LCD Screen Burn in on a Mac?! How to fix ghosting problem, stuck pixels: LCD vs AMOLED vs Plasma

LCD Screen Burn in on a Mac?! How to fix ghosting problem, stuck pixels: LCD vs AMOLED vs Plasma

I spent a whole morning watching YouTube videos and most of the screen remained static, for several hours… Was I seeing the monitor right? Could the YouTube interface get burned-in
on my Mac? Subtle, but it was really there: the place for the channel icon and subscribe
button, the suggested videos list… the top bar… all marked in the screen. But, how?! The “burn-in” problem was pretty common
with phosphor CRT Monitors of the 80’s and 90’s: very often those old computers ran the same program every day. Can you guess this one? Probably VisiCalc, Multiplan or Lotus-1-2-3… oh my god, am I old! It also happened to Arcade Machines. But, if you think this is something from the
past, you are wrong! It depends on the technology used on the display. For example: Plasma TVs also use phosphor
on their pixel cells and are prone to wear out unevenly if they show the same image long enough like in the airport, or if you watch the same channel everyday… OLED and AMOLED displays, used on many new
phones, wear out too. So it is possible to end up with a permanent burned-in ghost image of your icons, or the clock, or the keyboard if you text a lot. On the Google Play store there are lots of
apps for fixing, or alleviating, burn-in screen. LCD displays don’t burn-in. Instead, the liquid crystals kind of ‘get
stuck’ if showing the same image for long. It is called “image persistence” or “image retention”. Thankfully, it is temporary. A few hours turned off, or a good screensaver, and it gets back to normal. Maybe one day iPhones, iPads, or even Macs might abandon LCD screens. But right now LCDs still have advantages: they show more natural colors, use less battery and won’t burn-in your icons, keyboard or the YouTube interface… at least, not forever. By the way, an LED monitor or TV is actually an LCD screen that is backlit by LEDs instead of a fluorescent tube lamp. If you want to know more about LCD, Plasma, OLED, AMOLED… check the articles and videos I will link on the description. See you on the next video! And thanks for watching.

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “LCD Screen Burn in on a Mac?! How to fix ghosting problem, stuck pixels: LCD vs AMOLED vs Plasma

  1. Xeriox01 says:

    this is great. Though I hate Apple you use them so well.

  2. Quick Bladez says:

    Hi! What screensaver do you use? It is AWESOME! If you could include a link from where you downloaded it, that would be amazing! Thanks! 😀 (Btw Love Your Videos!)

  3. Edgar Ross says:

    imagine porn hub burning on your screen lmao

  4. Tharinda Dilochana Bandara says:

    I have an iPhone 6, after a minute or so keyboard or the dock icons get burned into the display and goes away after using it for a while, is this norma.. Just ran out of warranty, is there a fix

  5. Christian Duncan says:

    And I'm using a CRT monitor. So I better watch out or I should switch to my 15" dell monitor (from the Windows XP days)

  6. Branden Gomes says:

    tis a nightmare.

  7. The Reviews says:

    so how do i fix this problem on my imac?

  8. mPrism says:

    aaaaaaaaand that's why you use full screen

  9. Faith PlaysGames says:

    Like a screen burn will that fix

  10. end my life says:

    nice information!

  11. potato potato potato potato potato potato potato says:

    i swear you deserve at least 500k subs

  12. Uncensored Hentai says:

    Oh that's a relief. I had YouTube burned into my screen like wtf. Turned it off and started looking into it. Turned it back on and it's slowly going away. Hopefully it fades away completely.

  13. Bruna Ferrara says:

    Oii, não sei se vc vai ver ou se eu vou saber explicar, mas hoje apareceram umas bolinhas azul/rosa na tela do meu macbook pro, ele é retina display… não são dead pixels nem stuck pixels, é mais como se fossem pontinhos feito com agulha… ainda não tentei esses vídeos que ficam piscando cores mas acabei de desligar e vou ver amanhã se o problema ainda persiste. anyway, brigada 🙂

  14. John oof Koins says:

    hello. awesome video. found it because it happened to me but out of the three imacs iv had this is the first one that has done this. is it normal for the screen to have image retention if something like a youtube webpage is open for only 20 mintues or is that happeneing to fast?

  15. Ignacio says:

    hey, nice video, i have an hp laptop and what i think is a ghosting from facebook, it's just some lines and i can only see it when i'm on the ctrl+alt+sup screen, i tried turning off the laptop for a few hours and some youtube burn in fix but it hasn't worked, i think that it's kind of fading maybe? i'm not sure, it's been more than 12 hours with this problem, do you know any solution for it? i will see if this fixes til tomorrow, anyway, sorry for the shittie english 🙁

  16. Kwunhei Ching says:

    very simple and nice video keep it going love your voice

  17. Matheus Arruda says:

    qual modelo do mac?

