Kate stumbles on her lines: Duchess of Cambridge visits National Portrait Gallery

Kate stumbles on her lines: Duchess of Cambridge visits National Portrait Gallery

Following her first foreign holiday with Prince
George to the Caribbean, the Duchess of Cambridge attends a star studded event at the National
Portrait Gallery with guests including Alan Rickman and Liz Hurley. In what was her first official engagement
of the year, the Duchess, who wore a diamond necklace on loan from the Queen, addressed
guests at the portrait gala. The Gallery’s achievements are exceptional.
They hold the most extensive collection of portraits in the world, and their unique and
brilliant exhibitions never fail to inspire us all. I simply could not be more proud to
be its patron. Thank you for being here tonight and showing your support. I hope you have
a wonderful evening. Sorry. Later, she met high profile artists including
photographer David Bailey and Grayson Perry before attending a gala dinner.

Dereck Turner

56 thoughts on “Kate stumbles on her lines: Duchess of Cambridge visits National Portrait Gallery

  1. eu jeeves says:

    she's fit init

  2. Riiiisc says:

    Well that's what I call news! Good job Sophie Foster, your mom will be proud!

  3. Grendon the Alien says:

    Man she could vomit in my face due to nerves, but if she flashed that smile i'd be like it's cool.

  4. SILVERCLOUD141 says:

    We're gona have one hot Queen.

  5. SVENGALI says:

    ''I hippity-hoppoty you enjoy your stay toknighting gale'' – Katey

  6. moto46 says:

    How the other half live whilst most of the uk is under water

  7. Fleur Bandito says:

    She is charming.

  8. cricketbat08 says:

    What a delightful lady.

  9. NobitaSwag says:

    She's still so nervous after having done several public speeches haha.

  10. Purplemetall007 says:

    I simply adore Kate by far; however, she doesn't seem too bright.  Still stumbles on her speeches, pushes that mop behind her ears constantly and doesn't walk very elegantly.  She's more athletic, tom boy which is fine….but she really needs to brush up on her public speaking and walking.   

  11. pippa middleton says:

    The reporters says Lazy Kate wears hair extensions now she is getting older. Where do you think the hair comes from?  The women selling their hair to help pay the bills:  English women are selling their hair to pay the bills. Kate Middleton waves at them pretending to be a queen or a duchess.  Nothing delightful about that.
    @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  12. AngryPeasant86 says:

    She really reminds me of Geri Halliwell when she messes up. The face, the smile, the nose. 

  13. mohammed fasiullah says:

    The Diamond Necklace was given by Nizam of Hyderabad as Gift in 1947

  14. Daniella Yuna says:

    She is a very lovely and stylish princess, but I find her speech is not so impressing nor has improved from her first public speech at Malaysia. She is not so engaging to audience, looking at her prepared paper every each line seem less personal to her words. 

  15. yortzandat says:

    Her husbands a raving homosexual and she's never been pregnant in her life.

  16. Courtney T says:

    She seems so sweet. People saying rude things about her messing up her speech, I would like to see you in her position. I couldn't handle all that attention and criticism.

  17. kerry17702 says:

    Aww she's only human, it doesn't mean she's thick if she a little shy

  18. Yeetus _- says:

    Looks like the robot jammed at 0:47

  19. Emzo says:

    It's alright, we all make mistakes! And to all the people saying that this makes her less royal needs to be quiet because everyone gets anxiety when speaking infront of large crowds!

  20. Catherine Mc kernan says:

    Don't u dare speak about princess Kate like that she is just like us she is a human and soon to be our future queen so if u have nothing to say good to talk at all !!!!!!!

  21. Catherine Mc kernan says:

    Shut your fat mouth she is the best person alive heli g children so fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Catherine Mc kernan says:

    I sent princess Kate a message on Facebook and he messaged me back saying that she loves helping children and even a pic of prince George fast sleep for flip in hell she is a princess and she is lovely all the time !!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Rei W. says:

    in many shots kate middleton looks just like liz hurley who's 50.

  24. the qa says:

    Now she sounded like a she in that one, just like a twenty something. I have heard some of her words in other things and I am sorry but she did sound like a male, like she started transition very young. The audio was better on this film. I am not trying to be rude.

  25. IWannabeJew says:

    This Yank thinks you negative commentators are all a bunch of wankers.

  26. Jules Hitchen says:

    Prince William is a lucky guy

  27. Huma says:

    Her presentation skills are weak but so what?!!!! she seems lovely and a good natured person, always smiling. People need a reason to let her down

  28. Jv George says:

    Whoa…the voice over lady has a sexy voice

  29. j v says:

    "those in the cheap seats clap your hands. the rest of you RATTLE YOUR JEWELRY".

  30. Richard Gnomebe says:

    I wonder if those were real diamonds?

  31. Anna Scott says:

    poor girl. they find what ever they can to make fun of her. i love you Kate.

  32. Tsambika says:

    Kate Middleton and Amber Heard SAME Person!! Anna lovestheLord channel!

  33. Denis wolf says:

    Short memory, she cannot read a half of a second without looking at her own script. Fucking idiot!

  34. Gabriel Alexandrino says:


  35. Kash 75 says:

    As an American, I truly love Kate Middleton. Lovely and wonderful smile. I wonder what vocal coaches she underwent to sound so…I dunno. It's like I can't understand a word she says. She just doesn't sound like regular Brits if that makes sense.

  36. TheLeigha72 says:

    She is human, for heaven sake‘s …makes her even more appealing❤️

  37. A J says:

    Boring,ugly, and haggard looking

  38. ø Eman Hafeez ø says:

    Bruh that was one little stumble

  39. Bobbie Montgomery says:

    Ok making excuses for Kate why not the same for Megan. Kate has more experience. Just goes to show it has nothing to do with experience. It's called being " human" and anyone can make an error….No one is perfect, not even Kate…

  40. food says:

    she does not appear to be a kind person. you can tell with her demeanor and eyes she is very stuck up

  41. Zhani Murati says:

    stunning women 😍

  42. Royal Tanya says:

    Unacceptable. All that waiting around and she couldn't hire a speech coach? Terrible.

  43. A J says:

    Can't stand this woman's fake accent. She's so shallow headed.





  46. Ann TwoShoes says:

    For goodness sake. Don’t forget she’s had no training for this job.

  47. MOHAMMAD OWAIS says:

    it has been observed many times, that the people who are very good at heart, shy, humble, and soft spoken, are NOT among those who are one of the most successful people in the world.

  48. Fabiola Gutierrez says:

    Princess kate besutiful

  49. Joanna Bickford says:

    oh boy Will married a lovely girl

  50. Evelyn Oppenheimer says:

    Kate is an impeccable woman in so many ways. Only a little flaw, her speeches??? So what…

  51. Abdul Rasheed says:

    Kate personality love to

  52. Daniel Clark Clark says:

    She's a very stunning and articulate bitch. Williams done well.

  53. Blah blah Blah says:

    Royal family is lucky to have her .

  54. Marjan Prithie says:

    If someone is shy and nervous is that a problem??? I don't think so… The Duchess of Cambridge is a genuine person who doesn't want to act like an overconfident stubborn bitch… God bless her❤️

  55. jeremy western says:

    She looks stunning! Unfortunately I’m paying for this fuckin lot out of my taxes

  56. Serena Blue says:

    Ahh that was sweet.

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