Lamb Vindaloo – By Vahchef @

Lamb Vindaloo – By Vahchef @

hello namaste Salaam walekum satsriyakaal, welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today i’m going to make another favorite dish of mine Vindaloo usually traditionally this dish is made with pork. but today i’m going to use lamp to make
this dish. To make this vindaloo first we need to make the spice mixture; to make
the spice mixture I’ve got red chillies is here i’m using
this big red chillies these red chillies add more of a color and a very nice
flavor rather than hotness so if you want nice red colored Vindaloo you can add this kind of red chillies, add a small piece of cinnamon sticks, few pieces of clove and a piece of cardamom if you
want, add cumin seeds half a teaspoon, half a teaspoon of mustard seeds, few pepper, around six seven pieces of clove and a small piece of ginger, add vinegar; just we’re going to let this soak in this vinegar; half a teaspoon of sugar and traditionally they use Fenni to make this vindaloo but i’m going to use little bit of coconut milk this also gives kind of a very good effect to your gravy, add a little bit of coconut milk but if you want to add fenni even half a cup of wine will add a nice flavor to this. Soak all these ingredients for at least 30 minutes after which make a nice paste or of this. Now to this lamb what I did is I got the lamb with little bit fat on it that’s okay because traditionally this dish is made with pork and I’m today using the lamb instead of it; you can just add a little bit salt and also if you want to add any meat tenderizer you can add; I have little bit of green papaya paste let me tell you once again this is only
to make your meat tender and then just mix and leave it for 1 hour after which we are going to add the chilli paste; after leaving it for one
hour you can add this chilli paste what i did now you can see how red this is, this gives a very nice flavor to your meat also; if you take this marinate it will be like a sweet sour and lot of spicy; now let this meat rest for another 3-4 hours that’s when this all these juices are absorbed by this meat then we’re going to make this awesome lamb Vindaloo. After marinating the meat for almost four hours i’m going to cook it now add 2 tablespoons of oil I’m just going to squeeze out the juices little bit and just add meat to this hot oil just let it cook in the oil in a medium
flame saute this meat for another five minutes Vindaloo is one of the most misunderstood dish even by the chef’s lot of people what they do is they make a nice red
lamb curry in which they add potatoes and they call it lamb vindaloo. Vindaloo doesn’t mean aloo. Vindaloo is basically a Portuguese dish which has been Indianized by Goan and they call it Vindaloo. Now add 1 small onion, finely chopped make sure you finely chop this onion and
mix it up; I’ve got some of this sauce left in my bowl; i’m going to add this also to this now. This already looks like an awesome gravy but it’s going to become a very nice gravy after you cook it just cover it up with a lid and let it cook it is going to take around 30 to 40 minutes to make this dish. Cook it to a point till this meat is tender and the oil oozes out from this dish that’s when this becomes an excellent vindaloo; after 15 minutes you can see that this meat is cooking I kept the flame at low so you can see this nice bubbles coming up let it cook in a slow flame for a little longer time. Recently I was in Goa and I tried vindaloo at three different restaurants and each one had a different kind of flavor different kind of taste usually this is not as red as what i’m showing it is slightly little yellowish in color; lot of you are used to eating vindaloo which is reddish in color so i have used the chilies that give more color and less of heat I thought the meat will be cooked in 30
minutes but it took more than 45 minutes but look at this gravy wow just awesome lamb also cooked perfect haha even with
the flavors you can tell this you’re cooking something really really special oh my god! oh my god! you got to look at
this sauce; wow what a sauce, what a color, even the
meat is so tender I’m going to have a feast of Goan food today. haha Vindaloo is definitely one of my
favorite and I’m telling you all of the world they go crazy about this vindaloo but very few chefs and very few restaurants make this perfect. Dear friends you have to try this if you eat pork you better try it with pork otherwise you can use lamb if you’re cooking with chicken make sure
you cook this gravy separately then add chicken otherwise the chicken will be cooked and
the sauce will not be as cooked but when you cook it with lamb or pork you get the sauce as well as this meat cooked to perfection. Dear friends i hope you have enjoyed to learn today’s session of making Vindaloo with your VahChef at But remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook, so please post
your recipes and cooking tips at so others can benefit from your great
cooking. Thank you yeah

Dereck Turner

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    Food porn

  2. Tommy Harris says:

    What red chillies are you using?

  3. Jessica Chang says:

    I tried to make this tonight but the colour is nowhere near what you have in the video. What chili are you using? Have you added something else to make it so red like tomato paste or any colouring?

  4. PreciousMally says:

    Thanks Chef. I ♡♡♡ vindaloo. Will try this tonight.

  5. Deepashree Chicklore says:

    Tried it out. Very very tasty.

  6. Johnny Smallcock and his vile tasting toffees says:


  7. Shirin Joorawon says:

    Am searching for the recipe of mutton curry that I ate at a muslim dhaba. when I went to India. It was quite watery and had some cloves and cinnamon sticks. I dont know what else was in it. Can you help me please Vahchef?

  8. B Haynes says:

    I'm definitely gonna make this

  9. Earl Rodgers says:

    I'm going to try this at home.

  10. Quentin02143 says:

    Would you change the spice mixture at all if you used pork instead of lamb?

  11. pmc PMC says:

    didnt turn out well at all…was too spicy, there was hardly any gravy and colour is nowhere near the red colour in your video. please suggest.

  12. Tommy Harris says:

    What vinegar did he use?

