Juice Wrld | Artists React to His Passing ( Ski Mask, Cole Bennett, Akademiks, Drake )

Juice Wrld | Artists React to His Passing ( Ski Mask, Cole Bennett, Akademiks, Drake )

December 8th, 2019 was a remarkably sad day
for the world of hip hop, music and entertainment as a whole. At only 21 years old, Jarred Higgins better
known as Juice Wrld passed away. The news broke in the early hours on a Sunday
and immediately after an entire generation of famous friends and fans world wide took
to social media to share their heartbreak and condolences. A few names off the top will get to in this
video include Lil Nas X, Drake, Murda Beatz, Rich The Kid, Lil Pump, Cole Bennett, DJ Akademiks
& even those from outside of hip hop like Ninja, Faze Banks, Marshmello & more… In a strange coincidence he died on the same
day as John Lennon, but 19 years younger and people are pouring over his lyrics, some which
in an eerie way, almost predicted his untimely departure. There are also a ton of conspiracy theories
circulating online that he is in fact still alive. We here at Before They Were Famous wish that
were the case. When we made our initial Before They Were
Famous on Juice Wrld he was kind enough to retweet and share some love with us online. Now I’ve seen footage off paramedics trying
their best to revive the young man but we won’t be sharing those visuals here here. This video is a tribute to his life, career
and the impact he’s had on an entire generation. My sister and her kid called me upset over
this news story and it’s obvious Juice World had a big impact on listeners outside of just
hip hop the youth. More news will continue to come out about
the events that led up to this terrible tragedy and it’s gonna be a sad reminder for all of
us heading into the end of the year. I also understand emotions run high during
painful events like this and some might choose to take their anger out on me. This channel, this brand and the audience
I’ve built up consume these videos to celebrate stars as they find success and at times, pay
tribute to them when they leave us. I’ve received hundreds, if not thousands of
requests to make a Before They Were Gone video for Juice Wrld. If that’s something you would like to see
let me know in the comments down below and we will work on something super special for
this dude. With that said, we have a lot to get through
so let’s get into this video. One of the most tragic and touching reactions
was from Juice’s close friend and collaborator Ski Mask The Slump God. His tweets hit especially hard knowing that
he’s already been through this having been life long best friends with XXXTentacion. He took to Twitter with his initial reactions
HE CANT BE GONE, “They Keep Taking My Brothers From Me.” He also posted a photo of their recent face
time chats You can’t help but feel absolutely gutted
for Ski Mask. Our prayers go out to him. DJ Academics was extremely active on Social
Media keeping everyone informed and sharing his own heartbreak. Again, his initial tweet read:
NOOOOO, followed by RIP Juice… I was suppose to link wit him this weekend. I feel so guilty that our last phone call
I told him I would call him back then didn’t cuz I said imma see u this weekend …
RIP JUICE WRLD He sharred condolences with his friend Ski
Mask and posted a photo of the two together and gave us some pretty insightful thoughts
about how to deal with all this loss. He tweeted:
Hip Hop needs Grief Counsellors… to see so many young fans have to deal with the death
of their favourite artists and try to make sense of it’s disheartening but it’s as
well disheartening seeing people not understand how each person chooses to grieve or how people
deal w/ a loss. I agree with Akademiks, but I think it be
hard to council everyone. It needs to start at the top with artists
and celebrities having people around them that keep them sane rather than them turning
to substance abuse. I know a little bit of that pressure but I
talk about stars, I couldn’t imagine the pressure of actually being a travelling public performer. Akademiks had more before the night was done. He posted some final clips of Ski Mask citing
him as being in high spirits and looking happy. & before bed, he closed off with the caption:
Today was just a bad f***ing day… Another one of Juice Wrld’s close friends
and collaborators Cole Bennett, the pair have worked on plenty of projects together, most
notably with Cole directing the music video Lucid Dreams which has over 400 Million views
at the time of this recording. He took to Instagram and twitter in disbelief. Over onTwitter: i am heartbroken. I love you so much juice. you will be remembered forever & I promise
we are gonna shine for you Juice I fucking promise
His instagram stories go as follows: “One of my favorite memories with juice
