Hello there! *Cameraman laughing* Hello there! Wait, hang on. *More laughing* Hello there! So today, I am finally doing what has been asked of me many many times, and that is to do an art space/art supply tour. I’ve been putting this off for a little while because I really wanted to make sure that it was all organized because most of the time it’s not. I’m gonna be doing a tour of basically my whole art space in here, talk through a bit – a bit about it and show you all the art supplies I’ve got. Also I’ve got a microphone so I’m feeling extra professional and fancy today. Okay. So as you walk in you have this background which you’ve all seen many times over, but you’ve probably not seen this part of the uh, the space. This whole room was actually a closet, like a walk-in closet. And basically, if you can see all these – if my brother wants to walk in the room, that would be excellent. So basically these rails went all the way along this wall, ALL the way here, to the end of this wall. I was like, “I don’t need that much closet space!” so I turned it into an office. So when you spin around a little bit you can kind of see this corner of my workspace. And then over here is something I don’t think you’ve ever seen, actually. This is basically where I keep all of my art supplies so this is all from IKEA. It took me about three years to build because you know, IKEA. So over here I forgot to mention that I have this little cork board which just has some random things on it as you can see. I’ve got Jazza’s face; this my friend Rae made, which is unbelievable, like, she’s so talented. So I’ve got a Titanic canvas here that I painted a really long time ago but it doesn’t really go in my Disney happy space, but I’m really fascinated by the Titanic so I wanted to be able to hang it somewhere and that’s where I put it. So in this area, I have pretty much the stuff from my childhood and growing up that I can finally have out and it’s so nice to be able to actually have things out and not feel silly about it, because I don’t really want all this stuff in my bedroom now. So there’s a little Mike Wazowski here. He was a drink container from Animal Kingdom. And then we’ve got a Sulley back there. We have a Butterbeer for my Butterbeer, I guess. This is a popcorn holder, which I just thought was great because it’s like the balloons. I have a “Hunny” bag back here. This, I have had since I was 2. This is a little hat, like, they don’t make these anymore. In fact, I should wear this to Disney! Got some more plushes and stuff back here. Here’s Hedwig, this is my little, little bag thing. My friend Lily got me this and I just think it’s so lovely so I have up here as a little reminder. This is basically all of the Christopher Robin film Pooh Bears, and I just – I literally got them the day that they came out because I needed… to own them all! Most of these actually came from my best friend and she basically bought me a character Pop Funko for every character that I had drawn at that point which was like, so sweet of her. So this desk as you can see, I did try to um, get the paint off a bit earlier. And basically this is just two IKEA desks that are against each other. So I have always really really wanted to have a L-shaped desk, and I’m so so glad that I could finally have one because it just – it makes my life so much easier having like, the technical side on one desk and then like the arts, artsy side on the other. And basically this is just from IKEA, this desk, it’s two separate desks just butting up together. I mean that’s not exactly butting up but you know, butt! Butt! Butt! So these are ALEX drawers. Again, this is supposed to be butting up on this but it’s, it’s kind of shifted. This is like, like, the love of my life right here. But um, I, yeah, this is, I think it’s the 32-inch Cintiq and I’m kind of scared to use it, but it’s there. So underneath my desk here as you can see, I’ve got my Canon Pixma Pro printer. If you are an artist looking to make prints, I highly recommend this printer, it’s honestly so, so, so good. I’ve got another little Cintiq tablet there and a little blue fan because it’s bloody hot in here! This is my Mac here, as you can see. I used to edit on this a lot but now I edit on my laptop because it’s easier to travel with. So I’ve got two shelves back here, which you always pretty much see in all of my videos. And I put these up myself and they’re completely straight. Like, are you proud of me? Because I was very happy with myself. I actually made this little Paradise Falls jar. I have a lot of people ask me about it. Basically, I got a big wine bottle and then I just wrote out the “Paradise Falls,” got some brown tape, and I occasionally put some money into it because I guess I’m going to Paradise Falls, wherever that is. Most beautiful bear in the world. I love him so much. I have like my Pop Funkos here, got some Tsum Tsums, this was from Hallmark. This is by an artist I discovered called Ben Bird, I think his name is and I just have it in the background of my videos – This is, I got a little Stitch here and this right here, “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.” This is actually at the entrance of Magic Kingdom in Disney World and I got it from Etsy. I’ll leave a link in the description if I can find it again. This side I have my little orange bird. This is Disney. Walt and Mickey, Mickey. I