  18. John oof Koins says:

    i finally learned the secret to fixing image ghosting from staying on the computer for long periods of time. its the power cord. my power cord was tied down with other cords and cables including a surge protector in an attempt to practice good cable management. the day i allowed the power cable to not touch any other cables the problem got better. a lot better. i also enabled random desktop image every 24 hours just to keep the desktop less static but the power cable standing freely is i think the real solution.

  19. Cody Pepin says:

    Let me just say, your voice 10 out of 10 lol, you should get paid to narrate books

  20. Jensi Oquendo says:

    This is why I use dark theme for Google Keyboard.

  21. Lundy Leng says:

    Hi bro, could i ask a question about my Dell 7559's screen (1080p) burn-in yellow tint at the corner of the screen, how could i fix it?
    Please help!!! 🙁

  22. Utkarsh Singh says:

    I want to ask a questiont about my Moto X play's screen getting ghost imaging in corner . How do I fix it. plz help me.

  23. Paul Costin says:

    +Geek Detour I know this was posted a while ago but I'm having this issue with my iPhone 6 will turning it off for a few hours resolve the issue?

  24. DarklingGolem50 says:

    Too much Techmoan video's makes the display Burn-in xD JK

  25. DarklingGolem50 says:

    WTF are you watching!!? Techmoan-NFC Blood Glucose Monitoring System

  26. Hakemon Mike says:

    I accidentally ran my 27" LED cinema display on for I want to say 5 days straight (I left and thought I shut it down but apparently forgot). As a result, I have a very stubborn image persistence, that has not gone away yet after 3 days of being powered off. Any ideas in coaxing it, or should I just leave it off for a good few weeks and use a different monitor for the time being?

  27. Geek Detour says:

    Have you enjoyed this video? Buy me a coffee:

    Also, the screensaver you see in the video (1:47) is the "Apple TV Aerial Screensaver for Mac", coded with Love by John Coates – and you can get it here:
    I love to have those awesome videos as screensaver on my iMac! Thanks John!

  28. Jonathan Abraham says:

    hello! yesterday i used the instagram app all day. wheni exited out, i can see the camera icon and the paper plane icon burnt in my iphone 6!!! i was panicking, but after a while it vanished. , how can i prevent this from happening and still use my favorite apps??

  29. SlowFudgeBalls Da Amazin says:

    Watch someone get porn stuck on someones screen.

  30. PublixZs says:

    i have the lg aristo i dont no what kind of screen i have but i have this ghosting how do i fix it ?

  31. Mario Power says:

    Geek would not buy a Mac.

  32. De Svenster says:

    "few hours turned off and it get's back to normal" ……..8 months later….still no change here…. And obviously I turn it off daily for 9 – 10 hours

  33. Pedro Bürgerbräu says:

    Muito obrigado pela explicação!

  34. gingaleanda says:

    Good video:)

  35. Mike Ferrara says:

    That happens to my 4K IPS monitor so freaking annoyed 😒 I don't know why

  36. Will Bellows says:

    Thanks for making this! I'm shopping for a 4K panel and you concisely explained a problem many people are complaining about on larger, cheap displays.
    Thank you!

  37. Bil M says:

    i think running

  38. Hiển Đạt Dương says:

    This Happens When You Use Old iMac late 2013 BAD Display

  39. michael Oberb says:

    Hey, up front, thanks for your videos!

    On my MBP occured the same thing but started different.
    Suddenly, there was a huge black spot on the screen. It looked like holding a lighter under a piece of paper watching the black burn-mark becoming larger an larger. Just in this case, the black spot became smaller and smaller until it disappeared. Exactly where the spot was is now a gost-picture of the website i was on, plus some wierd bright stripes. Has anyone ever seen something like that?

    Thanks in advance,

  40. The Magnus Pow Films says:

    Nice video

  41. Somehow Optional says:

    iMac 5k (late 2015) here – WORST piece of shit display EVER.

    4000USD WASTED… i can not believe this…

  42. KARNAG3 KING says:

    i have an imac 5k retina display. i have been watching youtube every day for at least 5-8 hrs a day so far this year and recently i have noticed image persistence. its pretty noticeable but i was wondering is it possible that certain parts like the youtube search bar and the icons in the top right of my mac that never move wont disappear? if i turn my computer off for about 1-3 days should this get rid of the affect?

  43. diamondaveincali says:

    have you posted a video regarding how to fix your IMAC 5K image persistence on Apple displays?

