Kyoko – Watercolor, Copic Marker Artwork PREVIEW

Kyoko – Watercolor, Copic Marker Artwork PREVIEW

Hello everyone, it’s Sakuems here ! So this video is going to be a preview of my new artwork Kyoko which is going to be my new exclusive speed paint video which is gonna be available on my patreon page in April If you are one of my patreon, you’ll get access to this video somewhere between the first and second week And if you’re not a patron yet and you would like to see this video You’ll have to pledge before the end of march 2015 and to do that, you just have to click on the logo on top right corner “support my videos on patreon” And you’ll have to pledge 5$ to get access to this video It’s gonna be a little bit different than my usual videos this one is going to be longer somewhere like 30 minutes-ish and yeah, that’s pretty much it ! It’s a preview ! and i wanted to make a preview so people can still see what it was and in case you’re not able to support me on patreon, you would still get a part of the process Also, this specific artwork is gonna be one of the prize for may, in the milestone’s exclusive patreon contest Oh last thing ! if you are interested into getting the video and you’re not into patreon or anything like that This video is available, as well, if you want to purchase in directly from my online shop you can get it for 2 euros and you’ll get a link and you’ll get to see the video. It’s gonna be available only in April That’s pretty much it guys ! thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you in my next video ! bye bye 🙂

Dereck Turner

27 thoughts on “Kyoko – Watercolor, Copic Marker Artwork PREVIEW

  1. Zuzanna Wyszkowska says:

    OMG love this art <3

  2. jin's window-wiping laugh gives me life says:

    2nd comment! XD its so CUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

  3. KittyCatChey says:

    Beautiful as always 😀

  4. Jessy H says:

    Lovely work, as always (:

  5. Sugar Splatter says:

    The Goddess of Colors strikes [email protected]@ I'm in love!!!

  6. sambeawesome says:

    Looks beautiful, always love what colors you choose 🙂

  7. Jenny Piche says:

    Looks great. Umm just a question about the contest. In the description of the contest video it says the winner will be announced on your blog today but it says two more days are left? Anyways that artwork looks great.

  8. mouse says:

    I am really confused. So this artwork will never be on youtube only on patreon? 
    I like the drawing by the way. It is cute :3

  9. Isabelle Bersot-marzec says:

    hello bonjour
    j'adore ce que vous faites mais je me sens un peu frustrée de ne pas pouvoir comprendre ce qui est écrit ou dit quand je vous regarde.
    mon anglais est très rudimentaire et donc je cherche ailleurs les conseils.
    je suis fan mais déçue.
    a quand le tuto en français si vous voulez qu'on vous aide alors que même ce que vous demandez est en dollar….
    à croire que vous pensez qu'aucun français ne vous regarde.
    a bientôt

  10. Kawther Al Asfoor says:

    Aww this is so cute and the colors are cheerful ! Just watching it makes me happyyy 😀

  11. Sakuems says:

    Subtiles available now ! english ON
    Les sous-titres sont dispo en français 🙂

  12. Karin Hanazono says:

    What is the yellow liquid you use to make sure that the paint don't dirty the other parts

  13. Klavi says:

    Which paper do u use for watercolor? like 180 gramm? or … ,…, i wanna know…

  14. leanne says:

    Who was the winner of the giveaway?

  15. Sakuems says:

    @Leanne Ison i haven't picked the winner yet, i'll do it tomorrow 🙂

  16. NeroTM Art says:

    I want to be able to use wattercolor like that! o I bought everything it takes and tried million times, but this… this medium I cannont master… Your work and skills are amazing like always o.o

  17. amy denn says:

    congrats to michelle b she won the giveaway :3

  18. 伍炳均 says:

    Your drawing is so pretty Sakuems

  19. Donn Thomsen says:

    I am so happy to now be supporting your channel. I love your work and cant wait to see and learn more from you. Thanks for letting me support your dream. Im excited about getting to know you better. Thanks, donn

  20. andromeda says:

    😮 That is sooo cuuuuute :3. + omg i love your outro all those digital drawings they're gorgeous :ooooi also did a new artwork yesterday and it turned out like dis o3o obviously you're 299239339293112992193992x better than me x3

  21. Mags says:

    shes so kawaii! 😀

  22. Coleen Pryce says:

    beautiful painting

  23. Jimmy J says:

    mmmm yummy

  24. MILK says:

    wow it's so nice and so cute!<3 it's kind of depressing for me i'm drawing, drawing and drawing but i dont get better._.

  25. Karla Maria says:

    thank you so much you are a rutine in my life i come home from school every day searching for one your speed drawing, tutorials, collabs etc. You are one good artist my friend. Also one more thing, have you ever come to america? and if you do at what time of the year?

  26. Michelle Chen says:

    It's not pronounced as kee-yo-ko, it's pronounced as k-yoko,exactly as it is spelled. (Only if you were talking about the japanese word, mirror) ^^

  27. Sakuems says:

    +Michelle Chen Actually , it's just because i insisted on the word, i don't know what kyoko means, i just liked the name. but i know it's K-yoko and you're not supposed to insist on "kee" ^^

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