Let’s Draw: Polynesian Deer Tattoo Design Artwork

Let’s Draw: Polynesian Deer Tattoo Design Artwork

DEER oh DEER oh me. The best puns are the
ones which make people cringe, unsubscribe and want to punch you in the face. This artwork
is a birthday present for my best friend. Luckily he hasn’t punched me in the face for
bad puns… except for that one time…Nah, all jokes aside, this piece is pretty special
to me. My best friend and I have been friends since pre-school – so I wanted to
give him something awesome for his birthday. He likes deer, so I asked him to pick out
a silhouette of a deer and let me do the rest. Drawing a present for a friend is tough. You
feel a hell of a lot of pressure drawing the piece because you don’t want to stuff up.
You want to draw everything perfectly – more perfect than just any other regular artwork.
You don’t want to give them an artwork they don’t like. You want to give them a gift which
they love. If you give a stranger off the street an artwork and they don’t like
it, its not a big deal. But when you give an artwork to someone you respect and value
their opinion, it gets pretty nerve racking wondering if they will actually like
it. Has anyone else felt the pressure of drawing a gift for a friend or family member? Luckily he liked it and it sits above his
mantel piece in a black frame! I don’t think this is going to be the last deer artwork
I create this year! It’s just too easy to draw an awesome deer inspired piece! I
really want to draw a huge A2 antler piece next! Are you guys bored of Deer artworks
or do you want to see more? (1.30) I should get back to actually talking about
the damn artwork. I always feel like I go way off topic when I talk in these videos.
Woooo a red car! There’s two primary styles I’m drawing at the moment – polynesian
and geometrical style tribal ink. For smaller outlines like this deer, polynesian style
makes more sense. Especially seeing as its a deer, polynesian style also
seems like a more natural choice. Polynesian styles are heavily influenced by nature and
I feel like it fits in with deer quite nicely. Geometrical style wouldn’t really fit this
artwork. It could look cool, but geometric style usually is a lot more simple with less
Ink. The polynesian style means more ink which Stands out in front of the green and brown
background. Anyway, thanks for watching!

Dereck Turner

9 thoughts on “Let’s Draw: Polynesian Deer Tattoo Design Artwork

  1. Matrix Kid says:

    great video
    its me nothing except playlist this is my actual YouTube channel

  2. Sirena Pearl Art says:

    wow this is so cool👏😲

  3. Kitslams Art says:

    What a great gift. He'll love it!

  4. riteasrain says:

    Nice present!

  5. William Hetrick says:

    I feel ya on the worrying if it's going to be liked or not. How could someone not love this though!!! It's amazing as all your work is!!!

  6. Cfran Art says:

    Amazing job as always! No wonder your friend liked it. Never stop with the puns haha 🙂

  7. Unmask Art says:

    I was happy to see an upload from you.

  8. Ymir says:

    good job dude 👍

  9. The Crimson Devil says:

    You might get some good deer ideas from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/389350330260292156/
    which feature the "Deer god" from Princess Mononoke. One of my favorite movies.

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