Magic Classroom Objects for Kids | Stories from Steve and Maggie with Bobby | NEW on Wow English TV

Magic Classroom Objects for Kids | Stories from Steve and Maggie with Bobby | NEW on Wow English TV

It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV. Okey and don’t forget to do your homework. Oh kids, oh what a mess. But first thing first I clean my whiteboard. It’s my pencil. Oh what’s that? Oh hey, hello boys and girls. Sorry. I have to finish cleaning my whiteboard. Why don’t you go and find Maggie? Where is she? Oh, haha. It’s a rubber. It’s now my blue and white rubber. Yeah, haha. Oh, there’s more. Great. My whiteboard is clean and I have 5 minutes
to sit on my chair by the teacher’s desk and relax. Wow. It’s now my rubber. Oh, what’s that? Yeah. Hey. Did you hear something? What was that? Oh, nothing. But look. What’s that? Yeah. It’s a ruler. It’s a yellow ruler with red spots. I know that is David’s ruler. It’s his ruler. I better pick it up. Oh, haha. A ruler yeah. More for me. Maggie? Steve? Maggie! Steve! Maggie! It’s my new ruler. Yes Steve, yes. Maggie! It’s his ruler. It’s my ruler. It’s his ruler. It’s my ruler. His ruler. My ruler. Maggie! Who one? Oh Bob! Bobby you surprised us. Sorry. But who one? What? No one. Oh dear. Okey. You can race again. Go! Hey Bobby, that’s not fair. I can’t fly. Oh, sorry Steve. Stop the race. Hey! I got a better idea. What do you mean? Let’s have a race in space. Yeah. A race? In space? Yeah. Yes, go! Maggie. See you. Maggie! Oh look. There’s David’s ruler. No. It’s my ruler. Maggie. It isn’t your ruler. It is my ruler. Let’s watch the race. No Maggie. It’s my… This is a great race. Who’s go to get the ruler first? If Steve is fast then it’s his ruler. If Maggie is fast it’s her ruler. Is it his ruler? Is it her ruler? I just don’t know. Oh Steve is getting closer. He’s got the ruler. It’s his ruler. Wow. Let’s do that again with a this. Bob stop the game. What’s that? What is it? Look, it’s a pen. It’s a pink pen with blue lines. It’s my new pen. No Maggie. It’s not your pen. It’s Sarah’s pen. It’s her pen. It’s my pen. No, it’s her pen. No, it’s my pen. Oh, It’s a great race. Steve is closer, no no. It’s Maggie. Maggie is got it. It’s her pen. Now is Steve one, Maggie one. So, let’s play this race again with this book. Oh go. It’s my pen. It’s my pen. It’s my pen. No Maggie, I’ve told you. They are not our classroom objects. They belong to the children I teach. I’m their teacher. It’s their stuff. Hey. What was that? Oh look, it’s a book. The book is black with white zigzags. I know who’s book that is. It’s my book. No Maggie. It’s John’s book. I have to get his book. It’s his book. It’s his book. It’s my book. I have to get his book. No. Yes, I’ve got the book. I’ve got John’s book. Well done. It’s his book and I’m going to give it back
to him. No Steve. Bob, stop this crazy race. Ok. Go now. I like Steve and Maggie. Oh no. I can’t fly. Abraca….. ohoh. Steve I forgot. Oh no. It’s broken, it’s broken. What’s broken? Is it your leg? No my legs ok. Is it your arm? No my arms ok. So, what’s broken? The ruler’s broken. It’s not my ruler. It’s his ruler. I can fix it. Oh wow. Thanks Bobby and Maggie as I told you. These are not our classroom objects. They belong to the children. It’s their stuff. Ok. I have to put it back. Yes. And Booby. What a crazy space race? Yeah. Oh no. Right time over back to work. See you soon. Bye, bye. Bye for now. Bye, bye. Heyyyy. Hey. Did you like that? Yeah? Then please like it, if you love it, you can
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