was when we were in europe together and our hotel rooms would always be right next to
each other. The only thing i would watch on the tv was
the music hits channel because that was the only thing in english on the tv. & they would
play lucid dreams every morning and i would just bang on the wall every time and scream
at him & say “u hear this shit?? “ & he’d bang on the wall and yell back everytime “helllll
yeaaaa!” Cole followed by posting several videos Like I said, this news hit fast and hard with
the entire Hip Hop Community sharing their loss and condolences. Let’s run through a few
Lil Yachty: Wow, I can not believe this. Rip my brother juice world NLE Choppa: Rest Up Legend Lil Pump: Rip juice I can’t believe this
happened Murda Beatz tweeted out, Rip Juice Wrld Gone
Too Soon and posted a video of the two in the studio together
Drake had this to say via IG, I would like to see all the younger talent live longer
and I hate waking up hearing another story filled with blessings was cut short Ju Ju Smith Schuster shared a video of him
on stage with Juice and the caption read: don’t even know where to start but this
man got me through so much in life and the fact that he’s not here anymore kills me. My favorite artist man. Literally felt like yesterday when we were
backstage talking about video games & you playing death row on a PSP. Forever gonna hold your music high brother. Thank you for all the great memories. Rest Easy King Juice. Trippie Redd posted a photo of the two on
facetime. I kinda hate life tbh I’m so sick and tired
of this shit honestly…” Yung Nudy’s rection was caught on IG live The lil peep account which is now run by his
family: Made a twitter post which read:
“This is absolutely heartbreaking. We send our love and strength to this young
man’s family. Please know we are with you and if we can
do anything to help you please let us know. We are so very sorry” Lil Nas X:
oh my god wtf 🙁 rip juice. so sad how often this is happening lately
to young talented rising artists Meek Mill:
posted a photo of the two to his instagram and wrote the caption:
This is unbelievable” Rich The Kid:
Noooo way not juice wrld somebody say this not real Ninja:
Waking up to Juice Wrld passing from a seizure… I loved his music and he was my most listened
to artist in 2019. Im heartbroken, my love goes out to his family
and loved ones. Too soon man.” “DBD all night with cloakzy and jessica
blevins. Dedicating the night stream juice. I seriously loved your music so much and i
know we didnt know one another personally but i hope you are resting in peace”
“Find the ones who love you when you are alive” There’s no way this is real & I love you
brother. Watching you come up was special. We lost the best one today. Rest In Peace player. followed by a screen shot of their recent
correspondance. Marshmello:
We were just together a few weeks ago ….we were supposed to hang on Friday …… this
doesn’t seem real. I’m going to miss u man I can’t believe
it @JuiceWorlddd Nardwaur:
So sad to hear this news. You will be missed. R.i.p. Juice World Ellie Goulding, who collaborated with Juice
WRLD on their song “Hate Me,” tweeted: “I can’t believe it… you were such a
sweet soul. I’ll always remember meeting you and your
family on the video set and thinking how close you were. You had so much further to go, you were just
getting started. You’ll be missed Juice.” Kehlani called the 21-year-old’s death “sad
as f*ck,” adding: “rest in love juice wrld.” Yung Baby Tate wrote: “Juice Wrld… way
too young, way too bright. This is so sad. Prayers to his family and loved ones.” Chance the Rapper have posted tributes to
the late artist, the last of whom wrote: Millions of people, not just in Chicago but around
the world are hurting because of this and don’t know what to make of it. “ really shocked and sad to find out juice
wrld passed away, … and so youngt too… a reminder that life can be over any moment. Be kind to one another” Famous dex:
Made a video about the passing of Juice Wrld.: and sadly after he talked about juice wrld
every ended up leaving his live. The list goes on and on and no doubt there
isn’t a person who hasn’t been touched in some way by his music, lyrics and artistry. Please pay your respects in the comments down
below. There is gonna be a lot more information coming
out about Juice’s substance use prior to this flight. I’m not sure what can be done to help these
young artists dealing with these issues… I was at a food drive this weekend and it
felt good giving back. Perhaps I can use this platform more positively
to help others. Let me know if you want a Juice Wrld Before
They Were Gone and I’ll see you guys in another video.

Dereck Turner

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