  44. Kevin Aguilera says:

    I bought a Asus ROG gaming Laptop I had it since november and recently I noticed its been doing the same thing. Everytime i leave youtube on my screen for a while it prints the page layout transparent on my desktop. Is this a sign that my screen is going bad? Its summertime and i been noticing my laptop has been heating up a bit even when i just have my laptop screen on desktop.

  45. Lizzecute132 MSP Mother Toriel says:

    so our device screen are acutually SMOOTH PIXELS?!?

  46. Known Boston says:

    THANK YOU. I was scared I broke my mac book pro 🙂

  47. Robbert Lucassen says:

    For Amoled i recommend using a pixel matrix power saver. These tools disable or simply shut off pixels between other pixels. Your eyes do not notice it but power consumption goes down dramatically starting with 50% down to 10%. Also RGB Tools let you use one or just two of three pixels that make up the RGB color, saving you also 33% – 66% power. Most interestingly the matrix tools can shift their pattern every minute or so making it impossible to burn in any display content, while saving you 50% power.

  48. Absolute Longplay says:

    how in the fuck did you cause burn in on a regular LCD, it is not plasma or OLED

  49. Detective Vermin says:

    Great video! I was experiencing this on my imac, and I'm glad to know it's not serious!

  50. ADM Gameplay says:

    OK but this is a temporary solution 🙁

  51. Tom Hawk says:

    I'm still confused on how to fix this, how can I fix this problem? I recently bought a second-hand macbook off a guy and it's got screen burn near the bottom part of the screen (centre bottom)… I knew it was like this upon purchase and hence I got a good price for it but I'm confused on how to fix this "temporary" problem?

    Any help would be massively appreciated! @GEEK DETOUR

  52. absolute madlad says:

    I have a phone with this problem and it was turned off fore about a month and it hasn't gone away

  53. Justin Zomerschoe says:

    wat if my tv burns in every 2 seconds

  54. Tsu says:

    meh, my phone got fucked by this shitty burn in, after 2 days without the battery, still doing this annoying shit

  55. PatrickTheGamer01 says:

    you should of gone full screen to avoid the burn

  56. polemeros says:

    Waste of time. Title says How To Fix. Content has no "how to." BS

  57. Saptarshi Sarkar says:

    That's why you should watch YouTube videos in full screen mode

  58. clumsy dot says:

    Lcd use less power🤣🤣!

  59. Handsome says:

    Please someone help me, I was watching a gay porn movie and it burned that shit on my mac. How to remove that cock sucking scene? 🙁

  60. ChildOL says:

    Play a full screen movie for a while and it will go away

  61. Luka TO says:

    Did he just say lcd provides more 'natural colours'??? Good joke

  62. Geovanni Flores says:

    Well, my ghosting better go away now, 'cause your vid was quite enjoyable, sir!

  63. ShelbyTheWizard says:

    I’ve been gone for 2 and a half hours and I accidentally left my computer on a still screen when I left (my screensaver was off) and I’ve been freaking out. I decided to watch this video. 😂

  64. Carol Smith says:

    I was watching “Wonder Woman” movie on my iMac and about 25 minutes into the movie I began to see strange color effects in the movie. I thought it was special effects. Turns out that I witnessed major screen burn on my iMac when I closed the movie major screen burned happened I used my screen saver to get rid of it. That has never happen so fast like that! Have you had this happen?

  65. Bite Sized Rocks says:

    My iPad mini has the apple logo burned into the lcd screen,,,, it's really annoying,,, uh how can I fix it. I had it stored upside down today so I think it went like that now aaaaaaa

  66. Swift Productions says:

    lol as I'm watching this I can't actually see if it's burnt in or not cuz all I'm seeing is my google drive screen

  67. cxntrite.trxshh says:

    My iPhone 6s has a permanment burn in of my keyboard lmao.

  68. Chaparrao says:

    Good video

  69. x x says:

    Dude I never had burning ever I have the S8 plus S9 Plus I even try to do it for fun to get burning it never happened I never got burning ever I never even seen burning till I saw a picture of it so my devices are burn proof

  70. First Timer says:

    this is not how to fix FFS. get the click bait title off

  71. Thom Collins says:

    Um… you forgot to say how to fix…

  72. Winter Gacha says:

    I have the YouTube video thingy stuck on my screen

  73. Towards the Light says:

    This ghosting image is on my iPad but only on the Youtube app since the last update any ideas why ?? … all other apps are fine and screen is fine tried contacting Youtube and have had no response

  74. Dafaa Ho Ja says:

    What a fucking idiot. Fucking click bait. Fat fuck. I hope your dick gets chopped off by ISIS

  75. Gribgrab says:

    the apple logo in the top left has left a slight burn in :/

  76. Marie Seltenrych says:

    This is very helpful. After playing card game, I find the cards still ghosted on my Mac screen. I will try changing background, thanks.

