Las Vegas 2020 | Worst Reviewed Cheap Hotels & Motels on the Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Travel Tips)

Las Vegas 2020 | Worst Reviewed Cheap Hotels & Motels on the Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Travel Tips)

Hey there world travelers. Hey there. I’m Tanya, and I’m Dave, and we are Turn It Up World. Welcome to . . . Las Vegas! Last time we were in Las Vegas, we stayed on the Las Vegas Strip at the beautiful and
grand Venetian Hotel in an upgraded suite and, let me tell you, it was
gorgeous but certainly not cheap. We paid roughly $179 per night plus their $45 per night mandatory resort fee plus taxes, so it roughly cost us about $720 for three nights, cha-ching Now as much as we love Vegas we
certainly can’t spend that kind of money every time we’re in Vegas so we did some
research to find cheaper accommodations on the Las Vegas Strip but during that
research we found a few that made cheap seem cheap, some of the reviews and the
ratings were horrible and a bit scary so we figured we’d visit a few of these
places and share with you some of the worst hotels and motels
on the Las Vegas Strip, so grab a notebook pen and a bottle of sanitizer
and let’s get into it. To kick things off, wait this is not the right one Ah, much better, so we’re gonna kick things off here, the OYO Hotel & Casino, now it was formerly the Hooters Hotel & Casino until OYO bought
them out now apparently Hooters Hotel was one of the worst hotels on the Las
Vegas Strip but with the new ownership maybe that’ll change right oh it was a
large Indian company that has a lot of details around the world and they
promise a lot of renovations here to the old Hooters but I know they just
announced right into the third layoff basically of the u.s. employees so we’re
concerned about are they gonna make all those renovations and so it definitely
is still in our list I don’t know maybe we should just go inside and see if we
can check things out what do you think sure let’s go check it out now we did
check mini-putt reviews on various sites and this place seemed to get up three
point seven out of five with many of those
reviews saying not so nice things about this hotel and as of February 20 20
rights were about 37 dollars per night and that did not include the $40 per
night resort fee plus tax the gift shop still sells basically a Hooters gear
here they haven’t changed that over yet get all your Hooters gear right here
got a snake and shake oh boy here we are check it out
still have the heaters here to share the largest scooters in the world now what
they were told by several of the staff members oil is in the process of
updating their rooms so if you’re planning on staying there you might want
to request one of those as many reviewers have said the old rooms are
dated and not English a very dark it’s dark it was really smoky the louvers was
still there they even had a hooter store that was still there so nothing’s really
changed thus far fortunately couldn’t get into the rooms but nothing’s changed
thus far exactly so you go to the next one yeah head to the next one Travelodge las vegas center strip yeah
and if you want a great location this is it you’re right in the center of the
strip plot let’s face it it’s a motel in it it’s a motel oh yes I mean it’s
interesting because right across the street you have like Tom Ford and
believe a ton and all these high-end name-brand shops but the moment you walk
through this little Enclave it feels very different yes and the reviews are
quite terrible overall three point seven stars out of five which is not good at
all and they say if you want a shower you know don’t come here the Rings are
dingy dirty yes right some of the toilets don’t work things like that
exactly exactly like a moat if I hit like the
Bates Motel back in the center of Vegas now we checked online for room rates
middle of the week in February off-peak $55 a night now the good news is there
is no resort fee Excalibur yeah and I won’t say this
though if you the exterior of Excalibur looks quite interesting and almost
remind you of that medieval castle of course with the famous Excalibur sword
rising above Camelot maybe it is for you but the place itself has not been
renovated the rooms are sound pretty awful yeah right and we did see some
reviews 45,000 reviews now overall four stars we’re talking sound terrible but
if you read those reviews it’s pretty scary yeah now according to the Las
Vegas Strip obviously those are pretty low because some of those really big
ones can be close to five stars now I will say this we didn’t speak to an
individual that was actually working here in Las Vegas so she kind of told us
that the via she had a story and it was kind of interesting that she stayed
there with one of her friends she end up leaving the room because they got into a
fight and then of course the whatever room upstairs the toilet overflowed and
all the poopers came out next level so but of course we heard other reviews as
well from things like there’s been blood on the walls with us consent like a
scary horror movie hair on the floor and many many folks have said that there’s
the cold water effect and what I mean by that is the cold water
the showers it’s cold you run the hot water it’s cold there is no hot water
and that’s kind of interesting but I guess you gotta give it your face well
the authentic experience you go back in the day of Camelot get those hours a lot
