Interactive Picture Frames – A PITW Shorty

Interactive Picture Frames – A PITW Shorty

bjbj This is a PITW shorty. Take a picture
of yourself. Have a friend take a picture of themselves while you give them bunny ears.
Take a picture of your arm stretched out giving bunny ears. Print out the three photos. Put
the two portraits into picture frames. Now carefully cut out your arm. Place them on
the shelf next to each other with the arm reaching between the frames. This is a PITW
shorty phil Normal phil Microsoft Word 10.0 ^2f_ – ETH0 – This is a PITW shorty Title
Microsoft Word Document MSWordDoc Word.Document.8

Dereck Turner

25 thoughts on “Interactive Picture Frames – A PITW Shorty

  1. Rachel Sal says:

    great idea! Keep these projects coming!

  2. TylersArtShack says:

    PHIL IN THE ______???

  3. Philinthecircle says:

    wait… I don't get it…. phil in what?

  4. Philinthecircle says:

    woo! I have a wall covered with post it notes!

  5. Philinthecircle says:

    the post its being project ideas not a post it picture….. oh….. maybe we're onto something here.

  6. Wolfeman4sure says:


  7. TylersArtShack says:

    Lol is the glass broken in the corner of that one frame???

  8. Philinthecircle says:

    yah, they were kinda cheap. haha, they look like the classic old gold frames from grandma's house.

  9. Philinthecircle says:

    The possibilities are great. You could kick someones butt between the frames!

  10. Philinthecircle says:

    Been done I know. But would be cool to put a big template out there for people to make on their living room wall.

  11. Philinthecircle says:

    Sometimes I converse with myself. Muahhahahaha!!

  12. bezerika14 says:

    This really cracked me up. I'm so glad you're back to making stuff on Youtube, because I never ever see it coming.

  13. Philinthecircle says:

    ha. good good. Keep changing it up! Thanks

  14. Jenna Thygesen says:

    Love this idea! You're so clever, Phil 🙂

  15. Philinthecircle says:

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  16. whatafly80sguy says:

    you got me again! i sing along with the song and since its a shorty it cuts off early, but kept singing by myself. i loved the picture when i saw it on facebook. i had to come right to my subscriptions on here to watch the vid.
    this idea could spur many other similar ideas. my brain is whirlin. :]
    as always, kudos to you phil!

  17. whatafly80sguy says:

    post it picture could be really neat!!

  18. Merlon says:

    ur crazy man xD hahahahahha

  19. Philinthecircle says:


  20. Philinthecircle says:

    haha, well now I am glad I cut it short! Yah, the potential of this concept is so wide open. I'm excited to do what people do with it.

  21. Susan Smith says:

    You're so funny!

  22. Tikassy says:

    That's so cool! you're pretty creative

  23. Philinthecircle says:

    haha, thanks, it is such a simple little idea, but a great effect!

  24. A Cappella Trudbol says:

    Simple and very effective! Your channel is fantastic man, so glad I found you! 🙂

  25. Philinthecircle says:

    thanks much! glad you found it too!

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