Kreg Jig K5 Review with Bonus Picture Frame Project

Kreg Jig K5 Review with Bonus Picture Frame Project

Dereck Turner

5 thoughts on “Kreg Jig K5 Review with Bonus Picture Frame Project

  1. Robert Perkins says:

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Lee Smith says:

    Re; the picture frame. I know the measurements are vital and there's some sort of formula to make sure you get them right so that after cutting the rabbets, the picture fits perfectly. Do you know how to figure out the correct measurements? I want to make a frame for a 19×24 canvas painting using my Kreg 5 jig, and I can't find the formula to do it right.

    Thanks for reviewing some of the accessories you can use. It's very helpful.

  3. Angelo Morte says:

    Save yourself a step and rout the edge of your wood before you screw them together and you wont have to use the chisel to square out the corners. Time & steps are money…!

  4. Михаил Голубев says:

    Четверть умнее выбрать до сборки фрезой, а не потом ровнять стамеской, вероятно.

  5. bugs181 says:

    Instant sub and like! What's different about your review after watching several other videos (around 10) on this particular product is that you take us through it step by step to show us how all of the features work. Very much appreciated!

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