Let’s Play A FAKE ARTIST GOES TO NEW YORK | Overboard, Episode 8

Let’s Play A FAKE ARTIST GOES TO NEW YORK | Overboard, Episode 8

– [Narrator] Welcome to Overboard, Polygon’s card and board game show. Today we’re playing A Fake
Artist Goes to New York. In this game, players try to
draw a masterpiece together but one unfortunate person
doesn’t actually know what they’re supposed to be drawing. Here’s how it’s played. Each round, a game master writes down the secret drawing prompt on
these little dry-erase cards. Except one of the cards just says fake. The cards are then
distributed to the players and the game master reveals the category related to the prompt. Everyone sees this. Players then take turns
adding to the group’s drawing one line at a time. And I do mean one line. Once a player lifts
their pen from the board, their turn is done. After everyone has had two turns, it’s time to sniff out the fake artist. After some discussion, the
Game Master calls a vote and players point to who
they think the fake is. If there’s no majority vote,
then the fake wins the round. But even if the fake artist is outed, they still haven’t lost. Instead they get one chance to guess what the secret
drawing prompt was. If they get it right, they win. The rest of the players can only win if they find the fake artist and the fake incorrectly
guesses the prompt. Sounds simple, right? Well it’s trickier than it appears. Remember, this is a hidden role game. It doesn’t matter if you know how to draw, it just matters if you act like you do. So let’s figure out
who the real artist are and who’s just faking it. – Hello and welcome to Overboard. Today we’re playing a game called A Fake Artist Goes to New York and we’re gonna be playing
it on this giant white board. This is a game where we’re
all going to be drawing but one of us won’t know
what they’re trying to draw. I really feel ready to be an artist now. – Yeah we’re ready for this. For sure. – So now we’ve all
received these little cards and we’re going to look at
what we’re supposed to draw. But one person is about to
realize that they’re the fake. – Structure, hmm. – Okay so we have a structure. – What a fake line. (players vocalizing curiously) This man is foolish. (laughing) – Oh. – Ah. – Huh, how vague. How ambiguous. – C’mon, Jeff, let’s see what you’ve got. – Jeff is the most artistically inclined, I think, of all of us. – It is not gonna help me at all. – A man who can actually draw. – Think it’ll actually hurt you. – Yeah. – I believe what you’ve just done here is called chicken-shit. (laughing) – Looks like someone took an easy out. – Looks like maybe somebody didn’t feel like they wanted to contribute. – I feel attacked in a different way, and then a more realistic way. My art degree’s crying
under my bed right now. (laughing) I went to school for this? – Approaching the board like
a true artist with a vision. Oh. I like this. – You sound like all my art teachers. (laughing) – Alright, Pat, your turn. – I’m back up? – Yeah. What you did makes sense if you
knew what the thing was Pat. – Yeah. – Put your back right to the cameraman. Block out all of us, Pat. – He approaches his
canvas with a flourish. – God, I mean, he might be a fake, – But he’s got style. Oh boy, that kid’s got style! (loud laughing) – Yikes, and it’s me, huh? (laughing) – Again, I love it, but I feel more than ever you are the fake. – A line, a top hat, and a cow. (laughing) – It’s not a cow! – Oh, you’re really going
for it here, Simone. – Wow, I love this. Wow, Simone. – [Cameraman] Wait wait wait
wait, didn’t Simone just go? – Oh, I’m so sorry. – Ignore that, Jeff, don’t
think of that as a maze. – Well that’s what I was going to do. – I dare you, I dare
you to finish that line, because I will 100% make you the fake. Oh wow, look who’s the fake! Look who just confessed to being the fake. – Takin’ the easy route. – Okay. – The plot thickens. – Wow, that’s not gonna save you. (laughing) It does endear me to you though. – See Jeff, here’s the
thing is you just had an opportunity to let
everybody else here know that you knew what we’re drawing, by adding some sort of distinct feature. (sad trombone music playing) – I like to add an element
of chaos to everything I do. – I have a point though,
there’s another blowhard in this group who has not added a feature, and her name is Jenna Stoeber! – Oh, is that the case? – Yes, isn’t it? (laughing) – Alright, making me defend
