Koreans Try To Guess Their Moms’ Kimchi

Koreans Try To Guess Their Moms’ Kimchi

Dereck Turner

70 thoughts on “Koreans Try To Guess Their Moms’ Kimchi

  1. anna g says:

    im craving kimchi now

  2. Christina Barber says:

    Finally a video I can relate!!! My moms kimchi is the best

  3. Erykah B says:

    I feel like the girl sitting next to the dude doesn’t know Korean. It’s cool that he actually spoke it and is clearly proud of his culture.

  4. Erykah B says:

    “Are you saying your moms isn’t restaurant quality?”

    Uhhh homemade kimchi is usually better than restaurant kimchi. Family home cooking in this culture is good. White people 🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. Erykah B says:

    How do you not know your moms kimchi. I feel like this challenge would be easy.

  6. Erykah B says:

    The girl in the red seems like she doesn’t respect her mom.

  7. Erykah B says:

    Why is the girl mimicking and agreeing with everything the dude is saying lol

  8. Erykah B says:

    Your mom is disappointed in you for a reason, it clearly seems. You don’t respect her lol

  9. Ona says:

    Nigerians test their mum’s jollof

  10. Goldenglare 210 says:

    This is the equivalence to how your mom makes menudo vs how other moms make their menudo 😂💀

  11. ClassyJohn says:

    me: " Kimchi? Kimchiiiiii. Kimchi."

  12. Denis Cheung says:

    definitely need their mom's reaction to this video

  13. Monet Orr says:

    Idk why in the past 2 months ive heard people talk about kimchi and how it tastes more than in my entire 22 years alive. Not even sure what it was like 2 years ago.

  14. LostKat says:

    I love how the woman in red is apparently a little different… and her mom's kimchi is also a little different. It's the little things.

  15. samantha says:

    the girl in red has chaotic energy, i’m here for it

  16. Rhea RJ says:

    The girl In the red IS A M O O D

  17. kkum•huimang•jeonjin jeonjin says:

    which is ur mom’s schnitzel

  18. Teddy Gonzaga says:

    Which is your mom's adobo?

  19. Yangseon KIM says:

    코리안 아니잖아 미국인아님?

  20. may says:

    You guys should do indonesian guess their moms nasi goreng (fried rice) 😁

  21. Romel Alonzo Taban says:

    Which is your mom adobo.

  22. h lee says:

    Who produced this? I'm sorry but I have to point out Korean table etiquette. The chopsticks which were in the horizontal direction are not Korean table manner. That's Japanese thing. Korean's table manner is that chopsticks should be in the vertical direction.

  23. Kokuhaku 8 9 3 says:

    anybody knows lauren full name??

  24. kristina says:

    do a video where nepali moms try other moms momo!

  25. Ana Pisani says:

    the results are seriously awesome omg

  26. Samuel C says:

    @1:51 It was at this moment she realised… she RIP in kimchi.

  27. Ally March says:

    lauren is so pretty omfg

  28. Melissa says:

    The ultimate test lol

  29. Mochiamichim says:

    I wanna see a guess your dads carne asada

  30. saria nicole says:

    i haven’t seen the final answer yet but it’s awesome they all choose different once’s now lemme see if they are right lol

  31. jiminnjams says:

    The girl in the red shirt is such a mood

  32. four 4 says:

    How about jamaicans try to guess their mothers’ ackee and saltfish, i’d love to see that

  33. Faith Timmons says:

    The fact that they all could differentiate their mom’s kimchi from others is so endearing??? I love that 🥺

  34. Jerryline Davis says:

    Do a Jollof rice addition ( west African )- I love this series

  35. Ronan Budd says:

    My mouth was salivating this whole video…

  36. Enyssa Lyn says:

    White culture: Can you tell which is your moms hamburger helper?

  37. RADBeet says:

    OMG Hazel is hilarious. Can we be friends? 😂

  38. . says:

    i read the title as 'Karens' and i was confused 💀

  39. djones1234567654321 says:

    Korean girls are pretty

  40. Rman Nayr says:

    IT'S SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Rman Nayr says:

    LOL IT'S BURNT!!!!!!!!

  42. Julah Phanhsiry says:

    ik like 5 koreans named alex & eunice

  43. Celine Chong says:

    Isn't blue shirt dude on seoula????

  44. Lorna Cabrera says:

    *they didn't really want to "dissapoint" their mothers.*

  45. urmintrude says:

    What do you use it for, like how is it served? Just on the side of anything and everything?

  46. Shawna says:

    Lauren is so pretty

  47. Aleeza Raza says:

    'You think so?'
    "it must be mine then''

  48. Afia Zahin says:

    Do this with desi people and biryani

  49. Isuru Egalahewa says:

    1:52 yeah one thing to note about Asians is that mom's food is always better than restaurant food! So if an Asian says something tastes like from a restaurant or restaurant quality, it means it's not that good and definitely not mom's! Mom > Restaurant and If mom is present Mom >Hotel, if not Mom<Hotel( I dare not say this out loud) xD

  50. Monqui04 says:

    You shoulld do Spanish try to guess their dads paellas.

  51. Jin Phan says:

    can u do this with other cultures this is so interesting!!

  52. vernon trash says:

    u guys should do trying to guess ur mexican grandma’s posole !

  53. army potato says:

    the girl in white looks like momo from twice omo!!

  54. Honest Pleasure says:

    I love these videos guessing moms food

  55. kOoN คูน says:

    You all made yr mums proud.

  56. onedumbkpopper says:

    Okay but Lauren is so pretty

  57. iamyoonis says:

    My parents' kimchi taste changes every year, depending on the crop quality of the year, the availability of certain ingredients that year, the brand of pepper flakes used… there's no way I'd be able to tell it apart from other kimchi.

  58. Muteteli Harvey says:

    Next: now guess how disappointing you are to your mom lol

  59. Jojo Ponce says:

    Omg I would love one for chile Colorado 😍 I would be able to taste my moms right away 😂

  60. youngfirmboiii says:

    i think "sour kimchi" should be "muk-eun ji (묵은지)" instead of shin kimchi (신김치) haha

  61. Tulan Katyl says:

    I like what the guy said at the end.

  62. Isaac S says:

    i like how respectful they all are

  63. Serinu Amai says:

    Hazel hahaa 😂😂

  64. corleesha taylor says:

    Lol they all knew

  65. Tito Herrera says:

    Salvadorans guess their mom’s pupusas! 🇸🇻

  66. Yamarie Feliciano says:

    Mexican moms make salsa

  67. ash qween says:

    malaysians try to guess their mom's sambal

  68. Emjay Mendez says:


  69. Danisa Xaviera says:

    The girl in red shirt is so funny i wish to be her friend

  70. Jose Rodriguez says:

    I wanna hang out with the lady in red😂😂

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