JoJo Part 5: Golden Wind – Opening 2 Full『Uragirimono no Requiem』by Daisuke Hasegawa

JoJo Part 5: Golden Wind – Opening 2 Full『Uragirimono no Requiem』by Daisuke Hasegawa

Even against the fate of God Fly the flag of rebellion… Gangstar These feelings of fear
Drown them out with rage From that day I swore to turn my back on the devil Does this revenge mean the end? Ask the future
Those who cast aside their… …way of life,
Stay Gold That’s right, an eye for an eye… For the traitors, a Requiem… Whoa-oh Despair is beckoning to you Stand up against the world Don’t care, there’s no need for mercy here! When your body perishes Does your prayer disappear as well? Hell No!
It’s the beginning of a Golden Wind There is nothing left to lose
That flaming soul Burns away even the path of return Raise up a revolution More than craving time for rest and control Showing pride
For the traitors, a Requiem… Whoa-oh Your heart pounds with rage As its beats scream out Don’t care, head towards the truth! Will the one who claims it be the true victor? Hell No! The Golden Wind will be the judge Oh we’re going to rage! Despair is beckoning to you Stand up against the world Don’t care! There’s no need for mercy here When your body perishes Does your prayer disappear as well? Hell No! It’s the beginning of the Golden Wind

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “JoJo Part 5: Golden Wind – Opening 2 Full『Uragirimono no Requiem』by Daisuke Hasegawa

  1. AniMelody says:

    You can listen to all JoJo full openings & other JoJo music using the playlist:

  2. Deck Z says:

    That face you make when your dad had a stand that could stop time

  3. Solid Snake says:

    Best jojopenings : 1- Bloody stream 2- Stand proud 3- Traitors requiem

  4. MysticZT says:


  5. stolenacc PS3D says:


  6. Langolba Mutum says:

    What was the song that play after this,the artist was aimer

  7. Trollface 500 says:

    HELL NO. Last words from fugo

  8. 魚樂生活 says:



  9. el shitpos de josuke says:

    Gang star

  10. el shitpos de josuke says:

    Creper hooo mennn

  11. Walter Yellow says:

    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.
    -Diavolo has fainted.

  12. Onety says:

    Fugo is punching the air right now

  13. PinoyCarLoansCanada says:

    1.1K are all Diavolos

  14. Radya Gardian Pranoto says:


    Wait a minute, moody blues?

  15. steamp0rt says:

    I HATE it when people put stupid music endings for like 30 seconds. It ruins the loop.
    Even worse when I can't put the video into ListenOnRepeat.

  16. 10xTNT says:

    2:46 wooaaaah beautiful duwang

  17. Edward Sullivan says:


  18. Toms Jj says:

    誰把中文字幕變成空耳啦 幹XDDD

  19. Shard Bit says:

































































  20. Kujo Jotaro says:


  21. Vx8h Plays says:

    Sell meth and you will experience infinite death

  22. 蔡榮哲 says:

    The final part of the video is Aimer-tone. l just found it .

  23. Neviec Veen says:

    I Like The Song Is Look, But Is No One Like That Song, And That Is Bart Toons, The Anime/Japan Hater

  24. KuroGoku says:



  25. BrokkenSkull says:


  26. Nico150 says:

    the vid ends at 3:59 so it doesn't end up on 4:00

  27. ThatTeemoPlayer says:

    Traitor joes

  28. Fersept says:

    Калмино садаме ни сае хаунки во хирукаесу генгстор… васалетаюю канжё воо кивисуээй аку манисуму куто чика атахикаля хайюкутова щю мадзука мирайвокогу ики татаво сутете идому но стэй голд соуса нани во мейю урагиримоно ни ва реквиему во воу зетсубо гатемалеку секаи ни тачиму кау донт кэр тюхамадол или наиса калада холомни лю токи инори боки и хатеру ХЭЛЛ НОУ! хаджималина голден ВИНД! (три выкрика не ебу пусть будет) ГЕР! ГЕР! ГЕР!

  29. Alakaz-Ham says:

    69k likes. nice.

  30. un unicornio con 2Gb de ram says:

    Diavolo drowned while trying to escape GoldExperienceRequiem

  31. Muskaart says:

    Does King Crimson make sense?

  32. Sebastián Torre says:

    I really miss singing this song every friday.

  33. Edward Jung says:

    M0:00DY BLUES!

  34. Krustieng Games says:

    Fucking weebs

  35. et ye says:

    0:53 fav part

  36. Amaan ullah says:

    name of the song that played at the very last

  37. Mary Studio says:

    2:47 Ohhhhh we're going to rape

  38. LUCAS MADERA says:

    Can we talk about Giorno moving slowly?

  39. Pinnacle says:

    @2:41 This part of the song plays every time I'm about to tell someone that they'll never reach the truth.

  40. Malachi Hodge says:

    plz,tell me your outro song,i need to know

  41. SuicidalToaster says:

    Diavolo: I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move.

    GER: No.