myself, I appreciate that. Man, but how to make this without making it obvious is the tricky part. – Or make it, that you know what it is. (laughing) – I’m gonna clear the air,
it’s obvious that we’re drawing some sort of home here, but, – Fishin’ for clues, Pat. – No, hold on, hold on hold,
what we just saw there. I’m agreeing that we have
no other suspects here, ’cause what we just saw
here is another indication that somebody knows
what a house looks like. – Oh, that’s fair, yeah. Yeah, no, it’s incorrect, but it’s fair. – Brian. Oh, come on! – Okay. – I think we’ve got an idea
of what’s going on here and I’m not trying to
give any extra hints. (collective fawning vocalizations) – Nice. – I like it. – Doesn’t add, doesn’t take anything away. – Yeah. – Alright, and that’s it. We’re done with our two rounds. – [Cameraman] You have a minute to discuss who you think the fake is. – Start now. Okay, uh, yeah, it’s the J’s, for sure. (laughing) – I think that there’s a
chance that it could be Brian just because I don’t trust him after just – I’ve ruined my trust. – What color is your pen there? – He’s blue. And I don’t disagree, but I
really think it’s Jeff so much. (laughing) It’s hard to believe it’s Brian. – I feel like if it’s
Jeff, Jeff really threw himself under the bus here. (laughing) – I think Jeff would do that. – That is a Jeff move. That’s kind of meta-gaming. – Well just like my mistrust
of Brian is also meta-gaming. So I think Jenna has been
very vocal during this round, and that makes me not trust her. – Wow, Simone, I’m sorry,
I’m supposed to be silent? I’m supposed to be quiet and
fade into the background? Simone? – I don’t think it’s Karen,
but I also think we’re giving Karen a pass because she’s new. – I think this is very appropriate for the specific prompt. Not for a house, but
for the specific prompt. I think that’s too accurate
for it to be Karen. – Okay, it’s Jeff. (laughing) – It’s Jeff. – It’s not, it’s Pat because
Pat likes to accuse people. – Pat is my number two,
but Jeff’s my number one. – Okay, here’s the
thing, here’s the thing, if you knew what the prompt was, and your opening move was a hat,
knowing what the prompt was. – I get like the meta-text
of the hat though. – I think the animal is so ambiguous. ‘Cause it could be like
a giant weird bunny. It could be like a cow thing. – I’m actually compelled
by this hat argument. – We have to vote now. – [Cameraman] So you’re gonna
put your fingers up in the air like you’re gonna point at someone, and with this group, we need four
people to point at the same person, to be a majority. So best of luck. Three, two, one, point! Jeff are you the fake? – No! – What? – [Cameraman] That fake,
please reveal yourself. – I’m the fake! – Goddammit! (laughing and applause) – Hey! – What is it? – It was a cabin. – It was a cabin. – In the woods. (triumphant music playing) – Cards for round two? Cards for round two. (sneezes) – This feel about right? – Yeah. – Yeah. – This is a tough one to do
without giving away, I feel like – Shit. – Oh, that failed. (laughing) – Classic mistake. – The ol’ circle gambit. – Wow Simone. It’s sort of like a… – Oh, my pen slipped, I
couldn’t do anything more. – Hmmmmmm – A music note. (laughing) – Whoops. (even harder laughing) – If that is the fake, that is the strongest move I’ve ever seen. – Whoopsie-doosie (laughing) – What do you want? – Part of the way through
trying to draw the thing that I was trying
to draw, I realized, I’ve never tried to draw
it without lifting the pen. And I was like uh-oh. – Good luck. – Yeah. Part of me wants to build
off what’s happening. That seemed irresponsible, almost. – Uh-oh. – Oh no!. – Oh, what a mistake! – What?! – Jenna! – Classic error. – I regret mocking Simone so bad. (laughing) – I thought the hard
thing in this game would be to pretend to be the fake, now I’m realizing none of
us know what we’re doing. (laughing) – I appreciate us six adults
being undone by circles. (laughing) – Can someone give me a clue? I really don’t… – What do you mean a clue? – Why do you need a clue? – Oh. – Okay. – All of us who know
what it actually is… (laughing) – I don’t know what this thing is, and how it’s connecting to that thing, so I’m going off book. – Okay. – There we go. – He knows what’s up. – That’s a remarkable work
