Mac Startup Disk Full?! | How to Free Up Space the Easy Way

Mac Startup Disk Full?! | How to Free Up Space the Easy Way

– Damon asks, “What is this
Mac Storage Other category?” So, you’re running out of space, you want to keep downloading
whatever you’re downloading, and you go to your Apple
menu in the top left, and then you go to About This Mac, and then you go to the Storage section, and you see this giant yellow space that’s being occupied by Other. That’s what it’s called in the older OS’s. In the newer OS’s, it’s called System, but it’s also yellow. I’m gonna show you a fantastic app, a fantastic tool for figuring
out what’s wasting that space so that you can reclaim all of that space and resume downloading
whatever you download. So you’re downloading away,
maybe Game of Thrones, or another movie or TV
series you want to watch, and you get that dreaded
error message that says, “Your startup disc is almost full.” Now, you thought you had
tons of space, but not so. So, to check what’s using your space, you go to your Apple menu,
then you go to About This Mac, which I already have open here, and then you click Storage,
up in the top middle, and it’ll show you what’s
using all your storage. And there’s this giant
yellow section here. It’s called System in the new Mac OS, and it’s called Other in the older OS. Who knows what that is,
using up all of your space? So I’m gonna show you a killer
app so that you can identify what’s wasting all your space
and even invisible things that you don’t even
know are wasting space. So, go into your web
browser, go to Safari, and then go to this
website These guys are great, they
make really killer apps. I love Omni. Now, the app is called OmniDiskSweeper. Delete with an Iron Fist. So basically, it’s really
great at what it does. It shows you the files on your drive in descending order by size, which means it puts the
biggest things up at the top, and it lets you decide
what to do with them. Now, you can delete stuff,
but do exercise caution, which means please back up, don’t delete something if
you don’t know what it is. It’ll show you what’s wasting space but if you delete something
that’s needed by your system, then you’re gonna need to do some repairs. So, here you click download. It takes a second to download. It’s a great little compressed app. So, agree, blah blah. So here it is in the disk image. If you want to put it into
your Applications folder, you just go in your Finder window, go to you Applications
folder, and you can just drag it across to here. I already have it, so
I’m not gonna do that. And then, you just open this app, and it’s super quick and simple. You just double-click on
your Macintosh hard drive, and it starts to do this tally, where basically it starts
scanning through your whole hard drive, and figuring
out what is wasting space, and what’s using space. You can ignore things that
are bytes, and kilobytes, and even megabytes. You want to look for things
that are up in the top here, in the purple zone for gigabytes. When it’s red, that means
that it’s still calculating. So it’s still scanning to see
how much space is being used. So if I go into Users here,
and then look inside my Video User, which is the user
that I’m currently using, you’ll see there’s one,
there’s solid 11 gigabytes being used up in this Library folder here, and so I want to know what that is. I want to reclaim that space. So if I keep going further
into the folders here, I get to a place where it
shows me exactly what it is. It’s the
com.aureliumgroup.screenflick folder, which actually is my
screen recording folder are for these video tutorials. And so, I can see that
10 gigs is being wasted by old videos that I don’t need anymore. So I can delete these, if I want to. You might find old iPhone back-ups, or maybe you have a gigantic Mail folder, or something like that. But, it’ll pop up to the top here, and you’ll be able to
identify exactly what it is. Once you’ve found the thing
that you want to delete, you just double-click it, and
it’ll show it in the Finder, and then from here, you can just drag it down to the Trash here. And again, please be careful, don’t delete something if
you don’t know what it is. But, this will show you what’s using all of your space that you’re using, so that you can reclaim
it, and resume downloading Game of Thrones. Boom! Mac epiphany. If you dug that, and
you want more, head to to grab your free eBook, The Top Ten Killer Tips
to Speed Up Your Mac Without Spending a Dime. It’s in human language, with no acronyms. I need to oxygenate my brain, bro. – [Man] You’re exhaling twice
as hard as you’re inhaling. – Yeah, I see stars right now. (laughs)

Dereck Turner

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  15. Asya Karapetyan says:

    In my case mail downloads took a sizable space on my disk. I had lot's of mail downloads that I didn't need. As a result, I cleared tons of gb by removing them. So that I recommend to all to check the Mail Downloads folder. Or you can use a free app startup disk full fixer which finds these files.

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