directions but when you put them in they all appear to be pointing the same direction?

  13. Daphne Walker says:

    This is amazing 💜

  14. Jeannine Wilkerling says:

    Absolutely outstanding, I m such a big fan of Jack Storms, but I will never get a chance to buy one of his pieces but this is great idea to get some similar effect, of course it's not the same but for sure it's still amazing. Let's work with resin. ^^ <3

  15. Richard Harris says:

    Not quite a jack storms but i imagine its a bit cheaper . Nice video

  16. Yare Yare says:

    Looks awesome

  17. granny diamond says:

    That is beautiful. 💞

  18. Pippa pig says:

    Where do you buy that paper from and what is it called. Looks brilliant 👍👍👍👍👍

  19. Deb Buckler says:

    This is SO cool and fun to watch! Thanks so much!!

  20. Patricia Dumatrait says:

    So cooool!!

  21. Huma Tajdar says:

    Beautiful work 👌 💕

  22. Nowhereman JK says:

    My dream electronics are chaotic embedded chips in a resin cube. Among them, a sunk led for light effect. Circuits are e.g. NE555 20 pieces per dollar on Aliexpress … 😉
    Greetings from Poland 😉

  23. Кумушай Айбашова says:

    А из чего это сделано?
    Красивый куб

  24. Kenneth Farrington says:

    Dude nice, AND I think its extra cool that Jack Storms commented his approval on here!!

  25. Joopy Jellopy says:

    Do you sell them?

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  28. Jamie Cee49 says:

    I didn't know you could do so much with Resin. I wouldn't have the patients for that stuff. But your Art is is pretty cool.

  29. Shay Vella says:

    If ur ever choking on a ice cube… just wait. Ur welcome for the extra pun 😉

    like if you get it

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  32. citizenY says:

    Can you embed LED lights?

  33. Doris Basko says:

    Absolutely stunning! Amazing to watch you work with such patience, sir! And with your mind set, I'm sure that you could come up with a light to show your work even more beautifully.

  34. oddeyecircle says:

    i want to buy that for no reason

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  36. Johnny M says:

    Love it…………one question. Do you put the dichroic film on three sides of the cube. You indicated that. But I couldn’t tell when you were loading up the mould

  37. Running Grass says:

    When they were individual small, can u make two into dice with the spots on them that look like them in this video?
    Be pretty


    A masterpiece !

  39. Nikola Krupasova says:

    It's sooo beautiful, more like this please

  40. xolitaire says:

    This piece deserves to be polished to sparkly perfection!

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  42. Gellie Bean says:

    That is SO BAD ASS!!

  43. Ryu Ken says:

    first step for holographics are made. Now adjust the camera's, their lenses and a beamer. Almost there!!!

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  45. Rosalines Lon says:

    Beautiful thank you

  46. mauimudpup says:

    I really want to make one of these. I love Jack Storms glass items but they are way too costly and impossible for me to make

  47. mauimudpup says:

    Us the dichroic film on the same side for all cubes (all on the bottom of the individual cubes) or is it on a different side for each layer. And what would it result in if it was altered

  48. Pam Cullen says:

    I usually just make resin jewellery but you have inspired me to branch out with bigger projects. Can I just ask how long did you leave the resin to ‘cure’ between levels and how come there was no line between each pouring ?🦆💕

  49. Patricia Brantley says:

    Pretty awesome! Maybe a plexiglass stand or one of those with lights from the bottom like they use for those glass etched cubes? It would probably look even more cool with light shining from underneath! Thanks for sharing!

  50. Cathy Gillies says:

    Just wow.

  51. Ernie Bribiesca says:

    What are you using to make it rotate! Very beautiful tho

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  53. Ashley Nielsen says:

    I love this , are you selling any of your amazing work??

  54. Corvus烏 says:

    これは……気力と根気との戦いや……‪_:(´ཫ`」 ∠):_‬

  55. Charlotte Adams says:

    Wow that looks amazing I want one!!

  56. Lynatik001 says:

    4d cube?

  57. Anna Maria Zanchi says:

    Thank you! I looked so much around to make a optical object and this video is really useful!

  58. Pechilvr's Precious Peeps says:

    The amazing cube went down a teensy smidgen on the plain wooden stand I'd rather it just clear or painted silver and only 4 illuminated rods to suspend it.

  59. Corentin M says:

    Amazing! Any way to buy one?

  60. T W says:

    Very cool, but get a sharp scalpel blade and drill bit!

  61. Marguerite Jewett says:


  62. Verna Badenhorst says:

    OMGosh nooooo! Wow!!! That is absolutely stunniiiiiiing!

  63. Trinidad Acosta says:

    1k like

  64. Triskall Claremont says:

    Please help an illiterate artist here… what did you use to make the frame of the silicon mould?

  65. Beverly Wright says:

    great Job too much for me to do though but i like it Sue

  66. Diana says:

    QUESTION! do you have any idea why a mini ice cube tray produces such cloudy little cubes? I bought one of those and had the same result ☹ and where did you find the film?

  67. Romy Hernandez says:

    So much work !!!!! You are a very dedicated person. Great job ❤️ it came out fantastic !

  68. Sally May says:

    That's so fucken cool ! ☆

  69. Lucy Hare says:

    Wow!! And you make your own molds. This is awsome.

  70. Loz says:

    Would look cool on a light box

  71. Jacki Love says:

    Phenomenal!!! 💚♾🧿

  72. Seriously Creative says:

    I am extremely impressed by the amount of effort you put into this. It came out freaking amazing!!!

  73. Victor Victor says:

    nice work

  74. 3pe says:

    i wonder…maybe there's a hot glue version lol

  75. Cathii LaPierre Art says:

    Where did you get the holo film?

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    Pretty freaking cool! 😎

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    beautiful !!!!!!!!

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    Do you have a link for the Dichroic Film you used?

  81. Angela Galloway says:

    Beautiful love it

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    How much does resin art like that sell for?

  83. Vonnie Truscott says:

    Omg that is amazing 🥰

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  85. NCOIC says:

    I've seen a bunch of these, millennials can't do them. It takes longer than typing a text or ordering food delivery.

  86. Dirk Kruger says:

    7:05Now make 27 of those and put them inside a single large cube.

  87. Виктория Крутихина says:

    Вау, брильянт !

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  89. NYRfan4Life says:

    That beautiful chromacube almost resembles that (acrylic version) of the rubix cube.

  90. firecracker says:

    I am I love, stunning

  91. firecracker says:

    Do you sell them?

  92. GrandizerGo says:

    First time viewer of your material, I think Youtube sent me here from watching other peoples epoxy videos.
    I love the way the finished cube looks, I wonder if you could have done the base in epoxy as well? make a thick Silicon mold and drill holes into it for the stands you place the cube on. In fact, you could then embed a sliver of the dichromic film in the holes and a piece for the base as well.

  93. ZikValera says:

    Красиво получилось

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    I can't believe how perfect this is…

  96. Tereza Nj. says:

    the dowel pieces said 🚀🚀🚀

  97. Angela Llarena says:

    Woooo!!! Me encantan!!! Todos!!! Genial!! Pero, me dicen que líquidos se ponen?? X favor! Solo hablo español!! Gracias!!

  98. ANGELA BARTON says:

    I shared this video as it's awesome it really looks like Swarovski crystal, great job on it well made👍👍👍👍🌹🌸🏵

  99. Diana says:

    What kind of silicone do you use to make your moldd!!? Ive tried a couple different brands that haven't worked very well 😕

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