  13. Sabetha Somas says:

    Can u cook it in the microwave if ur in a hurry

  14. Erick Liang says: to 4:40 <- hahahhahahahah

  15. Pete from Oz says:

    That looks awesome, I love indian food especially hot beef or lamb vindaloo with rice and chopped up tomatoes on the side. Thanks for posting

  16. OneEyePI says:

    I made this today with venison.  It was easily the best curry I have ever made, and I've been doing it for 15 years.  Delicious and so simple.  Thanks for posting 🙂

  17. Ganesh Vasadi says:

    awesome dish i like it

  18. Sharad Talekar says:

    I saw your video after almost 2years, and I am having tears in my eyes….!
    I learnt cooking from your videos. Again, I am going to try Vindalo this weekend.

    I love you man 🙂

  19. John Matrix says:

    VahChef is the best on YouTube

  20. taxslave says:

    Too much fat on that meat-looks horrible.

  21. John Miller says:

    Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your uploads.Cooked many and enjoy everyone.You're by far the best on youtube…cheers

  22. Paul Vienneau says:

    Hi chef
    What cut of lamb is that.

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    I love Vindaloo and this looks pretty perfect. I will try it as soon as possible. Thank you 🙂

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    found this recipe this video this morning so i decided to go grocery shopping, it's cooking now and the sauce is starting to taste amazing already, thanks from the N
    Netherlands for this great recipe!

  30. A M I R says:

    Watching such video is depressingly for a lonely person… I want that dish 🙁

  31. Nobsta Nutts says:

    Hi Vahchef.I messaged you recently asking if I could use sugar-cane rum instead of Feni and you said it was worth a try.My dish was very tasty.However I have met a cook in my city who makes Keralan dishes and she told me of a local wine merchant who is importing Feni for local restaurants ,so hopefully he will let me buy some and I can make this preparation the traditional way.

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    Cannot wait to try this out. Love your videos!

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    I heard that juice from avocado tenderises lamb quite good.

  36. Sana Iqbal says:

    it's not "salaam walaikum" its "asslam u alaikum" .. if you are saying it plz say it right otherwise it just change the whole meaning of the word. except this thing your videos are awesome plus I can try this as its bakra eid today ^_^

  37. Dolly Coutinho says:

    Dear Vah Chef I belong to the East Indian community and Pork vindaloo is the dish which is very dear to us and is cooked at every occasion be it weddings or church feasts and traditional vindaloo cooking does not include any onion, sugar and any additional water in it, the only ingredients which are used to cook vindaloo are pork (you can use any meat of your choice) vinegar, ginger, garlic, salt and vindaloo masala 
    Just FYI- vindaloo is meant to be a long lasting item so once cooked can be preserved upto a month and eaten in small quantities and hence to make it long lasting no water is used while cooking also no such ingredients which will spoil the dish soon ,vinegar and ginger garlic make the dish long lasting, I can share the recipe with you if you want

  38. Dolly Coutinho says:

    Continued from last comment, there are many spices that go in the making of vindaloo masala also I can bet you will never have tasted vindaloo the way we make it

  39. Tjorpas says:

    Good stuff! I love vindaloo 😀 Sanjay is really entertaining and fun to watch!!

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  42. HKA says:

    Hi… cooking this with lamb is very different than cooking this with goat. Lamb that's available in the US cooks very quickly… cooking it for 45 minutes would result in dry overcooked meat. An option would be to remove the meat once browned, let the gravy cook, and add the meat at the end of the cooking process.

  43. Sandie Beauty says:

    super thank you soon much

  44. Joe Nobody says:

    Chef Sanjay – how do I know when the meat is finished cooking (I'll be using pork). When it softens? Poke it with a fork? What do you mean when the oil comes out? Thanks!

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    I would like to know how to cook a phall curry.

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    i had this vindaloo that was green. Any idea what was in it?

  49. Jonathan Mumford says:

    Great recipe but the quantities provided on the website (and mentioned in the video) are completely nuts. If you want the same result as the chef, you need to change the quantities of dry ingredients from being 1/2 a teaspoon to 1/2 – 1 tablespoons. Halve or more the liquids, i.e. 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/2 a cup of coconut milk. By "cup" I mean 250ml.

    Using the quantities stated on the website will not give you a paste no matter how huge your chilies are. It will give you a watery milkshake consistency. If you can't find those big dry Kashmiri chilies but still want the deep red colour, try adding a tablespoon of paprika (in addition to whatever dry chilies you chose).

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    Followed the recipe as written. Amazing! Couldn't get papaya fresh where we live so i used dehydrated papaya which i reconstituted with water, worked great! Also at the end I felt it could use more tartness and added two spoons of tomato paste. Rest was brilliant. Thank you for this awesome recipe!

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    this is a good recipe chef. just a little bit of info for future reference. Vindaloo isnt supposed to be a hot dish. its a wrong perception. in portugues vin=wine and alho=garlic, so basically vindaloo is a dish made with plenty of wine and garlic. But as i said before this looks lovely!!

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    what chillies are these, can't find large ones anywhere, I used dried kashmiri ones, had to use around 14 so the colour was right, very spicy but amazing flavour

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    The look on your face at 4:41 is the reason why my Icelandic lamb hearts are now marinating in your vindaloo paste 😉 Greetings from Reykjavik

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    I made this last night. It was delicious! Thanks for the video! I used local farm raised pork form Saskatchewan and it was very tender and worked well in the recipe. I will try to use better red peppers the next time as the dry peppers I used did not have the nice deep color that yours did. Thanks again.

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    could you give us the original portuguese recipe?

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    still are you sure coconut milk is used in the restaurant version?

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