Kadai Gosht – Mutton – By Vahchef @ vahrehvah.com

Kadai Gosht – Mutton – By Vahchef @ vahrehvah.com

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.com. Today I’m going to show you how to make Kadai Gosht you know when I made Kadai chicken and kadai vegetable I made little bit dry
but this is going to be slightly gravy so we’re going to learn how to make this
so first take a nice a kadai and then add oil in it ok when the oil is hot we’re going to
add mutton and cook till the mutton is slightly golden in color frying the mutton till it is slightly brown make this meat even more tasty you know here I have got more or less boneless kind of meat but if you add you know the bone also in this it will
be even more tastier add some turmeric in this okay that should be good now add a lot
of slices of onion ok all these onions will be nicely
cooked and become a nice gravy. In this also add slices of tomato and we’re going to cook this with a lid on till it’s going to take almost of 45
minutes of slow cooking like this till all the onions and tomatoes will get
mashed up and if you want you can also transfer this into a pressure cooker and cook for at least 4 – 5 whistles till the meat is
cooked and tender now after you know slow cooking the
onions have disappeared the tomatoes have disappeared but you know i need to add salt in this ok and in this i’m going to add half a
cup of yogurt we’re going to have this like a gravy so
this is going to be good but we have not added any masala here is the Kadai masala; see if you want
to substitute any other ingredients in your kadai masala you can always change
but this is the kind of a standard thing what we do and make this into a powder
and add this kadai masala into this mixture, now in this add green chilli also if you want to make it spicy you can also add some chili
powder i’m going to add some chilli powder and you know i have cut the ginger into juliennes just i’m going to leave little bit for garnishing and just add that also and I’ve got the mint and coriander most
of it in this and just leave a little for the garnish and i’m going to let
this cook till the oil you know oozes out from this meat. Wow
already this is looking good look at the color of the gravy and it’s
already glowing shining and the aroma is whoo-hoo kind of. Ah! man this is hot good i’m just going to let this cook on
a slow flame for another 2 – 3 minutes and the dish will be done you know i just put it in sim but you know this aroma is filled all over
my house ah and look at this; this is what a
fantastic gravy and this is what is called Kadai Gosht and look at this perfect you know a little bit extra oil
that floats because some of the fat from the meat also melts away and then
ding chicka ding chicka….. look at this Kadai mutton, when this is
done wow how it looks. Dear friends these of Kadai mutton or the Kadai Gosht is very popularly made in north-west frontier
towards Pakistan and Afghanistan and even in northern part of India
especially in dhabas and even the restaurants. Dear friends make it home and I’m telling you this is
one of the easiest is to make and very tasty. Wow mmm you know you have seen how we add the
onions and tomatoes but when they’re cooked they totally disappear and give a
very nice very tasty gravy. Dear friends I hope you enjoyed today’s seeion of
learning how to make this Kadai Gosht with your VahChef but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please put your recipes and cooking tips
at vahrehvah.com so others can benefit from your great cooking thank
you mmm basic Kadai masala has you know red chillies add some pepper corns coriander seeds in this add cumin seeds and some
fennel seeds this is optional and dry roast these
ingredients till the nice sweet flavor comes and also dry roasting of these
ingredients makes it easy to put in a pestle and ground now you can see that this whole masalas
have slightly colored and now we’re going to add fenugreek leaves these
fenugreek leaves also give a very nice flavor that is the reason you added in
the last because they’re too thin and they may get burnt if you add in the starting. Transfer this onto a plate and we’re going to cool this down
after you cool this down put in the ding chik and ground it to a coarse powder

Dereck Turner

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