Introducing Official Artist Channels

Introducing Official Artist Channels

When you want to follow an artist on YouTube, sometimes you’ll find they have multiple channels. So, which one should you subscribe to? To make subscriptions simpler, we worked with
artists to combine their music, albums, and videos into a single Official Artist Channel. When you’re subscribed to an artist that’s
upgrading to this type of channel, you’ll get an email and a notification letting you know that your artist subscriptions will move to the Official Artist channel. Now you’ll see this icon to help you find
the Official Artist Channel and official videos from the artist. This icon will be making its way across all
of YouTube, including search results and the watch page. If you have any additional questions, check
out the link in the description below.

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Introducing Official Artist Channels

  1. Neallz ! says:

    Jan 23 2018 LMAOO

  2. Роман Александрович says:

    Я с России – помогите

  3. Snake says:

    Ah yes thank you for this Update almost two years later, Youtube. I don't know what I would've done without it

  4. Maurice Nitro says:

    Someone tell me why I'm getting this notification now it's
    November 11, 2019

  5. LemonBoisk says:

    Excuse me YouTube, I though this was something important but turns out this is a video from A YEAR AND 10 MONTHS AGO
    Are you ok YouTube?

  6. Gaga Earthian says:

    Kinda deja vú 😂😂

  7. Pawel Jurczynski says:


  8. Ambrodu says:

    2090. Hey ! Let me Introduce Official Artist Channels.

  9. Trikse says:

    Why did I get this notification in 2019? most a year later…

  10. Mr. CringePants says:

    Why did i got a notification on 14th of November in 2019?

  11. Pp Bf says:

    Oh well just got this notification in nov 2019

  12. GDYair15 ツ says:

    why did i get this in nov 14?

  13. Ghan Banner says:

    In 2019…

  14. Dominican Girl says:

    Who cares?

  15. i lish says:

    why am i getting this now ?

  16. jjay109 says:

    I got this like three times already wtf YouTube

  17. Серая Мгла says:

    Бла-бла-бла. А по русски можно? А то толку от предложения к просмотру..😒

  18. Tips y Trucos con Aracelice says:

    I get this notification today november 14 2019

  19. RikoRamssofficiel Label-Vert says:


  20. KorovaMilkBar says:

    Why am I getting recommended videos when I have my history paused?

  21. skaffa yippa 2b2t says:

    almost 2 years later…

  22. Vashawn Saxton says:

    So after you implemented it you notify us 🤔 I see you team YouTube

  23. Maty Medina says:

    Che denuncien el video asi youtube se lo baja dea

  24. Brian says:

    Why did I just get this today ??

  25. Marcos Vinicius says:

    Isso é uma droga , já tem cantores que cobram para assistir os vídeos

  26. Nasir Jr. says:

    it's been almost 2 years.. just got this noti.

  27. Mikoel says:

    u r late notificacion xd

  28. CashlandChance says:

    Why did I get this two times

  29. CiRdy34 says:

    Already two times YouTube… I already knew this was a thing please stop

  30. Film-Club-Bird-Ent -STAVERRY L Shiffu says:


  31. Jac says:

    So vevo all over again?

  32. Subscribe Vlogs says:

    so does that mean their vlogs and music will all be on one channel or is it just their music channels?

  33. Brii Li says:

    Please check out my new music on my page can you please leave a comment and subscribe

  34. Michael Scottchar says:

    Why tf would u send me this YouTube

  35. kymmirox says:

    Why am I just now receiving this notification on 11/14/19 lol

  36. ORBES -GO88 says:

    Afanculo …… $$$

  37. Psychworld says:

    w h a t

  38. Brysta Drift says:

    Deberían poner esto en español que pendejada

  39. ゆに says:

    (2019/11/15 11:10:36)

  40. Spini says:

    See u in November 2020 ✋

  41. Channel Tv Modo Ustadz Nawawi Hasyim says:

    Mantab oke

  42. Rocío Roblero says:

    ¿Quien me explica qué pedo? xD

  43. I already saw That on Reddit says:

    I just got this

  44. Steven Novello says:

    what overall role do they play?, pedophile ring rent-a-pig security detail. Operation and functuality is Coward in origin. As expected, due to duty descriptions.

  45. Pendeho Familya Records says:

    Why i received this notification?

