Magic Dip – ART DESIGN CENTER  unboxing and showcase

Magic Dip – ART DESIGN CENTER unboxing and showcase

Hi everyone I’m Anna and today I want to talk you about our new super creative arts and crafts concept called MAGIC DIP This is the Design Art-Center and inside this huge box we have The central unit with the gems storage and one secret drawer One drying unit and one accessories unit Two bowls One small one big the magic dip ink bottles 5 colors one glossy spray one glitter applicator the tweezers and the stirrer Then we have the white items like white frame one white bangle one white hair band greeting cards in two different sizes six charms with the string and the gems then we have the leaflet instruction manual and one glove Now let me show you how to get started and set up your dipping center for your first fantastic creation First of all take the accessories unit and the central unit and match them together with the “T” pins on the side and fully press in place Then take the drying area and lock this one with the other two elements as you did before Open the blister card and display the bottles of paint one glossy spray one glitter applicator, the tweezers and the stirrer charms and the gems Now that we have everything set up we just need something to dip! Follow me on the next video to learn how Magic Dip works in a Step-by-Step tutorial You can click here for the direct link Bye Bye!

Dereck Turner

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