mean, I love Disney. It’s pretty apparent at this point. Here is the Hundred Acre Wood map from Winnie the Pooh. I bought this from Hot Topic. It was like twenty dollars. This was from Hobby Lobby, just says “Isn’t it funny how a bear loves honey?” This little Stitch I bought recently from Hot Topic, again, love Hot Topic, and it’s got all of my favorite paintbrushes in there, which is really really helpful to me. Why are you – why are you filming me bringing the light in? Right here is where I have all of my future subscription boxes. Down here I have a bunch of cheap Apple Barrel acrylic paint. Down here is actually pretty much just what I am going to be making videos on in the future. I’ve got some paint, I’ve got a spray marker, I have a like, a marshmallow canvas and yeah, that’s just all future video stuff. In my window, I also have a beautiful little succulent which I’ve somehow managed to completely malnourish somehow. Okay. So in these drawers here I have all of my art supplies. This top drawer is basically just filled with technology-related stuff and also a little raccoon that lives in, lives in there. I still have my Bob Ross wig. Okay, so this is my marker drawer as you can see. I have a – I don’t use markers a huge amount but I like to have them just so they’re… there. I was very kindly gifted a big chunk of some of this. So like my Ohuhu markers here, these I was very kindly gifted by Ohuhu. I also have another Ohuhu set back here as well, which is really really cool. I’ve got my drawer with Jazza’s Spectrum Noir markers. My friend Miranda got me these, these are fine liner markers. Again, I haven’t used them, but hopefully they’ll be good. I’ve got a small set of Copic Sketch markers here, I’ve got a set of Prismacolor markers. These actually, I found in a Christmas box of Prismacolor stuff, so I’ve got the chisel nib and I have the, the brush nib as well. I also have a set if I can get it – have a set of Copic markers! This – oh! Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare! I’m not sure the set that I bought, it’s just the 72 set with B-colors, whatever that means. I keep a lot of these markers in like, these containers here. These I bought from IKEA if anyone’s interested. They’re really really handy. These for example have all of my black fine liner markers in there so that’s really cool. These are just fine liners here in a bunch of different colors by Staedtler and a lot of these came from like, subscription boxes as well. So I have very very random stuff. This container here is also from IKEA. Just want to fall out everywhere, that’s fine. These are basically all of my colored pencils, which I don’t tend to use very often, but um, I’m kind of, I needed somewhere to put them so I put them in my marker drawer. I’ve got some Tombow pastel markers, which I bought on Black Friday for like twelve dollars last year. Some stamp markers which, I found it in Target on clearance because I thought they would be fun to use and yeah, that’s pretty much it. This is just all like, random markers that don’t have a place. These containers seriously were like a game changer. They’re amazing, so highly recommend that you get those from IKEA if you do have one near you because they’re just so helpful to keep SOMEWHAT organized. My next drawer is my paint drawer. I need to tilt you down. Hang on. Uh! Hello, that’s too close. Don’t fall over on my face. Thank you. So this next drawer is my paint drawer and it kind of looks messy, but it actually, it’s an organized mess, I promise. So here I have like, my Gesso. I have all of my – this is a blending medium. I have my varnish. That’s – yeah, varnish by Liquitex, love that. So I’ve got another little container from IKEA and these basically just have like, all little paints and random things that I don’t use too often in there. I love this paint, it’s iridescent and it’s really pretty. This right here is a container filled with inks and like, watercolors and oil paints as well. So this one’s kind of a bit of a higgledy-piggledy. I’ve got a lot of graphics inks as you can see, they’re very very good inks, I like them a lot. Most of these again have come from subscription boxes. This, I found myself in Hobby Lobby. This was iridescent ink. Never used it, but I thought it looked really really cool. This Lumiere paint I bought in that art warehouse from a couple of videos ago so I’m still excited to try that. This is great ink by Dr. PH Martin. I really love their watercolors as well so… I’ve got some palettes. I have some rubbing alcohol for some reason, I think I was probably to clean paint off the floor. I have some linseed oil which was from when I was doing my oil painting and a bunch of – Yes! Utrecht – Utrecht? Utretch? Utretched? Utretched. Oil paint. It leaks everywhere so it makes me a bit nervous! Got some Gamsol, which I also have not used because it makes me really nervous. And that’s pretty much it, it’s just filled with the same kind of things, just a bunch of different colors of the same type of stuff. Here, I have all of my little IKEA container, typical IKEA. And this is just filled with all of my Liquitex heavy body paint. If you have a suggestion for a better way for me to store this in like a small drawer, let me know because I’ve yet to find a good way that would fit in this space. This little container here, also from IKEA, not sponsored, but