Magic Tutorial – BLIND

Magic Tutorial – BLIND

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Magic Tutorial – BLIND

  1. Smells Like E Minor says:

    Brilliant. Fanx.

  2. David Murphy says:

    So many options.. I need to study this one.. seriously study Blind.

  3. osher naim says:


  4. shashi indra says:

    Fantastic video

  5. Charles V says:

    So many possibilities!! Thank you good sir!! #MADlove

  6. Gabriel Lion says:

    Oh man that bottom deal is So clean, Have you magic fingers?

  7. C1 says:

    King! Love your humor and your in depth discussions about subtleties. Not just: ”hey, here’s the move or trick, here’s how it’s done k thanks bye”.
    This needs to be a standard on tutorials. Great stuff, my man!

  8. badwithfeelings says:


  9. Himmet Adak says:

    Fanx for sharing this Daniel

  10. Will Rayner says:

    I find that the 3rd version is definitely the easiest, especially if your not confident with your pass or bottom deal. As always an amazing video FANKS for always producing these tutorials. Just out of curiosity, do you ever perform the 3 card monte? If so what variation do you think is strongest

  11. Pik 7 says:

    This is exactly what I'm here for. This is exactly what I was waiting for!

    Thanks, my friend!

  12. tubeytubetuber says:

    Your Jedi mind-tricks won't work on me!

  13. Rex D. says:


  14. Yuth Magic says:

    FANX it's incredibly hilarious and also you put so much details with a lot of wisdom and quality so FANX
    It's for that you are for me like Dani Daortiz the example to follow 😉👍

  15. Deady 2012 says:

    What an imagination! Damn mate where do you get it from? Absolutely amazing intro! I'll watch the next 25 minutes now haha! #FANX!

  16. zilkvey derky says:

    So I have to pay 6$ to watch this without the tattoos, no Fanx.

  17. magicorthodoxy says:

    I love the classic you do as I do plot, and this is a fantastic addition to that. Fanx!

  18. מקסים סלטנוביץ' says:

    Your mirror edits are my source for happiness

  19. Naeem Saeed says:

    I am so glad that i am a subscriber of your channel… Thank you man!!!

  20. Ralph Ocava says:

    I am thinking if this is possible with a double backer…

  21. Chet DeLano says:

    Dope trick, D. FANK! 🤣

  22. RSKR says:

    hey bro, don't worry about time, the people who view your videos enjoy every second of knowledge that you share with us, including me.
    keep up the great work, you're one of a kind.

  23. Giovanni Paladini says:

    Man your deals are crisp, your moves are much more fluid than my moves without doing sleights. I need to keep up the good work and practice, I know.

  24. Keith Renaud says:

    Super short. I love the longer versions. The detail u go into but you did a great job summing it all up fanks

  25. DaxVision Studios says:

    This. Is. FANK-TASTIC!!!!

  26. Dan Turgelis says:

    Straight dope

  27. TheMerryPup says:

    Appreciate your generosity once again Daniel. I mean this is good quality sh*t!

    Also: we need t-shirts — FANKS — make it happen 🙂

  28. David Xu says:

    love the acting

  29. Bayu Krisnapati says:

    I love both of you in the same frame is hilarious…. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. Bayu Krisnapati says:

    I love both of you in the same frame is hilarious…. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Bob Nazrul says:

    Love this trick years ago.
    FANKS to teach this again

  32. Ben Corbeil says:

    wicked trick!! can't wait for 100k!

  33. Danny Tanner says:

    Pure gold. Stay gold Danny Boy.

  34. Justin Valdez says:

    Can’t wait to see live people reacting accordingly

  35. J Snow says:

    Entertaining, great teaching -nd awesome beared! Nothing changes, stay awesome sir!

  36. Felix Frost says:

    "He takes his deck out… I take my deck out" 😂🍒
    Long-time fans will understand

  37. Stu Batman says:

    An absolute nutter but all geniuses are Susan was my mums name just made this even funnier great trick and greatly performed just for my first set of hellions v3s unfortunately but hoping to add all ur decks to my collection soul decks and Collaborations 🙂

  38. Peter Chinyemba says:

    Awesome, much love (from Africa)

  39. Flavius Maftei says:

    Man I love your videos so so much ❤️❤️

  40. Renmoet Zeravla says:


  41. Renmoet Zeravla says:


  42. PlayNt Everynt says:

    This stuff shouldnt be free. So much valuable ideas, thanks for that Daniel.

  43. j.a.c. a says:

    Ohh Shit* darn good

  44. Emmanuel Gatuz says:

    #DANIELmadison Hey man I love this trick. And I perform it whenever I have 2 decks on me or if a spectator happens to have a deck of cards. Just want to share with you my first live performance of BLIND (without a table) on the street last year

  45. Mario Elia says:

    I'm a magician for 2 years, and I perfected some really hard card slights, like bottom deal, second deal, classic shift, and a whole bunch more, but every single time I see you, I feel like I still have a long way to go, fanx for always reminding me and giving me more ideas xD

  46. Tyson McKnight says:

    Great job Daniel! Your so full of knowledge about sleight of hand, fanx for sharing! At some point I'm gonna go to the UK for vacation, and I'd love to meet you in person.

  47. Raf F says:

    I am the 666 person who liked the video lol

  48. MsMagicpaul says:

    Too words

  49. MrMelo34 says:

    That ending phase tho.. brilliant.

  50. The Derpster Koder says:

    Love it

  51. Magician Mayank says:

    What do you say to people when they ask you " what exactly magic is? Sleight of hand or real miracle ?"