  46. says:

    Please add back messages it was genius when it was going👊🏾one love Youtube

  47. MG7 TV says:

    Frescura no rabo esse YouTube

  48. Kacpov Gacha UwU says:


  49. Niсk N says:

    15.11.19 lol

  50. SAM JEYR says:


  51. Dolla Plaza says:

    It's been a wait, but look at us we made it. Congrats all artists.

  52. aken0. says:

    Just ban lil pump on youtube and every other mumble rapper ez

  53. elizabeth says:

    i just got this notification wtf-

  54. blood ghoul says:

    anyone in this thread smoke weed ?

  55. KALA OFFICIEL says:

    And me I don't have ?

  56. AxelStacks says:

    hey cool but i still dont want youtube premium yet okay

  57. Marcos_skol Dão says:

    queria saber algumas opinião será que e Bom?

  58. postmodern talking says:

    Why am I getting this in November 2019?

  59. tobiasmaiermaus says:

    who cares

  60. Delatoré says:

    Hey guys! I recently got my icon, if you need your icon, just PM me and I'll gladly give you the info you need to acquire it. Heads up, takes around 4 – 6 months to finally receive.

  61. eshan bhanuka says:

    හරි වැඩේ

  62. marly assis says:


  63. The Master says:

    Por que o YouTube me notificou isso? Nem sou inscrito
    Tá de hacker saporra



  65. TiTi HKT Official says:

    Why can't my channel be an artist channel?

  66. Karolina Gorzycka says:

    Shzzavb. Xvggzbiozcs. Tsvjdjdb

  67. Giselle C Geleski says:

    Vergonha YouTube! Brasileiros são uns dos que mais usam YouTube e vcs fazem esse vídeo em inglês para nós???

  68. MAKCIMЪ says:

    Ну и что?

  69. Alone Game says:

    What is this ''Official Artist Channels''?

    didn't get it. -_-

  70. ڕآڼيآ𖤐. says:

    I did not understand anything
    explanation please!!

  71. huku xms says:

    So i got it now … xd

  72. Сабина - Миття says:

    Блин кто русский? 😒😒😒. 👀🌸

  73. Mamadou Billo Dillo says:

    J'aime youtube

  74. Princess Girlyy says:

    YouTube don’t do this again… this video is past due 🤦🏽‍♀️

  75. biggiie smaIIs says:

    suck me

  76. Jorge Arturo Abreu says:

    No sé qu eputa madre dijo pero gracias por la información yutu

  77. cosas de la calle xd says:


  78. Tatiana D says:

    Por que me llega la notificación ahorita?? JAJAJAJAJAJA😂

  79. Oceanus says:

    Nov 15th 2019. Tnx that was fast notification

  80. Jesus Angel says:

    En spanish plox
    I don't speak english traducter of spanish plox
    No se si lo escribi bien pero alv :v

  81. Oscar Gutierrez says:

    I don't have ANY SUBSCRIPTIONS

  82. entertainment centre says:

    The video bad
    If the video bad click
    Mi channel and ⬇⬇⬇⬇

  83. Peyton Spencer says:

    Will you do this for mine please

  84. Reader girl says:

    İ got this notification today

  85. Jose Buldias says:

    first time seeing this and weirdly my only notification

  86. ýõüñğ ţv says:


  87. modesto munoz says:

    Por favor traduzca en español aún aquí en México habemos muchos que no hablamos inglés aunque nos gustaría no se nos da

  88. Jane Gavin says:

    God is love

  89. INDRAGERSN says:

    Thanks youtube

  90. TheRussianOne Official says:

    Yt be turning into internet explorer soon it will be dead like internet explorer if they keep this up

    Reply if you even know what internet explorer is I feel old for remembering it

  91. Logical-Psycho+ says:

    Yeah, YouTube I got this when y'all originally posted it, now it pops up again over a year later? WTF?

  92. go gurt says:

    How tf will u be workin with pac the mans dead

  93. Magdi Papp says:

    Igaz az hogy a youtube hamarosan tönkremegy remérem nem lécives irjátok meg eszt hogy igaz vagy nem igaz

  94. esha khan says:


  95. Leonardo Lorenzo Bonilla Luna says:

    how are you?

  96. Afbouw Szafarek - Nemezis says:


  97. Loozer x says:

    I don’t get it… why did I JUST get the notification- oh, wait- Everybody else did too ok..yeah I feel a lot better

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