Let’s talk about Understanding other Cultures

[♫ Guitar playing ♫] The way Australian people greet each other
is by hugging, especially with good friends however, it might be different for me
because that’s not what I do we shake hands is good, shake hands is fine,
that’s how we greet back home in Indonesia but hugging, especially to people who are
not related is not our way, so I prefer to not doing that and but that’s not that I don’t respect you
for example but this is our way as well,
so it’s good to show people here that we have different way
but that doesn’t mean we don’t respect each other. It’s just about understanding and
respecting that people have different beliefs and that’s,
if everyone did that we wouldn’t have war. I was in the library one time
and there was a Muslim believer there and if he had just
closed his eyes I would have thought something was wrong
but then I would have been rude if I just disturbed him in
his holy time with god, but he actually informed me
before he prayed that he was praying, he needed to pray and it was a part of their
culture and that really did close the cultural or religious misunderstanding gap,
which I thought was a really good thing to do. Alcohol is a huge one, Muslims do not
drink alcohol, so if you have a Muslim friend and you invite or you’re
going out to a social occasion with your friends and there will
be drinking involved they may not feel that they
can attend that, simply because they know there’s
gonna be drinking. Coming here to Australia it’s a big difference, Australians
are more laid back and they don’t really seem to have
certain rules sort of things, whereas going back home they have certain things,
you have to dress a certain way, you have to carry yourself a certain way. I’ve made friends with a few Indian students this last year and some things
are really easy to mistake, like they shake their head like this for yes but
actually we think it’s no so if you weren’t aware that it could be like
creating a little bit of tension or conflict because it would be quite confusing. I have no problem what other people
are doing like if they’re eating meat, if they’re drinking
I have no problem. When I’m going to a party if they have vegetarian things I’m
eating vegetarian but if the other people are
eating meat I have no problem, so, I’m happy to get together with different
peoples and talking with different peoples, yeah I’ve been happy. Voice over: Working together we can create an
inclusive university community for everyone. Voice over: For more information
visit usc.edu.au/studentexpectations

Dereck Turner

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