if you want to sponsor me IKEA, this is all – this is all you. I have a Van Gogh Pocket Edition watercolor set which I did buy in that warehouse. Some acrylic paint. That little watercolor set on the sheets by Viviva, which was really really cool. These were little watercolor sheet sets that I found at Hobby Lobby once, and you can basically just watercolor on them and they’re just like little – little sheets. I have some pigment that you can use to make like, inks. Derwent watercolor set. I have a Winsor & Newton. This was my first ever watercolor set. I’ve not cleaned it. My friend bought me this for Christmas and I’ve still yet to use it but these are authentic Chinese watercolors. I have – oh, yes! Okay. So I got these for Christmas as well. These are pearlescent watercolors my friend also bought me. And a little cup container that has some watercolor pencils and… some… water brushes and that kind of thing. Next drawer! We have, this is my Arteza, or Artezza, some people say “Artezza”, some people say “Arteeza”, but they are wonderful. They send me a lot of their products that so much, that I had to have its own drawer. So here I have a set of 60 watercolors. This was a pan set of watercolors that they sent me, which is exciting. I also have a metallic gouache set. I have a 72-piece of colored pencils which are really really – they’re really really good. This is a set of their watercolor pencils, I have actually used these in the past before they changed their packaging so I’ll probably be giving these away at some point as well. So keep an eye out on my Instagram for that. I have a bunch of their brush pens. I’ve not used them for a little while, but I do really enjoy using them. I also have a 12-piece set of their drawing pencils. Gel pens, two watercolor pads, a bigger watercolor pad, ANOTHER watercolor pad, we have a 100-sheet sketchbook here. These, okay. These are actually my favorite things in the world. These are their acrylic pads. This paper is phenomenal, it’s the best paper I’ve ever painted on ever, and you can’t normally paint on paper but this is absolutely amazing. So 100% recommend that. So this is a nice big sketchbook for mixed-media, so the paper is kind of a little bit, a little bit thicker. Here we go. So this is my canvas drawer. I have a bunch of canvases in here. So I have like, some square canvases. This one’s a work in progress, but I’m excited to finish it. I’ve got a few little canvases here which are, are flat. This was again, a work in progress I’ve not finished. I have some smaller canvases, like square ones. I have a super small one here. This is a 4×4. A Mona Lisa board that you can paint on. Yet another work in progress. This one’s a Pooh Bear one, but again, work in progress. A wooden panel because I actually really like to paint on these. Yet another work in progress! This I’ll probably be doing at Christmas. It’s basically like a paint-your-own-snowman scene and it comes with all of the paint. Then we have a slightly bigger canvas, this is a 10×10. Couple more canvases that were cheap on clearance from Hobby Lobby, and then I have a bunch of different colorful canvases so I’ve got like an orange, I’ve got a green and then I’ve got a blue in there as well. And then just like, a selection of small cheaper canvases. Now, the joy of trying to put this back in like a massive puzzle! And here we have my sketchbook drawer, so this is the last drawer now. This is for colored pencils, it’s just – a lot of this I get on clearance, like this was $1.49. I’ve got a mixed-media. This is an Illo sketchbook, a Fabriano sketchbook. I started to draw some like, um, anatomy in it and then I kind of didn’t finish yet. But, really really good sketchbook. This shouldn’t even be in here. This should be in the Arteza drawer. I mean Artezza, I’m sorry! I mean Artezza. This one’s actually got old artwork in it so I shouldn’t have that in there. I have a little Strathmore sketchbook, which was $18 down to $4.49 so, bargain! I’ve got a Nostalgie sketchbook. Another Nostalgie sketchbook. This was actually from Jazza’s video. This is another Fabriano book, but this has like bullet points so it’s like the – bullet journaling. So this has little artist tiles. They’re basically little squares of black paper but these came in a sketch box and I just thought they’d be fun to draw on at some point. Then we have a acrylic board by Crescent. A sketchbook. A mixed-media sketchbook. Canson sketchbook! I’ve got a massive watercolor pad here. I have a little Pooh Bear sketchbook. I’ve got a Strathmore watercolor book. I have… a sketchbook from Strathmore. This is a toned blue paper mixed-media pad, which I’m excited to use at some point. Does anyone remember this? Does anyone remember this horrible thing? This is just – this is going. I’ve got some trading cards with Bristol Paper. My mum got me this sketchbook, and I love it so much. I’ve not drawn in it yet cause I’m kind of scared to mess it up. And then I have some marker paper by Canson, another sketchbook by Strathmore and then I have this sketchbook with the black paper inside. Can I take this – sorry Bob. On this wall, I’m really hoping that I can eventually fill it up with Disney art and things that I paint. These are all kind of, a lot of these are older but um, I just, I want to fill it up and have it kind of higgledy-piggledy, I guess. One of my favorite