for never lifting the pen. – Yeah. – Yeah, that’s really good. – Do you even lift? – Great action pose. Great drawing action poses. – Why do we keep letting this
scorpion into our fun hacks? – Oh, we’re playing a hidden role game? Let’s invite Jeff. That always goes well. – Yeah, y’know what? Okay. – I see you, and I feel you. – Everything I have ever said
about you has been wrong. (laughing) – I’m gonna go big. – It’s Simone’s big day. – Don’t lift it don’t
lift it don’t lift it. – Oh. Not sure how this helps. – It does help. – Okay. – Oh my. – Ah. – Oh. – The classic thingy. – Okay. – Oh no, It’s Pat’s turn, sorry. – It’s okay. – Let’s see what curly-q
bullshit he can make this time. (laughing) – I like that we’re kind
of making a mood board of this stand. It’s just like, disparate parts. – It genuinely is hard to
pick something that doesn’t give the concept away for the fake. – Okay. – I see. – Okay. – It’s Clippy. (laughing) – She’s not lifting that pen again, she’s not making the same mistake. – Okay. – Oh. – That looks like it could just be a copy/paste from the one up above. (laughing) – You guys aren’t making this easy. – I mean, if you know what the prompt is. – I made it easy. – I think either way,
if you looked at this… – Why are you sweating so much? – It’s just the lights, it’s
just the lights, it’s fine. – Takin’ a long time. I mean, take as much time
as you need, of course. But know that I grow
suspicious every second. – We’ve found our fraud. (laughing) – No, no we haven’t. – I would have agreed with you, had it just been the body. But not the clothing. – No, I think the clothing works. – Right. – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Had it just been a stick figure… – I think so too but it
might also be a guess. – Here’s the thing is, the hair is right. – Yeah. – The costume is right. – Yeah. – But what’s this? (laughing) – Well I mean, if you
knew, you would know. – Oh wait. – I understand now. I was thinking of something else. – Then who the fuck is that guy? – What I’m running into is that I’ve never witnessed this character
in my own personal life. I just know from references. So I’m kinda struggling on that end. So… – I’ve never met them. – I’ve never met this person. – Hang on, let’s all look
at what Pat’s done here. – Listen, Pat is my number one,
Karen’s a very close second. – No, I know what I think
Pat’s reference was. – I’m feeling like,
either, they know, or… – That’s true. We could have been too obvious. – Yeah. – There’s more. What the fuck is this? – Yeah no, he’s fine. – We are really being okay with Simone. A lot of things have cars in them. – That’s true. – But it’s like, that specific car. – Along with the other
thing that is on this. – The circle is suspicious,
but I think the car is not. – The circle was a mistake. – The circle was a mistake. – The circle was my greatest mistake. – Oh, we have only a
minute, so we’re going. – I think this ended
up being what it was is possibly an accident. – I think I know what he’s trying to. – Here’s what I think is going on, I think Jenna didn’t know, I
think Jenna has picked up what we’re doing after certain other references that happened here. Because her second one is,
unless I’m misinterpreting it, knows what’s going on. – I think it’s Pat,
because this is bonkers. And if it makes more sense in retrospect, that’s only because we’re
projecting meaning onto it. I think it’s Pat. – I think, based on the reaction to this very abstract shape, is what I’m gaging my guess on. By the lack of enthusiasm by somebody. – I think it’s Jenna. – I think it’s Pat, no, I think it’s Pat. – One, two, three, vote. – Yeah, that’s fair, it was me. – Yeah! – But you can guess, what it really was. – This is really hard. It’s definitely a sheriff of some kind. – Oh, okay. – So obviously, this is a cactus. And we’ve got a gun,
we’ve got the sunglasses. – Jeff’s famous cactus drawing. – Got a car. This is an interesting one. This is something that makes me feel like, this is like a Cowboy Bepop character. ‘Cause it kind of looks
like a satellite to me. – Well, can you try to explain her vape. – Absolutely not. (laughing) No, I have no clue. I have truly no clue. Wait, can I ask is this
a specific character, or a genre of character? – A named person. – A specific named, character. – And also a profession I suppose. (laughing) – Outlaw Josie Wale? That’s my final answer. Somebody tell me what it is. – So this is a truck, and