  77. Paolo Arcangeli says:

    I also have the imac 27 end 2013 for 6 years. in the last year I'm noticing that some graphic elements sometimes remain etched on the screen .. do you think it's a factory defect or is it the normal deterioration of the diplay?

  78. Wonderpierrot says:

    One more reason to stay away from IPS displays, as they are very prone to this. OLED is even worse, since it's no longer image retention anymore, it's burn in, which is permanent!

  79. Aaron Down says:

    Super helpful

  80. Tyler Aavet says:

    I've been using an Andersson model A265DC for years and I've never had ANY issues with burns, even when left with the same screen for hours upon hours with minimal breaks whenever I went to sleep and such, but for the past two or so weeks, even after just TWO MINUTES of exposure, I can see retention left on screen. It appears to only happen near the bottom half of my TV, though that might just be because all the games I play have these static images in those places.

    I noticed it first after playing RDR2 that the mini-map and cores started ghosting. I tried leaving the TV off for roughly two days, alongside some video therapy videos which are supposed to fix these issues, but the burns are still there. When I turn on the TV I can just barely notice them, but they get more noticeable after about 30 minutes of usage (even when not playing the game and just leaving the TV on with the PSN Homepage). Heck, today I even noticed that the Homepage started ghosting after I left it static for seven minutes!

    I was just curious if anyone had any solutions to this or any tips they could give me that might be the problem? It started about maybe two weeks ago, and I'm unsure as to what exactly I might have done to make this happen.

  81. Miss Coco Moloko says:

    OMG! Thank you so much! I need my Mac because I make YouTube videos too. I was almost in tears. A 'Like' and a new subscriber for you xo

  82. Defaulty Boi says:

    thats what happened to me

  83. Randall Chase says:

    So glad to hear. My computer at work got stuck on a image all weekend long. So when I came in this morning it was “burned” into my Mac monitor…. I’m going to work from my Laptop for the next few days hopefully it will fix

  84. Jade Smith says:

    My problem was much worse. I tried a 9 hour RGB youtube for 3 hours that didn't work. I even read about booting your iMac with the keys: option + cmd + P + R (PRAM reset) which I didn't tried. I wanted to try that after a full backup that is taking more than 9 hours. The solution that came along was quite simple: turning my display to sleep at energy saver (was set to 'never'). I found this odd as turning my iMac on after a period off didn't work. I even had the Apple logo from the startup in the middle of the screen.

  85. Mohamad Ali El-Hammal says:

    I have a macbook pro 15inch and my ghosting problem has been there for a long time for around 2 weeks and nothing resolved. WTF

  86. says:

    What a nice voice you have! 🙂

  87. Raymund says:

    this is BS

  88. The Last N-Word Pass says:

    When I first heard your voice I thought you were German

  89. Ozan says:

    Waiting is not how to fix this, it's a temporary problem anyway and you can't simply present this fact as a remedy.

  90. Daniel Moule says:

    so just avoid leaving youtube on none full screen for a few days and it ill go? thank you

  91. SevenDeMagnus says:

    Cool. Thanks. Any fix for the dust coming in (into the LCD panel) the lower part of the 5K iMacs?

  92. Nostalgia Chase says:

    I can't believe my computer monitor doesn't have a burn-in because I watch YouTube every day!

  93. I Hate Living in Apartments says:

    jesus christ thanks for the pointess history lesson

  94. DarklingGolem50 says:

    It's 2019

    iPhones are OLED

  95. oswaldo rodriguez says:

    Hi Geek Detour, how can i fix ghost images in my iMac 27 2015 Retina, i'm very tired of that images, even when i use a dark mode the images look persist more

  96. Spooøky Guy says:

    I have an acre monitor idk which one but the problem is I have this game where it glitched and the screen started shaking so I left it for a while thinking it will fix by itself but 1h later I came back I start playing and I noticed the outline of the game is a screen burn or something else ?

  97. Koren Young says:

    Some good information, but you forgot one important thing and that's how to fix it. What a bullshit clickbait title. Not cool, man. 👎

  98. Noah Tagarao says:

    i have this problem on my Iphone 6 often, but fixing this is easy, just watch a youtube video

  99. jfk tribe says:

    click bait

  100. Eric Xue says:

    for some reason my mac's login screen stayed on when it was closed and now i can see the login icons everywhere.

    I was so relieved that this was temporary.

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