JOALI Maldives 2020 | New Art Luxury Resort in Maldives

JOALI Maldives 2020 | New Art Luxury Resort in Maldives

There is a good private pick-up service from the airport Heading to the Jaoli Seaplane Lounge Jaoli Seaplane Lounge Ready to fly to paradise The flight time to Joali is about 40 minutes Flying over One&Only resort, we stayed here prior to Joali You can visit my channel for One&Only full tour video This island is Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas Four Seasons Resort Landaa Giraavaru We arrived at the Joali Resort Joali Arrival Jetty Impressive Manta Ray-shaped welcome jetty Joali famous long sandbank near the arrival jetty Birds flying back and forth on the sandbank Heading to our water pool villa We stayed in the water villa with pool room #33 The villa is very spacious about 240m2 Gracefully combining bathroom and living areas This lounge chair is my favorite location The private pool is total 35 m2 Take a look at this elegant and comfortable bedroom In-room mini bar Amenity kits in the bathroom The hand-carved wooden walls show crafted carvings Dressing Room Emerald color design for toilet and indoor shower A walk-in rain and jet shower Bamboo-inspired tiles in the outdoor shower This villa opens up to panoramic lagoon views Let’s explore the luxury over water villas from the wooden pontoon Three Bedroom Ocean Residence Sunset welcome cocktails party Enjoying a sunset with live music at pool bar We came to the Saoke Japanese restaurant for dinner Takoyaki, Beef udon soup, Prawns tempura Nigiri sushi, Futomaki and Shrimp tempura roll Grilled octopus Room decorating and anniversary cake Booster of the day drinks The morning buffet breakfast offering a wide variety You can go to ’27:”02 to skip the details of food tour Foods in indoor air-conditioned rooms A la carte set menu is also available for world delights Mura is the Poolside Bar Main swimming pool area Heron Maakanaa chair found in the Mura Bar You can often see lots of birds on the sandbank The sculpture using a pale mosaic tiles to reflect the coral bleaching Seafood pizza for lunch at the Mura Bar Water sport center area Manta Ray Treehouse Private dining can be arranged on the Treehouse We came to the Bellini Italian restaurant for dinner Appetizer is Pappardelle polpa di granchio and Risotto ai frutti di mare Main plate is Aragosta alla griglia con insalatina Dessert is Tiramisu della casa We came to the Bellini for dinner again on another night Appetizer is tagliolini al nero, Insalata di frutti di mare Risotto ai frutti di mare, Parmigiana di melanzane and Tagliata di filetto The views outside Beach pool villa room #16 Joali try to keep the green trees during the island construction The beach on the northeast side of the resort Go to the JOALI Spa The SPA Reception Dressing Room Sauna and vitality pool are complimentary The SPA house The relaxation areas after finishing the massage Heading to the main area after the raining afternoon We came to the Vandhoo Asian restaurant for dinner Appetizer is Fried calamari and Romaine hearts Salad Main plate is Phad Thai goong sod and Steamed fish Dessert is chocolate fondant and Crispy pineapple Night Arrival Jetty Herons are called Maakanaa in the local tongue The Boutique Organic vegetable garden The Gym KIDSCLUB offers a playground with books and water games Time to say goodbye! Many thanks to our butler Eliza Thanks for watching

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  1. CL Kung says:

    Thank you for watching! Don't forget to turn on the CC subtitle to watch this video for detailed description. The Maldives is one of our all-time favorite destinations. The new luxury hotel openings in Maldives always perks our interest. Joali is tiny but with green and mature trees on the island🌴, rather than cut during the construction. The beach in front of main swimming pool is quite wide in places and extends into a long sandbank. It made a good impression on us 😊

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    This was amazing, lot of old videos available, this one was just perfect, the video quality and the music was just perfect. Thanks for taking us along with you guys thru your photography, it shd have been an effort all the while you had to enjoy your trip. Thanks for the effort.

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    Thank you for the new videos. 😍 I put you and Luxury Travel Expert in same bracket. No bikini, no trash music. Just nature.

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    Only one word….Paradise

  12. Hidolf Atler says:

    Really nice place! But from what I can tell from this video this looks far from the same level of luxury as for examle Reethi Rah , Velaa private island. What is your opinion? Can this place compare with those two? 🙂

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    Salve! Adoro le Maldive 😍 si respira un aria di pace e tranquillità come nel Paradiso! Adoro quel mare calmo e basso e la natura e tutto che è stupendo e surreale !
    È un sogno fare una piccola vacanza li! 🤩 Grazie per il video stupendo!Ciao 👋❤️

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    Unbelievable this Place and Hotel!!!!

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    What a beautiful place and video! Thank you! Can you tell me are all meals and drinks included in the room rate?

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    The villa was lovely, esp the carved walls and trim. Beautiful. Of course the water views in the Maldives are in a class by themselves. Happy Anniversary🙂

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    Nice video, CL Kunk! But I think you need more color correction in you vidoes! Especially your videos need more color saturation, because it's MALDIVES!!! They have to be juicy! 😀

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