hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at In the quest to make really awesome sweet from the villages today I’m going to show you how to make pearl millet flour and also adding little bit of banana into a nice Halwa very tasty, very healthy too so for this first add 2 tablespoons of ghee and once the ghee melts we’re going to add half a cup of jowar flour that is pearl millet flour this is really really good and in the same thing we’re going to add some cashew nut and raisins now just make this like a roux, roux in sense we’re going to let this millet flour cook with this ghee till you get a nice sweet aroma lot of doctors are nowadays are recommending that you eat breads made out of the lot of variety of millets, whether it is you know jowar, ragi or any of these things because they’re supposed to be good for your stomach and they also help you lose weight so we are going to make this cook for around four minutes on a very slow flame now you will know that the flour is nicely cooked when you see the raisins inside nicely puffed up that’s when you know that you have cooked the jowar flour till the right consistency now in this i’m going to switch off the flame ok because i want the temperature to be slightly down ok and now just take some milk and keep adding little by little do not add too much at that time because otherwise if you add everything at the same time it’ll form into lumps so keep adding little by little and just keep mixing it ok now when the entire thing becomes like a nice paste without any lumps that’s when we’re going to switch on the flame again look at this good, in this we’re going to add one banana that’s mashed ok just mash the banana just before adding otherwise it will become dark okay look at this ok now all the jowar flour is nicely cooked all we are going to do is again switch on the flame in this we’re going to add you know it is better to add jaggery to making sweets than sugar so i’m going to use jaggery you can make it with sugar also i’m going to add little bit of sugar also it is up your choice you can just make it with jaggery or sugar and just make sure you grate the jaggery or you know so that it will take too much time to melt so add to this and keep mixing like this and the jaggery and the sugar will slowly melt and become a nice mixture now all the jaggery is melted you’ll see little bit of these lumps this is nothing better our banana but keep cooking till this mass becomes like one see now it is a little bit softer and you have to keep cooking it till the halwa is all ready, now look at this after cooking for like around ten minutes you will see that the gjee is slightly coming out of this mixture that is when this mixture is coming to get ready ok I’m going to cook it for a few minutes now look at this, this has become like one mass that’s when we’re going to switch off the flame and add cardamom powder into this and mix for one last time so that the nice cardamom flavor gets into this and very very delicious and tasty you know this is a simple thing all you do is just serve smaller portion in cups just take a small ball and scoop out a little bit of the sweet and just arrange a nut and serve it very very tasty what halwa? pearl millet that is jowar ki atta ka halwa with banana in it this is very very hot but once it cool down you’ll be able to just enjoy this huh mmm very nice you know when you add jaggery to these sweet you’ll get a kind of the honey kind of taste in it and I love nuts wow hmmm.

Dereck Turner

7 thoughts on “JOWHAR HALWA

  1. TheBlooRayChannel says:

    What on earth is 'jageri'?

  2. Chee Janet says:

    May I know what is the flour that you used?

  3. somi khan says:

    What was the name of the flour besides Jowhar? Is it corn flour?

  4. Darianel Salazar says:

    A subtitute for jagery could be brown sugar.
    But definitely jagery has its own flavor . You caN find jagery also in spanish grcery stores.
    Ask for panela .


    SO Nice. I will try it. THANKS

  6. chitra kumar says:

    Why banana?

  7. Ameneh Eydani says:

    /// Can i use oat flour??? 👍👏

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