little corners actually because it’s got all of my art related books. So I’ve got like, “The Art of Walt Disney.” I’ve got “Figure Drawing for all it’s Worth.” “Imagineering,” some Winnie the Pooh books, “The Sketchbook of Loish,” that type of thing. So I hate to admit this but I’ve become THAT person that labels everything. So in this drawer, I basically have like rigid envelopes and stuff like that that I can send my prints off in. I’ve got some customs forms because those are fun! And I got some tissue paper, randomly. Next up is my pin drawer as you can see and I have a bunch of different print pins in here, I don’t know if, this is going back like a year now that I made these but if you’re new here, I actually made a bunch of “artist problem” pins. I initially did have about 500 of these total and now I have about 100 left and I’ve not got them for sale anywhere because I’m gonna put them all on sale after I get back from the UK. One of my favorite pins was this one, which is the Art Block pin! Haha. Then I have my “I Can’t Draw Circles” pins. Then I’ve got like, the “I Will Not Draw Your Cat” pins. “Paint Water.” So yeah, if you are interested in buying these at some point, I will be listing them for sale probably towards the beginning of September sometime, but I will let you know, don’t worry. The next drawer I have basically, some stickers based on those pins. So they’re just sat there. My little stationary drawer thing here as well. Next up I have my paper drawer, this is basically paper for my printer. My favorite paper is by Canon and it’s the, the Luster paper so it’s very very good for prints and stuff like that. And these are just like smaller sizes, but I don’t really use those. In this drawer, I have some old artwork or like, previous artwork that I’ve made in other videos. And in this one I have this beauty. I’ve not lost it yet. Go me! The rest is honestly just boring, like this is a green screen at the bottom. You don’t really care about that. So in this little container here on top of my small drawers, I basically keep a lot of my shipping related stuff so if you ever bought any of my pins, you might recognize these little envelopes. But I got these from Amazon and they’re like, padded. They’re really really great. I also keep a lot of my prints in here, ones that I sell, that kind of thing. These were extra over from when I sold these because they’re kind of defective ones. So over here we have my ear wall which is where I keep all of my favorite Mickey ears and stuff like that. I do not have a big collection compared to some people but this is what I have so far. I pretty much just hang them up with little thumbtacks if anyone’s wondering what I do with that. But I have a few more of these coming from my friend Raven. She actually makes these, they’re 3D printed so basically you can just hang your ears on them and they’re shaped like Mickey so they’re really cool. I’ll leave a link to her in the description if you would like to get some yourself. I’ve got a couple of canvases down here as you can see. I kind of just keep the bigger ones behind the door. This is my YouTube Play button box which I don’t really know what to do with. This painting here was in my room when I was a child. Back here we have my, my Winnie the Pooh onesie, my dressing gown or robe, whatever you want to call it. Up here we have a lovely sign which you can see, could fall on my head at any point when I walk through the door so if I get knocked out when I walk in, that’d be fun. I wanted to just quickly stop and say thank you so much because none of this would be possible without your support and I genuinely can’t believe everyday that this is a thing for me, like it’s, it’s crazy to think that I can do this so to be able to have this space and the space I have thanks to my parents because I live with my parents still because out of choice, I just want to live with my family because I have no reason to move out, I’m very very close to my family, especially my mum who basically wants me to live here till I’m 80. Yeah, I’m just so grateful that I have this space and again, it’s, it’s really thanks to you for watching my video that I can even, even contemplate having this kind of space filled with stuff. So I don’t want anyone to sort of ever think that I’m bragging about this because I’m not. Every day, I’m just so humbled and grateful that I have all this because of you, like, I’m under no illusions. I wouldn’t have this as a job if it wasn’t for the people that watch my videos, so this is because of you. So thank you so much. Thank you so much for watching this video, I really hope that you enjoyed it. You got a little bit of insight into my, my obsession with Disney and yes, thank you so much for watching this video. I really hope that you enjoyed it, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *End music*

Dereck Turner

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    That is a lot of sketchbooks and paint books. I think you should go through and see what you really need out of all those… I have a notebook problem where I have lots of notebooks and pads of paper and stuff. I went through them one day and ended up giving some of them away after a while of contemplation.

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  83. Charlie and Hali says:

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