  42. AntiRez says:

    i've gotten this song stuck in my head lmao

  43. Azarot says:


    Anime watchers: Yo Jotaro is so cool, and the only Stardust Crusader alive!

    Manga readers: sigh

  44. LPS Angel says:

    Cousin told me "Having 4 people is better then 3." I looked at him and said "Mista doesn't like you, don't ever mention 4 again in this household."

  45. Assassinkill _112 says:

    2:58 donkey

  46. Assassinkill _112 says:

    Dio+Giorno=diogorno pizza

  47. Shawn Oxley says:

    This is probably the worst OP imo

  48. Scrongo Beepis says:

    Anyone notice that at 2:40 you can hear Bruno’s theme faintly playing in the back

  49. Moody Flinky says:

    diavolo update op?!

  50. Hyper Helios says:

    Diavolo is gone playing speedrun Majora mask. Where Majora's mask speedruns HIM

  51. Din Aur says:

    Is it bad that I listen to this all day?

  52. PiggyBank says:

    5 months, still top upload.

  53. Марат Исраилов says:

    Скажите , можно ли где-то найти видос этот со старыми субтитрами
    текс прям очень нравился

  54. J.E.L says:

    did anyone else hear the singing after the song ends?

  55. Katlom * says:

    Don't understand

    This opening make me smile

    Explain yourself human

  56. savage diamonds says:

    Diavolo : can i go to the restroom
    Giorno: i dont know can you?
    Diavolo : yes
    Giorno : -_-

  57. ho Ho says:



  58. Kian J Condon says:


  59. Zach Monteiro ___ says:

    The Church of Seiros: The crests are essential to running the governments of Fodlan.

    The Black Eagles:

  60. Itz Mobro says:

    1:35 sunds like "took a shit ta sa"

  61. Naymyo Aung says:


  62. she88moro xVx says:

    Hill no❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  63. Jose Fernandez says:

    Name of the outro song?

  64. avid hiker 207 says:

    Can we give a big thanks to giornos for successfully stopping the mafia to sell drugs to kids?

  65. X21 F1zzy says:

    This song reminds me of shrek

  66. CyberByte says:

    Yo what’s the name of the outro song!?

  67. Vinegar Doppio says:

    Guys i got an erection from a trish hentai,IS THIS A KINDA OF ALABAMA?

  68. Mr. Raji says:

    Outro song name is Aimer Tone

  69. John Rojaz says:

    Nessuno può sfuggire al destino scelto; rimane solo il risultato che voi sarete distrutti. L’eterna cima esiste solo per me, puoi cantare canzoni di tristezza nel mondo senza tempo.

  70. Banana God says:

    When Youtube rewind doesn’t add pewdiepie.


  71. Giorno Giovanna says:

    Gold experience requiem!


  72. xv says:

    I like this op more than the first one 🤧

  73. Motor Racer says:


  74. I have a dream says:

    Hi. just a normal comment.

  75. angstywaffle says:

    This song is the theme of Mista, agent 004, sorry, 005.

  76. gun ชา green says:

    3:36 what song name

  77. 0lVR89 Nightwalker says:

    All this madness started because a Forbidden ancient ritual mask's power was discovered by a XIXth century Chariot Raider's Megalomaniac son …

  78. pelarry12 says:

    this part 5 was really gold

  79. Garou says:

    Does this song have The Beatles vibe to it, or is it just Bruno's bowl cut?

  80. ツLelChiha says:

    Oh yeah
    Fugo's Purple Haze. It looks awesome!Its so OP
    Can't wait to see him using it again

    Fugo left the chat

  81. DavidToby owo says:


  82. GenderlessGoon VEVO says:

    this song is a constant nut

  83. Mark Kwan says:

    Hong Kong People Should listen to THIS

  84. Bram Jans says:

    When you expect Diabolo to appear but the song actually goes to the chorus, it's like time actually skipped

  85. arpan kr chanda says:

    The lyrics is so good

  86. KAMEX says:

    this is definitely a contender for best jojo op for me

  87. Dat Passerby Boi says:

    What if you wanted to hijack the opening,
    but GER said

  88. Evan Londaeron says:

    来啃燕窝 旺旺!!!

  89. Mr. Anonymous says:

    Love this opening. Reminds me of james bond or skyfall, especially the beginning where he says "Gangstar".

  90. Clasped says:

    Giorno Lose The UNO
    Giorno: Uno Reverse Card 2:40

  91. 3liouat says:

    Whats the outro song in all of your videos?

  92. Sebastian Does some JoJo reference says:

    Holy shit the DIO pose

  93. Maple Syrup says:

    Giorno said "Fuck school i wanna be king of Italy's underworld"

  94. tank the dank orc says:

    i probably added 5k views myself.

  95. Petar Rakic says:

    The begging of this song is absolute 10/10 but the rest is meh tbh….

  96. Kinganimat 1016 says:

    Anime openings at its finest

  97. 游來游去樂悠遊 says:


  98. Grayson Powers says:

    teacher: lets learn some italian
    me and the boys:arrivederci

  99. Karmacoma says:

    this song slaps

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