an alley with a motorcycle. – Why are you refusing
to tell me what it is? – The Terminator. – The Terminator. Thank you, Pat. – Should we uh, as we say
here, polygon wipe that down? – Wipe that down. (triumpic music playing) – Category is… – Food. – How are we gonna extend
this over six people though? – We can do this. – Oh, we’ll find out. – That’s when you can really
get into like, the depth, the two-point perspectives. – Oh, we’re going to draw
beautiful shape poetry. – We’ll get really deep
into the circle play – Jeff’s into circle play, he just said. – Whoa, he really loves them diagrams. – Okay, hm. – Yes. – I’m gonna go ahead and
make things abstract. – Listen… – This is too concrete. – …I see where this
is vaguely moving, and I don’t want our faker to catch on. – This could also be a ruse. – A roux? – Everything we are saying is suspect. – Yeah. (laughing) – Oh. – Yeah. – I don’t think that’s
abstract necessarily, but – In fact I think that’s
copyright infringement. (laughing) – If you’re gonna get abstract on me, – Oh, no. – You just everyone an
excuse to not do what we’re supposed to be doing. – No, no, listen, people are
picking up on what I’m doing. – It’s gonna take me a little bit of time, so you guys are gonna
have to be okay with it. – What? – Jesus – No words. – No words? (laughing) – Sorry, I should have
said that a long time ago. (laughing) – Well then. – Just draw the emotion. – I’m trying to draw the emotion here. – Oh my god. – I’m gonna have to draw a
little bit longer then I think. Because I’m gonna draw the emotion of those who understand it. – He’s been in too long,
gotta pull him out. – I love how further into the
pit you’re digging yourself. – Yeah, I’m okay with this. – There you go, you guys get it. – Oh my god. – You understand. – Yeah, for sure. – That classic (breaks into laughter) – I don’t wanna be here. – The thing that we’re all familiar with? – What the fuck? – You just gotta get it. For sure. It’s all there. Look at the expressions. – I’m gonna end being
abstract, except that I’m just not very good at drawing. So it’s gonna be a little abstract anyway. – I like that. – Alright, you check out. – Okay. (laughing) – What’s going on? – You wanna talk about it? Walk us through your thoughts here. – Yeah, tell us what those
noises you just made mean. (singing indistinctly) – Mhm… – Okay, yeah yeah yeah. – Yeah? – Okay, yeah. – This is very good. – Oh, you know what? I think I know what’s happening here. (laughing) I think I know what trip Simone’s on here. – I hope this never stops. Three more hours of Simone. – The vertical consolidation of this food. We see if from all the steps. – This has also turned into
like, the one line challenge. – Oh my god. – Right? Look at what’s happening. (yelling) – Wow. Simone, this is very good. – The cow has no face. – I just realized this
idea’s not gonna work now with this thing in the way. I’m just gonna have to outline real quick. – Jeff, we need a little more from you. – You’re just gonna have
to imagine the rest here. – Jeff, I’m gonna need
you to explain, okay. – I don’t now like it,
but I don’t understand it. – Yeah, it’s like modern art, I like it. – Well if I could have
lifted my pen, I could have – This is bad for me,
but I have decided that I can’t let the cow go. – Thank you. – I need more from you,
I need more from you. – Yeah, you have to give us some more. I love the bargaining we’re doing. – Oh, now that I know the cow has a mouth, I’ve figured it out. – Oh, I love it. – You need something else? – Yeah, give us something. – Keep it going. Just a little hint that
you know what’s going on. – That’s a very good oven. – I can’t believe you have perspective. Yeah, listen, I’m giving her
the benefit of the doubt. – This is lovely. – Thank you. – You’re off. – I still don’t know if
it tells me anything that – The cow to oven pipeline. – Yeah. (laughing) – She’s doing the supply chain. (laughing) – And then she just made another oven. So Karen “Two-Ovens” Han. – Are you drawing yourself enjoying? – I love that you’ve doubled down. – Yeah, well I’m gonna let
you guys understand this whether it’s the last thing I do. – Make sure you don’t lift
the pen before that happens. – Yeah, I’m workin’ on it. Okay. Now you certainly must get it. (laughing) – I don’t. – How dare you spend all that time and not clarify.
