Love In The Great Golden Circus | 101 Traces | Unique Stories From India

Love In The Great Golden Circus | 101 Traces | Unique Stories From India

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101india How old were you when you got married? 16 years old You were 16! And how old was he? 20? I just can’t remember! The Great Golden Circus Where the craziest stories are found backstage So, we are behind the scenes Where all of this gets made This is what the circus looks like when it’s
dark And this is the man who gets it all running The show runner himself: Mr. Ramata Who helps the girls with the rehearsals? We do You and? My wife and I Mr. Ramata and his wife Bhanu ji are trainers
at the circus Don’t be fooled by their simplicity Theirs was the one of most endearing love
stories ever told Let’s just rewind a little How long have you been here? It has been 15-16 years 15-16 years! I’ve been here for 48 years We met at the Amar Circus I joined first She came in later with her mother and brother I used to perform the flying trapeze Original bar Acrobatics Gymnastics Backwards cycle Human statue Standing cycle Double cycling with her brother The acts we used to perform were better No one knows how to perform them anymore Nobody can perform them? No, no one can Because those acts required a lot of hard
work Yours is a love marriage as well? Yes Oh! And we had met in college I saw her And she saw me Then we started meeting secretly We met secretly Talking secretly Courting secretly We were together We met daily during practice She would come to rehearsals with her brother Where did you go to talk? Where did you find the place to hide? Backstage, behind the tent Yes Where he used to come to talk We wrote each other letters Yes, there were no mobiles phones back then Not like these days, just chat on WhatsApp Yes, but back then we had to write letters But now such things are not allowed here So now under your supervision Love marriages cannot take place? Yes, that’s how it is now You won’t allow that? Why the ban on romance? There’s no ban on romance! But there are no
couples here Her family used to stay in an apartment I used to stay in a different apartment We met often, started talking often And slowly, over time, we fell in love Their story sounds really cute now, But back in the 70s, this love story had caused
a huge scandal Our families were totally against the marriage I didn’t have a father He died when I was just a year old She used to do the elephant crossing act So I told her, “As soon as you finish your
act,” “Come to my house directly” It was on her way home I said, “Come and sit inside” I told her I’ll take care of the rest Her mother and brother saw her in my apartment They understood what was happening Defying their parents for love required a
lot of courage But Ramata and Bhanuji were ready to fight The world for each other So where did you get married? Amar Circus in Punjab In a Muktsar (Gurudwara) Finally we got married And then her brother said he would disown
her from the family But I told her, “Don’t worry” Slowly, with time, they came around In this whole world These two only have a small tent To call their home But they are happy Now the circus has become a part of our lives And we will work until we are able We have travelled all over India for free What else can you ask from life! Ramata and Bhanuji were the daredevils of
their time Their work Their love Their lives Were those of wanderers Dreamers and thrill seekers They were the last of the rebels the circus had nurtured

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