you know anyway maybe exactly we also check the room rate so in February in
February midweek you know kind of an off big-time $30 a night now there’s a
resource feature on top of that $35 so really it’s not super cheesy say what
exactly but I think we need to go inside to see if we can check this for
ourselves now we’ll see sometimes a little strict about that but we’ll see
what we can do let’s go we look dated yeah and it’s interesting
because you kind of overlook the runes will kind of overlook the courtyard
which doesn’t look really appealing but I heard they’re cleaners and runs up
this way yeah it’s not terrible right there you guys side of a room here the busy month what what year were these
roads very very dark Dominus I didn’t notice it really wasn’t the
smoke no not a smokiness yeah OYO is definitely smokier extremely yeah whoo
so apparently this place those are really cool aren’t you
now Roman said it was designed for kids but that’s kind of interesting because
of his legacy no design for kids maybe big kids like us what do you think Tanya well I will say
this I think we did get a chance look at the rooms up walking through the
hallways is really dark and definitely certain floors had an odor of like poop
that’s true it is quite dark inside it yeah it seems like they may have a
freshen up some of the rugs so they weren’t so dirty yes on the rugs were
newer yeah Bobby was so so bad I ain’t really smell the smoke too much it
wasn’t as smoky as oil was yeah definitely ones probably hit or miss you
for wanna roll the dice yeah roll a seven it could be okay for you yeah
alright so the one thing I will tell you it’s always a fun maze to kind of get
around there’s not really like crosswalks not many you know you got to
find your way to the cross like a maze together the cross rider way to the
bridges across the straight exactly on our list is the worst motel on the
Las Vegas Strip and that is a Travel Lodge Las Vegas yes it is definitely a
very seedy spot when you come by here now we did hear a lot of reviews with
this one as well in terms of the rooms themselves we’ve heard there’s been
issue with roaches has been an issue with the carpeting the smoking
everything had a yeah unclean feeling it actually someone actually says they had
to go to a store to buy disinfectant just to use the bathroom right overall
ratings were three point two out of five the lowest of all the ones we’ve
reviewed today so probably a place to avoid yes if you can avoid the worst
hotel on the Las Vegas Strip has to go to Circus Circus yes and this is really
if you talk to a lot of people live in the Vegas a lot this comes up all the
time yeah the worst hotel I’m strip in Vegas yeah I think for one when you walk
into the lobbies it’s check-in is probably really really hard the lines
can get really long as a matter of fact when you go in there’s ropes that would
kind of line around as if you’re waiting for a ride I’d like Walt Disney World
exactly bad service yeah you hear that a lot to read the reviews the service is
terrible just like you said long lines I mean the rooms are not
clean yeah all dirty exactly they’ve not been renovated in
years now that could change yes that could very well change that we do know
that it has been recently acquired by Treasure Island yeah so it’s it’s it may
be a lot of things coming in the works now there is a Manor there’s like a
circus circus Manor which is kind of their mold
version and we looked online and we could not seem to find when you can
broke it which means it may be closed it may be something that baby is getting
renovated renovated as a matter was really the worst of the worst circus got
a rating about three point seven out of five and the manner I think was about
three point two out of five and that was kind of in the back of circus yes in the
front right there check it in the front but then you had to make your way back
to the motel version of the circus circus now what is the price so we
checked the price for the middle of February midweek so it’s off-peak twenty
two dollars a night that does not include the resort fee so yeah it’s
worth about $32 a nice all right something you definitely wrong when you
step in an elevator and your Mac PC is a number thirteen looks well used just
think I we’re not staying on that floor alright so we made it up and right off
the back it is definitely eerie feeling the ceilings are really really low right
Dave oh they are very low they are it almost sounds like this oh oh it feels
narrow yeah like to at least ice machine to selfish you know you’re exactly full
service that’s the only service apparently yeah may not be bad that maybe one on one and here’s the
buffet in the circus circus’ looks like it’s pretty open jump right in there I
get the good food the road behind look at the red balloon
red balloon no I think the movie it destroyed displays so that about does it
for us we just want to mention the reason we chose to add the two travel
lodges is because they are definitely some of the worst places to stay on the
Las Vegas Strip and we obviously recognize that motels are very different
from casino hotels but we thought you should be aware of them nonetheless
absolutely and if you made it this far please show you hit that subscribe
button and that notification bells that you get up every time you put something
new and exciting thanks for joining us world travelers and we look forward to
seeing you on the road