– Surely you guys get it. From this. – Of course, that’s what you’re doing. – That is the thing
though, ’cause this emotion could be for multiple
different kinds of food. – Naw, but specifically this food. – You must be thinking
of something so minute. – No, I’m talking about the abstract. If Pat can go that abstract,
I can go that abstract. – He can’t, we were already
suspicious with Pat. (laughing) – I am not at all suspicious of Pat. If you put Pat and my thing
together, then it makes sense. – Here’s the thing, every
food on plant earth. Liver. That’s all it is, so. (laughing) – Oh, hang on. We’re goin’ deep, folks. – Okay. Oh, I see what it is. – Here at Vox Media, we go
deeper into food production than every before. – Oh, oh that’s so good. – I feel like I’m having a hallucination. I have no idea what is this. – No, that’s great, I love
this, that’s the best one. – Okay. (laughing) – Oh no. – Get out of here. – Oh no. – I regret. That is essentially what I
was gonna draw, just way more. – Yes. – I was gonna draw that more. – Okay, I get you. – I don’t authorize what
she’s adding to my thing. – We’re really big on
the people this round. – Oh, I get it. – That’s not a people. – Is this a measuring cup? – It’s just a measuring cup. For, y’know, the thing
you use for all food. – I was convinced by Simone originally. But then I realized she
went right after Jenna, which I think is a pretty clear thing. And so therefore… – I can’t tell you why I
know that it would fit. – You didn’t trust me the first time, so. – I trust you now! – Okay, but let us quickly address Jeff. – Let’s address the Jeff. – Yeah. – Teh fuk? – Do you not know what this is? – No. – This is where you eat the thing. – I mean, that is what I
guessed but but like, also that doesn’t have very
much relevance towards… – The obvious answers everyone else gave? – Like, a table, what? – A certain kind. – Okay, he just went from not
suspicious to very suspicious. I’m back to being very suspicious. I was momentarily very suspicious of you, but I’m back to Pat. – Time is up. – Oh, time is up. – Everyone vote, one, two, three… – It’s gotta be Jeff. – [Cameraman] The fake
artist reveal themselves. (laughing) – But I know what it is. – Yeah? – It’s a cheesecake. No? – Oh! – Well mind the table. – Well hold on, hold on,
hold on, talk us through what you think is here. – Cheese. – Okay. – Cheese. – Yeah. – Cheese. – Yes. – Cheese. Measurin’ milk. Everyone loves cheesecake. Some symbiote action from Venom. That’s Tom Hardy. – A movie famous for its cheesecake. – Tom Hardy, cheesecake king of… – [Cameraman] You still haven’t
explained what the apple has to do with cheesecake. – But that’s a cheese slice. Apple pie slice? – Macintosh and cheese. – Mac and cheese, I get it. (laughing) – Pat you’re a genius. – So once the Mac was there,
we needed ‘and cheese,’ and I was gonna make him do a dad joke, but then I couldn’t write words. And then he’s being upset about it. And this guy’s the cheesiest
thing I could think of. – Folks, as we always
say here at polygon.com, let’s wipe that down. – I refuse to engage with this rhetoric. (triumphant music) – Okay. – Mine is upside down yet again. – We can do that. – Can’t believe you’re
calling this people. (laughing) – Oh, no. Out of context. – Yeah, for the fake, they
just think they’re a racist. – I’m gonna, okay. – There’s an instinct we all have and we should all avoid that instinct. – I’m going for something I see. – A spleen. – Oh, you made it
obvious, it’s Tom Carvell (laughing) – Oh. – Yes, yes. – Karen’s looking pretty hard. – All of the first ones have been just so impenetrable to me. – I see what Jenna did, but I kinda can’t tell if it’s
the back or the front. – Rude! – Oh. – Okay. – Everybody’s following the same path. – I’m gonna be the – Okay, yeah. – Random element. – Imagine it without those. – What? – Let me draw something
and just pretend I did. (laughing) – I think, I think Pat
picked up what I put down. (laughing) – Yeah, I think he did. – Okay. – I love this. – Oh my god. – I’m actually just drawing more people being the same thing. – Oh no. – You’ve ruined Jeff’s vision. – Aw, I thought you had my vision, Pat. – I don’t know what the
fuck you were doing. (laughing) – This is miserable, I’m