  52. Justin James says:

    In the second version, instead of turning the deck face up, as you're talking to the spectator, you could do a deck flip.

  53. eyewaves says:

    You are a genius and a gentleman revealing this mind blowing card trick. Thank you SIR.. I loved it…

  54. zeO says:

    i don't believe this is a magic tutorial, coz its make me laugh every time. 🙂 magiccomedy

  55. Bigrig_trmc says:

    Ubsir are correct. Why do it a half ass when u can do it perfect

  56. Lincriss says:

    I am so super fooled everytime in the performances 😳👍😄

  57. 7 of spades says:

    Did Suzan breath in helium or what?! 😂😂😂

  58. Sean Bogan says:

    i’m sorry what’s up with that mirror???

  59. janrue sastrillo says:

    The reflection 😮

  60. Scott Pritchard says:

    There are a million people showing magic on YouTube yet your persona and your quirkiness are excellent. Your tricks are fantastic. So clever to watch. You sir are a breath of fresh air……just wish I was able to perform….any tricks without fumbling like a virgin on wedding night..

  61. Fatal Flaw says:

    I feel as if you 50/50 your deck with the backs facing out, and then force the chosen card from the "top" half quickly, there's much less of a chance of turning the deck over being risky.
    I'm not skilled enough to bottom deal, yet. But I am ballsy enough to pull off another, less clean, method.
    Thanks for another bit of genius/ madness from the mind of DM

  62. The Kings Circle says:

    The mirror image in the background is somewhat distracting not gunna lie…

  63. Aji Valentino says:

    Content-0 video, editing techniques & quality-1 🤩

  64. Alexander Koeth says:

    Love the humor man, i dont see lot of people understanding this kind of humor cuz they just im insane if i pull out haha

  65. tlbrpz says:

    Your BD is sick man

  66. Дмитрий Белов says:

    So good!!!

  67. abidan azpeitia says:

    Your bottom deal is so clean!!!!!!!!

  68. Bill Green says:

    very good acting skills Daniel pal

  69. Halfrobot 9 says:

    That mirror isn’t normal

  70. Nerdo says:

    One of the greatest

  71. asen dimitrow says:

    What is going on with the reflection on the mirror 3:10 bruh ???

  72. Dz Casanova says:

    We miss your contents and knowledge

  73. TWOxHUTCH says:

    Is nobody going to talk about the magical mirror in the background that doesn't match up with his body movements.

  74. R.B. Nguyen says:

    this guy is a genius and an artist

  75. Chris Leonard says:

    I figured out how you did it after watching the entire video. 😉😂

  76. Harry Cochran says:

    Daniel I’m new to your channel I met you from one of my friends Jordan

    And I only new your name but when I checked you out and your playlist with the meaningful videos

    They really got to me in a good way

    Your amazing not just at magic but it’s your personality that I love

  77. Jackson Wells says:

    Imma just take the original version as something in the back of my mind that I don't really have to practice just to see if I can get away with sometimes, kinda like using too jokers that are similar but maybe different colors as duplicates and trying to pass them off as the same card.

  78. Adrian Murillo says:

    Where did you get your glasses?

  79. KardTrickKid says:

    Awesome 👍

  80. Volodymyr Pylypiv says:

    Hey. As I've seen, your merch includes a lot of cool signatured things: bags, pillow, cap, beanie and so on… Have you thought of making something additional like a tie or scarf? Maybe even pins for a jacket/coat? I think that would be also awesome:)
    Btw, fanx for the content!

  81. Hari D'Hondt says:

    I tried with many friends they have to be a Susan and have a funny voice

  82. Arnomagic says:

    Just came here to hear the FANXx quote

  83. Bad to the Brick says:

    Came here from 52Kards. You are one of the coolest magicians (and people) I've seen! So quirky but so cool, love your style (and accent) 😀

  84. Charles Brown says:

    I really like how you call the people that you perform magic for "participants". I don't like calling them spectators because that's not at all what they are, they're actively engaging in the magic and participating in it. Not just merely watching it happen.

  85. Simon Ossitt says:

    Damn @Daniel Madison I just bought this from Theory11 not 5 minutes ago! Wish I'd checked here first 🙂

  86. SMHDragon Ball Super Ace of Spades says:

    Dude that mirror editing into the background is on point. $#!+ freaked me out a bit had to rewatch like 3 times. Beginning is brilliant too

  87. WhiteRaven says:

    Blind afterthoughts been coped? We want Drop techniques and your Susan shift to Tenkaipalmweirdthingyoudo Daddy!!! xx

  88. Betadesk says:

    Im really confused by that mirror . . .

  89. Miloš Dragutinović says:

    Nice tutorial 😁👍

  90. killergamer 15 axel says:

    oh shit it's fantastic

  91. Phantom says:

    What are the pink cards called

  92. Seamus Swift says:

    All I can say is


  93. Francoach says:

    The word "tutorial" is too short for what you do, yours are Lectures, Amazing Lectures! .. and for free!.. I dont even know if I deserve them, but Phanks!! ❤

  94. wiking ray says:

    What is up with the mirror

  95. Elijah Raymond says:

    19:31 my man Chris Ramsay

  96. Tyler Garrett says:

    Has anybody else noticed he ALWAYS picks 9 of clubs

  97. Limpe_ Charles xin says:

    Chris Ramsay, Alex pandrea and Daniel Madison like sibling🤔

  98. Vanonym says:

    Fooled me sooooo hard

  99. Aj Ace29 Hisoka morrow says:

    His tutorials is so amazing

  100. Clement 19 says:

    Why is the mirror weird, like what?

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