Dereck Turner

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  1. Turn It Up World says:

    Have you stayed at one of these hotels or motels mentioned in the video? If so, what's been your experience?
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  2. gissneric says:

    I'm not that super picky with the hotels I'm staying. I've stayed at Circus Circus couple of times and it was decent. My main draw was the indoor amusement park for the kids and it was great.

  3. Vegas rules says:

    My brother stayed at circus circus and couldnt get anyone to deliver to those scary motel version rooms in back. they told him he would have to meet them at Valet because of frequent issues with the guests back there/ lol . great video thanks , new sub

  4. Renee Collin says:

    Hi …. Almost all Travellodge(s) are "ratched" 😊 but funny story – I was in Honolulu once and booked a hotel using my Airline employee rate, meaning I paid around $95 . Chose to stay at a real foo foo hotel, but hated it! It was like going over to someone house with "plastic" on the sofa so that you won't get it dirty. Soooo the next morn I dragged my luggage 4 blocks over (no taxi) to a $125 LESS ( if I was paying the real rate) per night hotel and had the best time!! It was cute & clean! I work in a hospital (now) So I know how to check for cleanliness 😊 and it was very clean! Staff was nice.. definitely the Aloha Spirit, anyway my observation is sometimes $$ doesn't always mean better – right?? Either way gooood video & you guys are so cute together. You remind me of me & my guy🌸

  5. My Phone says:

    I went to Hooters hotel once because it was only $16. But our room had the body juice imprint of a naked person pressed up against the window…it was disgusting.

  6. Suga T says:

    Excalibur is not bad. As people make it seem

  7. DeDe says:

    Just returned from weeks vacation at Bally's las vegas,horrid! Never again.

  8. Awesome Toney says:

    I goto Vegas at least twice a year. Excalibur gets a bad rap; great location, decent rate, great customer service.

  9. Erikb says:

    I stayed at the flamingo during my last trip. It was a good value for a great location on the strip.

  10. kenneth connors says:

    thanks for your video , a must have

  11. Emily Snieska says:

    We stayed at Excalibur’s probably 5 years ago and it honestly wasn’t bad at all!

  12. Elizabeth S says:

    We go to Vegas a few times a year usually we alternate between NYNY and Excalibur. Since we go often we are usually put up in the Excalibur resort tower and we have never had a bad experience. Check in lines are a lil long but they offer Mobile check in so that’s quicker. Our by far worst experience ever was at that Stratosphere. Got food poisoning from their restaurant and just very dated rooms.

  13. marge johnson says:

    I almost fell off my chair when you added , grab your sanitizer! LOL I carry clorox wipes with me when I travel, and no matter where I stay the room gets wiped down. Great video for those trying to do Vegas on the cheap

  14. J Bayer says:

    QUEREMOS mas videos del Fascinante PERU

  15. tracey ellison says:


  16. H J says:

    Love the videos, y'all keep them coming.

  17. Fernando Rojas says:

    ‘It’s really dark…” *KEEPS SUNGLASSES ON!!!

  18. South Texas says:

    Note to self: DO NOT stay at Excalibur or OYO. Y’all should take one for the team and stay at Circus Circus and do a review.

  19. South Texas says:

    You’d think some company would buy that place across from Aria and blow those old buildings up and tear down that motel and build a new Casino

  20. Suga T says:

    You are welcome. They do have updated rooms which are on the Royale side of the hotel which if some want the updated rooms I would suggest staying on that side. The Resort side is the side where the older rooms are located. I would suggest anyone traveling to Vegas to get the Mlife member card for promotions it helps.

  21. Carlettems Stanley says:

    Would have liked to see your experience staying at these beauties.

  22. SL Travel & Wildlife says:

    That's really interesting ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  23. evancortez2 says:

    I've stayed at the Travelodge center strip twice and the Excalibur twice – the Excalibur I didn't like too much at first, but over the years I've grown to really love the Excalibur, it's a great hotel with a homey down to earth atmosphere, not like the uppity and snobby atmosphere from the fancier hotels. The Travelodge was the hotel I stayed in the very first time I went to Vegas in the mid 90s. It was one of those unplanned spur of the moment trips to Vegas and we just wanted some cheap motel to stay in for the night. But take note back then, that entrance to the hotel wasn't as crowded and as busy at it is now, it was much easier to drive in and out of than today. But as far as the Travelodge itself, I remember it was pretty basic and it suited our needs which is why we picked it. If I remember correctly it was $50 a night so not much different from today, but also an added plus is that there's no resort fee and parking is free!

  24. Nicholas Thien says:

    When you go to Lost Vegas not like you going to spend a long time in the motel or hotel except sleep

  25. Donald D says:

    Walked through the Excalibur when it first opened, smelled like rotting flesh. I hate the resort fees, it's a rip off for what you get. LV only wants your money, anyway they can get it.

  26. Hidden Jackpots says:

    loved it!

  27. Creo 13x says:

    The Casino tower is the one recently updated so stay there and save money for your Las Vegas getaway. Thank me later

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