sorry that I’ve done this. (laughing) – There are two roads open to me now. – Two roads diverged in a wood. – A deception. – Oh. – Wow, Simone. No. That was beautiful. Yes. You earned that booty wiggle. – Thank you. – I really just want to do the same kind of thing I just did. The first round, but maybe not. – I want you to go further. – Here’s the thing, everyone
who knows what it is, just draw anything that goes. – That’s fair. – Sounds like you’re
trying to cover your tracks for when you get up there
and not draw anything. – No, when I draw the
thing that will clarify what my thing is, it’ll prove I know what I’m talking about. – What do you mean, nice? – Oh. – That’s what I mean, nice. – That is nice. – It is what it is. – Yeah, I’m enriching our universe. – It’s beautiful. – It’s pretty literal but I like it. Okay. – Yeah. – Is it my turn? – Yeah. – It sure is. – Pretty excited about that now. – I’m really just gonna go for it. – She’s gonna write her whole
senior thesis on the board. No words. – Without lifting her pen. – Is that Rorschach? – Oh, it is, huh? – It is. – It is Rorschach. (laughing) Simone, you got the Rorschach test right. – It looks so real. – This is hard. I worry that whoever it is guessed it. And that’s the trouble that we’re having. – Now I think it’s Jeff again. Jeff! – You’re gonna be disappointed
when I tell you what it is. – Yeah. – I need to figure out
what I’m gonna draw. – It’s hard at this point. – I think it’s very easy at this point. – Is it? – Love the amount of gas
lighting that’s going on. (laughing) Healthy work space. – Ah. – I’ve got it! – Eureka. – Honestly, the day that Pat
is the fake, we are so screwed. – Just go with me. – Take me to some place magical. – Okay. – I thought there was gonna be more. – Hey, Simone, can you draw something that’s not just a tear drop? On a sad person’s face? The most obvious thing to draw? – Well. – I think that was
– You say that… I mean, I would like to
see more proof, yeah, I guess that’s never the
wrong thing to ask for. – Use the context clues
that are obvious here. – Flash back to two minutes ago. ‘Only an idiot would’ (laughing) – I know what it is, I’m
struggling to not draw something that gives it away. You know what? – What? – Oh. – It’s Simone. It’s Simone. – Here’s a pitch that I
don’t necessarily believe, but I wanna put among the council. Karen, because, I think
context-wise you could know to draw this one. And I think by the time it got here, she might have been able to guess. – I think that’s fair. – I think it might be Karen. – In my defense, there
were only two other things on the board at that moment. – I really do think it’s Simone. Guys, Simone literally drew this and this. That is the easiest thing in the world. It’s gotta be Simone. – That’s a great point,
I do believe this though. – [Cameraman] Vote! – We’re out. – Okay. – One, two, three. – Gotta split vote. – We’ve gotta split. – [Cameraman] So who was our fake? – Whoa! – I cannot believe myself. – What was it Karen though? – What? – What was it? – Clown. – Yeah. – Woo! – You think I’m not smart
enough to pretend to not be upset if it’s a clown
and Pat says they’re evil and everyone’s crying? – Sorry, Simone. – You think I’m that dumb? (triumphant music playing) – Everybody ready? Look at your card. – I think we should be doing
something more interesting. – That was a thigh workout. – It’s hard, I’m drawing really from like, a very deep perspective,
so it’s hard for me to see. – Oh. Oh, I’ve got it. – I see what you’ve done. – Verified! – You get a blue check mark, sir. – Aw – Also verified. – It’s a big spaghetti. – It’s the big night,
starring Stanley Tucci. Okay. – I don’t get Jeff’s. – I think I get it. – Well, if you knew what it
was, it’d be easy to understand. – Oh, it’s the lady from The Incredibles. – Edna Mode. (laughing) – Okay I’m done. – Now I’m worried. – I mean, it’s a great drawing. – It’s your turn. – Oh god, oh, uh… – Use the context clues. Provided by your co-workers. – My helpful friends. – Simone! – The thing is that can be
interpreted for many things. – You can’t keep getting away with this. – Remember when the Terminator
had a hole in his nose? – It turns out I don’t know
how to draw this thing. I had a very good mental image. – Oh, I like it and I understand you. – Okay. – I don’t – That’s fake thing to say, because no one understands what that is. (laughing) – You should say that was my trick. – I’m sorry I’m too
