Learn How to Draw Blaze 🖍 | Blaze and the Monster Machines | Nick Jr.

Learn How to Draw Blaze 🖍 | Blaze and the Monster Machines | Nick Jr.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Niki Foley. I work here at
Nickelodeon on “Blaze and the Monster Machines.” And I’m going to show
you how to draw Blaze. Hey, I’m Blaze. NIKI FOLEY: So for Blaze, I
like to start with his face, sort of put him on
the page, and his face is like a nice rectangle shape. So I put his eyes in first. Hey! Oh! Come on, hold still. NIKI FOLEY: And we add in
his eyes looking over at you. Aha! I’ve got it. NIKI FOLEY: And he’s got a
little bit of a you know, crooked smile. Thank you, please,
you’re too kind. NIKI FOLEY: And then
his windshield comes up in the front of his face there. Little bit of a air intake
on the top of his hood here, on top of his nose. Then he’s got a little bit of
a back kind of roll cage part, and then these
four lights up top. Ha ha ha, Ha ha ha, woo! NIKI FOLEY: From here, you
draw just the side of his wheel well here, and then just
connect the shapes here. For the back of him,
he’s got a little bit of a pointy back end, so it’s
kind of goes up this way, and then back down for
his back wheel well, and then you’ve got
the Blaze swoosh. Come on, everybody. NIKI FOLEY: A couple of little
bars in the back that connect. I like to draw the tires
in first so then you get a good feel of where
the character is standing, and then you can
connect with the shocks here on the side,
almost like his arms. High tire. NIKI FOLEY: And you add
his other tire over here, and then his back tire in,
and that’s how you draw Blaze Let’s Blaze. Ahh ha ha ho, woohoo! You can find more “Blaze
and the Monster Machines” on Nickelodeon and
in the Nick jr. app. [NICKELODEON THEME MUSIC]

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16 thoughts on “Learn How to Draw Blaze 🖍 | Blaze and the Monster Machines | Nick Jr.

  1. Vincent Morris says:

    What's it like when they modify his appearance for his transformations? BTW, the new animation used in Wild Wheels is great!

  2. Josephine Mensah says:

    bring back moose and zee on the tv

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    i cant draw

  6. Denderiel Plays says:

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  10. Mahawirya Santoso says:

    I like to draw Blaze and I love Blaze and The Monster Machines.

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