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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.com. Today we’re going to
make the cousin of Jalebi who is the cousin of Jalebi; Jangri, Imarti. Jangri and Jalebi they definitely look alike but they have
a different flavor and texture while jangri is made from urad dal and jalebi is made from maida but they definitely are the cousins in
the Indian sweet. Before i start piping the jangri mixture into a hot pan of oil. i’m going to show you how to make sugar syrup. Making sugar syrup is also very important because if the
consistency varies little bit here and there you know the quality of the
product totally changes if the sugar syrup is too thin then, your jangri, or jalebi or julab jamun whatever you put them in it becomes them soggy and they break into pieces while if is thick it can form into
crystals and it won’t come out good so to make sugar syrup take sugar, I’ve taken 2 cups of sugar and around one cup of water just to cover this
sugar and then heat up this sugar so that it forms nice syrup and bring this sugar syrup to a boil while this sugar syrup is cooking, on
another pan what I’m going to do here i have soaked urad dal for 6 hours. Take this urad dal and put it in your
food processor do not use the bigger blender it is better to use food
processor if you’re using blender make sure that you stop every few minutes
because you don’t want to make this mixture really hot see usually in wet grinder it takes around 40 minutes to grind one
batch of urad dal for jangri but in the food processor you can do it in less
than 15 minutes you’re going to add water little by
little ok now if you look at this mixture see if
I’m dropping it is forming kind of a string ok that is good that is a good sign I’m
going to blend it a little more but his sugar syrup is a almost ready and then
I’m going to squeeze a little bit of lime juice that will help prevent this
sugar syrup forming into crystals again; we’ll get back to blending this
mixture now the problem is the aeriation is more
than what we need this is what is going to happen in your
blender. Toavoid that what we’re going to do we’re going to add some rice flour
just going to add a little bit of rice flour ok and then mix it real good you know mix like this for 3-4 minutes
and your mixture will be ready Jangri and Jalebi usually they come in red and a little
bit orangish yellow color so we’re going to add some saffron color
and mix it good now we need a cloth that we can put this
mixture and pipe it in I’m assuming lot of you don’t have that cloth because in the hotels we especially stitch that cloth club but when you don’t
have, don’t worry VahChef always have some kind of
solution just take a ziploc back and turn it upside down and in the center they’ll make a hole but we want this
hole to be perfect if you cut with the scissors or anything you can go a little
bit haywire so what I’m going to do I’m going to
heat a nail I got this hot, so what I’m going to
do I’m going to make a small hole here see by making a hole like this the hole
also get sealed on the edges that way it won’t tear apart when you’re making your jalebi or jangri I’m going to pour this mixture inside
this ziplock bag. I’ll take a spoon and put everything mixture in the ziplock bag. Lot of times many of my users get little bit panic because they cannot get it right the first time let me tell you something, there is some
things that can go wrong then your product will not come out right for example for this if the oil is too hot then you won’t get
it right and if the mixture is floating really fast and you are unable to make
it to nice roundels add a little bit rice flour what you do, take a small batch for
example if you’re making your pani poori pooris, take 1 spoon of rava and pinch of maida and try it, when you get it right then you can make a bigger batch
so do not give up when you don’t get it right you can always try and make it
good to make sure that your piping it right what you do you, pipe it on a empty plate okay look at this very simple isn’t it, the
same thing we’re going to try in the oil so now that it is fried what you don’t just
turn them on the other side Ok, who do not try to make like 30 jangris in one time and one more thing I forgot to tell you is take a flat pan and keep one inch of oil do not take too much oil the temperature of the oil has to be low when you put this batter after that if you want to increase, increase little bit
to get the crispiness for your jangri. see now you can see this jangri is
nicely crispy and done so take a rod pull this Jangri onto and
take this jangri and put it in the sugar syrup just let it soak for not more than two
minutes take this jangri and arrange it now you guys have seen Jangri is almost like jalebi but the jalebi is much more easier to make just take little maida, yogurt mix it keep it and next day you’re ready to make your jalebis where as
jangri you have soak urad and blend it it needs little bit of expertise because
if the batter is not right you will not be able to get Jangri much easily but i
hope i have simplified the process of making Jangri and I’m sure many of you
will be able to make it with ease so it’s time to taste Wow hmm Wow Wow with this Jangri done I want to tell
you a small story this young lady wrote to me she said Sanjay i have been watching your shows for free for all this time and i wanted to donate
some money since I don’t work and i’m a housewife I asked my husband and I want to donate
a few dollars to your show and he said why it is free why do you want to do it
and his birthday was there that weekend and he wanted to throw a party for his
friends and he was asking me what i’m going to cook from vahrehvah.com and I told him please we wannt to and eat out because i don’t want to cook because I feel guilty I’ve learned something and
I’m cooking for a party and haven’t donated any so we will go to the restaurant and eat. Immediately my husband calculated and said if 15 people are coming the minimum it would cost is a hundred and fifty dollars to go and eat out so immediately my husband ran and bought and gave me his credit card saying that go charge and she told Sanjay, i’m
donating thirty dollars to your site and i hope you know this should be enough trust me ladies and gentlemen whatever
you can if it is $ 5, $10, $15 whatever you want you can donate and not only that there are a couple of people who are contributing in a very different
way like this young lady Priya from New York, what she does is she looks at my video
she writes the recipes and sent it so i replace the old recipes with the new one because i really hate to sit on the computer and type all the recipes, you can contribute anyway you want. Go through the site give me interesting ideas and so that
this place is more fun so dear friends you can contribute in
many ways if you have a good idea that i can implement so many more people can
benefit please send it and i will be very very
happy to implement. Already lot of you have sent me a lot of ideas which we are
implementing phase my phase so with all this remember that vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking
tips so others may benefit from your great cooking. Thank you

Dereck Turner

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