educated for you, Brian. (laughing) – Here come’s Pat’s abstract
workshop once again. – This is my favorite part of this game. – Let him work. (laughing) – The art is in his mind is the problem. He’s trying to pull the line
out of his head is the problem. – In one unbroken string. – Like a clown. I guess a magician, I mean. – Clowns do magic tricks. – Wait, can you, I don’t, I
didn’t know this bit before, can you explain to me why you like clowns? – How much time do you have? – ‘Cause they’ve never done anything real. – I love that you describe it as a bit. – This bit, as if it’s
not somewhat ironic. – That Simone loves clowns. – This one is for, the
fuckin’ real G’s among us. – All my homies. – Well, I know what it is, but I don’t understand the connection. – Oh. Oh! – Oh, wow! I got it! – Yes, yes! – Simone, that’s a lie. That’s a lie, Simone – Wow. – Why is everybody so unbelievable? – I think at this point,
we’re all in the clear, right? – Just to further my thing here. This is not connected
to this, but this is to prove that I know what I’m talking about. – I think I get it. – I know what that is. It’s a prison. – Oh my god. – Of the mind. – Everyone got what Karen did. I don’t get what Jeff’s doing, but. – Well, if you knew what it was, – This is good. – Simone, we really need
something from you here. – It’s Simone, it gotta be. – Is that something different
than what I thought it was? – Well I know you’re
piecing it together now ’cause you didn’t get it before, so. – No. – Do you get? – I know what that was. – I know what you thought,
and, you’re wrong. (laughing) – Well what if I make it right? – ‘Cause, I see what you… Oh. Oh. – What a good thing to do if
you’ve figured it out by now. – Macaroni and cheese. – We’re back – Jenna, what do we got going on here? – Shit. – I have a sense of what that is, I’m not sure how that’s related. – I don’t love this. – I lifted my pen a little earlier than I intended to, but not a lot. – Who’s up now? – It’s you. You’re the final one. – Final one. – Here’s the thing, Pat’s
reference is very clear to me. – So I’m just gonna burn this
last one on something very specific, and very fun. – Okay, good. – It’s gonna take a minute. – Oh. – I think I get your reference
and it’s very stupid, Pat. – Thank you. – Yeah, I know what it
is and it’s very stupid. – This is incredible. – You’re an idiot. – Such a good reference. – So stupid. – I don’t get this reference, but maybe. – Debatable. – Alright, we’re done. – Do you think it’s Jeff? – No. – ‘Cause I immediately got this reference. – No, it’s not Simone, it’s Jenna. – It’s Simone. – I guess I could believe
that it’s Jenna except that I know what that is. I can’t tell you what it is though. – I don’t know how those are related, ’cause I can’t tell what they are. If Simone knew what it was, her first thing was more on point
than what Brian drew, yes? – What was Brian’s first? – Wait a fuckin’ minute! (laughing) – How? – Objection! – Whatever he says I believe,
did you see that jump then? – What do you think about Karen? What’s the deal? – No, I’m just kidding. (laughing) Alright, one, two, three vote. – Yikes. – Dang it. – See you in hell Simone, I was the fake! – Oh! – Can I complete this? – Wait. – What did you think it was, Jenna? – Um, I think it’s a dog. And I think it’s a boxer. – Oh. – That’s a good idea. – I’ve been undone by my own, I thought, okay. Can I tell you what I thought this was? – Yeah! – The famous dolphin
vases from Ancient Greece. – Goddammit! (laughing) How dare you? – Is that the guy who fucked the dolphin? – The lady who like, jacked off a dolphin. – Yeah, that was very specific, Karen. – Karen! – A very intense, specific reference. – And Jeff, you got this. – Dolf Lundgren. – Guys, it’s time. – It’s time to what? – I’m sorry, I’m finishing this now. (triumphant music playing) – And we are looking. – Look at your cards now. – Ooh, I see. – I’m very upset by this one. – Alright, we’re gonna have to be really sensitive with this one. With this group. ‘Cause this one, it will leak quickly. – This is a very dangerous game. – Are we all purposefully
making gross references? – Fuck, fuck, fucking hell, fuck. – Dammit Simone. You continue to do this. – We’ve done this six times now. (laughing) – Is this what you’ve given us? – This is what I’ve drawn. – Okay. – So, this is conceptual. – I appreciate that this
