Kadhai Chicken  – By Vahchef @ vahrehvah.com

Kadhai Chicken – By Vahchef @ vahrehvah.com

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.com. Today we’re going to make Kadhai chicken you know lot of people have written to me saying that when they make the chicken along with the tomatoes their chicken gets tough, today i’m going to show you a method that it will be
awesome, juicy and the chicken will be nice and
tender so let’s go ahead and make this kadhai chicken. So for this you know we’re going to cook the chicken first by adding some oil, in the oil add some red chilies, cumin seeds and then add onions and add some salt and some
turmeric powder now once the onions are slightly colored, add ginger-garlic paste and cook this till the raw flavor is gone you want to add the chicken pieces into this and mix it we’re going to cook this chicken put the lid and occasionally mix it and this may take around 15 minutes of cooking you know i’m showing you this method of
cooking because if you add the freshly cut chicken along with tomatoes are any acid the
chicken will get slightly rubbery that is the reason you know i’m showing you this method where if you cook it first and then add the tomatoes or
anything acid the chicken will not become rubbery and really nice and
tender you know if you marinate the chicken overnight and add the tomatoes and cook the chicken will be nice and tender after around our 10 minutes of the slow
cooking look at this the chicken is you know nicely cooked and it is no more
rubbery in this we’re going to add some of this kadhai masala and we’re going to
add some in the last also just around the one tablespoon of kadhai masala, chili
powder and mix this, if you want to get a good red color add chili paste this will give a very nice color this is the Kashmiri chillies so it’ll give color but not too much of hotness so now this will become fantastic Wow and you know you want all that kadhai
masala along with all these masalas to cook so just let it cook for another 3-4
minutes like this now you know after a few minutes of all these masalas cooking we’re going to add tomato puree if you’re adding
tomatoes chopped in this at this point of time it’s going to take a lot more
time to cook that’s the reason why i made a puree
and just add tomato puree to this and mix this up see one thing, problem about these
tomatoes is you know sometimes you get tomatoes which are very sour you have to be very careful in choosing tomatoes, choose tomatoes which are slightly sweeter in taste, after you add the tomatoes you know do not put the lid just keep
stirring it occasionally so that all the tomatoes get nicely
cooked now look at this nice red color in this add some capsicum, the bell pepper, add some onion, that also have been cut the same size and just mix it you know you don’t want to cook these
too much you want to get the flavor out of the bell pepper into this curry wow,
you know by adding itself you get this awesome nice flavor and the gravy
consistency also you can adjust you know in a lot of curries i don’t like to
add cream but when the curry is very sharp you can reduce it by adding a pinch of
sugar or else by adding a little bit of cream so I’m going to show you how to add cream yesterday somebody has written to me that, when they add some cream to the curries like tomato based it curdles so the correct way of adding is take some of the curry and add it to the cream ok then mix this, this way the cream
becomes tempered and that cream you add on top of your curry it will not cuddle anymore now mix this, this will also cut down the sharpness little bit wow and also that color wow look at
this, look at this and now my main flavoring ingredients, take some kasuri methi dried just powder it and add on top, chopped coriander, I’m going to mix this haha now on this add the leftover kadhai masala that’s it, this is done, switch off the
flame and the chicken is also cooked perfectly and it is soft and tender it won’t be any rubbery, Dear friends look at this wow you know look at this the smile on my face comes automatically
whenever I make my favorite dishes dear friends Wow look at this chicken perfectly cooked and ahh it’s hot but a piece of bell pepper, onion along with the chicken mmm
dear friends I hope you enjoyed today’s session of
learning this Kadhai chicken with your VahChef you know make it and you will enjoy it
but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips at vahrehvah.com so others can benefit
from your great cooking thank you. But basic Kadhai masala has you know red chillies add some pepper corns, coriander seeds in this add cumin seeds
and some fennel seeds this is optional and dry roast these
ingredients till the nice sweet flavor comes and also dry roasting of these ingredients makes it easy to put in a pestle and ground now you can see that this whole masalas have slightly colored and now we’re going to add fenugreek leaves these
fenugreek leaves also give a very nice flavor that is the reason you add it in
the last because they’re too thin and they may get burnt if you add in the
starting; transfer this onto a plate and we’re going to cool this down, after you cool this down put in the ding chik and ground into a coarse powder and divide into two parts one is slightly finer and one is slightly coarse, the
finer one will go into making the gravy and the coarse one we’re going to add in the last ok

Dereck Turner

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