Maa (माँ) Beti (बेटी) | THEN vs NOW  || #Desi #Mom #Sketch #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

Maa (माँ) Beti (बेटी) | THEN vs NOW || #Desi #Mom #Sketch #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

Our life is changing so fast we have been becoming modern so we’ve shared a video with you where we reminds our olden days whats a kind of bonding between a daughter & mother in that ours olden days & now in these days If you like us & this video So get this video to 60,000 LIKES dear!! get up fast its 5 O’clock now but today is Sunday plz let me sleep hell with your Sunday Mom!! its just 11 O’clock now Plz let me sleep so many rice bugs where are you going? I am going to play would you go like this let me make you ready why you staring yourself looking into the mirror go get inside that mirror If your father or bro has come I swear I will cut your hair at night Your hair are looking so rough & damaged ok I’ll order online a Keratin infused oil for you Mom!! taste this noodle oho!! these are looking like worms take it away from me Mumma!! I’ve cooked this Maggie taste it lets make your daddy to taste first Again you broke something my eyes are getting damage cause of this stitching & she doesn’t even care about I’ll send this broken stuffs in your dowry dear!! turn aside from there get me these vegetables from market try to convince him to reduce Rs. 2/- on each veggie also get 4 chillies complimentary on each veggies & get this handful of coriander too listen carefully take this much of quantity not less than this otherwise my Mumma will beat me.Try to convince him say like this take this list & money get me these stuffs from supermarket for me hey Sis, you have come alone why don’t you take anybody with you oh dear! piz bring two cups of tea My dear Munni is grown up now she cooks so delicious Poha she knows everything like stitching, knitting etc….. no need to make her learn anything she learns so fast observing others she is so intelligent she studies all day long you know she won a gold medal in swimming she is going to Australia for a Maths quiz & what about your daughter Munni is completing 15 years of her age like we need to searching for a guy As you know!! colleges are so good in Paris so its easy to adjust if you go there what are you eating?? today we are going to attend a party don’t eat anything try to keep some space in your stomach so there you need to eat sweet first oho!! so much of oily food in Chadha Aunt’s Party we’ll already eat some diet food before the party what rubbish you are speaking?? you need to read holy books or learn some devotional songs Wow you are speaking French so fluently Mumma!! its my birthday today yeah dear!! I know it I have a gift for you dear you want this fork now you eat with this fork Mumma! I want a Lehnga ok I’ll talk to your father as its little expensive Amma!! have you asked from daddy about my lehnga My all friends have that Lehnga. I too want that Lehnga ok dear we’ll try you know about our financial condition don’t have much money even we can’t afford pictures on those frames ok dear!! I will try Mumma! its too long now plz get me the Lehnga thinking I’ll stitch a Lehnga for you what are you talking about? we’ll get two Lehnga on the amount of its fabric cost oho I’ll make it from my own Saree Mumma as you have only three sarees two for daily use and one for out goings dear you don’t know I have that one Mumma!! its a saree of your wedding No matters either you wear it or me it make me happy if you feel happy No Mumma I don’t want any Lehnga don’t say like this dear Either desi or modern One thing that never changes & that is Mother love for her child & there’s also a bonding between you & us so shower all your love do LIKE & SHARE this video tell in the comments which is your the most favorite sequence ? also tell us what you want to see in our next video? will see you in our next video till then take care & bye-bye

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3 thoughts on “Maa (माँ) Beti (बेटी) | THEN vs NOW || #Desi #Mom #Sketch #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

  1. Shruti Arjun Anand says:

    Thoda Khatta, Thoda Meetha but Sabse Anmol Hai Yeh Rishta!
    Samay Ke Saath bahut kuch badalta hai but Maa Ka Pyaar Kabhi Nahi Badalta ….
    Hit LIKE if you Agree and if you have enjoyed this video then do SHARE it with your friends!!

  2. Gautam Jeswani says:

    'Then' se matlab konsa year h apka

  3. rehmat sidhu says:

    Ma isc same ki ho ya fire costs same ki ma apna bachho se bhot jyada pyaar karti hai 💕💕🥰💖💞💝💝♥️💋👍

  4. Babar Iqbal says:

    Last wala pasand aays

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