might not have cleared me. I’ll get there. – Okay, yeah. – Does that make sense, to y’all? – What do you do if someone’s
idea is close to yours? (laughing) – Oh. – He’s feeling. He’s feeling his canvas. – We all have to use this canvas, Pat. – Oh, yeah. – What if someone takes your second idea? (laughing) – Yup, yup, yeah yeah yeah. – Whoa. Oh. – Um. – I don’t love that. – Okay. I think I get it. – Okay. – Alright. – So has everybody gone now? – No, it’s my turn now. – Jeff’s got the last. – Jeff who now has had two ideas stolen. – No, but I think this one might, it’s a two-parter unfortunately. Oh, fuck. It’s fine, though, it’s… – Is it though? – Yes, when you see this. – I have no idea what I’m gonna draw. And it’s almost my turn. – That’s what I was gonna do. – You see? – Yes. – I don’t. – I do. – Really? – Yeah. – No, we’re all bullshitting. – Yeah, I suppose. – Indeed. – Well as I understand, – Ah, yes. We’ve found our faker. – I don’t think so, well actually, no, based on the first one though. – I should have done more to
that but, I’m sticking with it. – That also did turn into something that I did not think it would. – This is just extremely
general Mario hat. Oh, it could be any one from Mario. This is a pipe. – But it has smoke coming out of it. That’s the thing that’s throwing me off. – Okay, alright. – It’s not smoke. And also way to blow the video
game we’re talking about. – Well I, – If that’s the case, part
of me wants to obfuscate. – What have you done so far? – I drew that star. – That doesn’t do a lot for me. – Yeah. – Oh yeah, after, it could have been. – But I know what yours
is, Pat, is the thing. – I could just prove that
I know what yours is. And then you’ll understand
what I’m talking about. – Please don’t do what I was gonna do. – Jeff… – Ah-hah! Okay, wait, nevermind. – See what I’m talkin’ about? – Yeah. – I don’t see, oh, I see. – Am I up? – Yeah. – Please fix this, whatever it is. – Simone has drawn a line
and a belt, it seems like. – That’s true. – But I guess beside, well oh. – I feel it’s Simone. – I don’t think she could have guessed, based on what we had so
far, enough to draw that. – If I had done better with my first one, you would all accuse me of giving it away. – You didn’t though. – If my grandma had
wheels, she’d be a bike. (laughing) – I mean, Jeff is really suspicious, but. – No, that makes sense. I see you Jeff. I respect you. – Oh my. – I love it. – Oh, hang on, hang on. – Okay, okay, I think I get it. – I thought I got it and now I lost it. – That was a mistake. – Oh, when Karen draws around a thing she doesn’t get in trouble. (laughing) – Ah, the first… – But this is, – Yeah. – I don’t think Karen’s it. – I just realized I might be
the one who gives this away. – Shit. – What? – Is that it? – Okay, hold on. There’s a reason why, okay, there’s a reason why I drew
the same thing twice and just, imagine the placements. I just realized I’m the only person who’s gonna get this reference. I’ll explain it when you guys
incorrectly call me out later. – I think it could be Brian. – I think it could be Brian
too, just based on the star. – Because this is extremely generic and he recognized the iconography here but not in a meaningful way. – No, but the reason I did
this one was because if I wanted to do a different
thing upside-down, it would have given it away. – Yes, that was my problem with this. Is that what do you add
to this to make it clear? – Is Jeff just fully
grifting us right now? – No! – One, two, three. – Shit, I should’ve voted for Brian. – Yeah, so that’s a three. – [Cameraman] Brian,
are you the fake artist? – No. – It was me, once again! – Oh my god! – How about that? – He was 100% grifting us! – I believe it might be Mario Party – Nope – Can I tell you what I thought this was? – Yes. – Waluigi’s nose. – Oh, so Waluigi specifically? – It was Waluigi. (triumphant music playing) – This has been A Fake
Artist Goes to New York Thanks everyone for
watching, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to
see more videos and like it, and share it with your friends. Bye. – Bye. – Bye. – That’s it, folks. – Yoshi. (jazzy music playing)

Dereck Turner

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