Install Google Photos Backup Utility on a Mac

Install Google Photos Backup Utility on a Mac

In this video we’re going to download
the Google photos backup sync utility which will also backup your Apple photos
from the library if selected. To get started let’s open up a new Chrome
browser window in the address bar go to you’ll get to a page
similar to the following and click the menu at the top. Then choose app
downloads. From here Google will detect your coming
from a Mac and you just need to select download on the desktop uploader this will begin downloading the disk
image G P Auto Backup underscore setup dmg once this disk image is downloaded
open it to run it the Installer you should see opening GP auto backup setup
dmg the disk image should load up the
following screen where you can drag the Google photos back up icon to the
application shortcut on to the Mac hard drive now find the Google photos in your
applications and run it for the first time it looks like this icon here it
will be called Google photos backup first time running this application it
will prompt – warning that you’re opening it from an application
downloaded from the internet just select open here now you’ll need to accept the Terms of
Service and Privacy Policy click I agree choose continue to automatically backup
photos and videos from the computer now we’ll need to sign in with the Google
account that we want to store our google photos with you’ll enter in your full
email address password and if you have two-step authentication enabled you’ll
enter that code in as well only one user per Apple account can install the Google
Photos utility select the account that you want your photos to be backed up to
the Google backup utility is only backing up photos one way to Google and
when you checkmark all of these boxes it will automatically backup the photos
that hit files in those locations for example the photos library and the
desktop as well as the pictures folder which is typically under your profile
name in the Finder window you’ll see this you could probably go to desktop or
documents and then go to your profile name and then choose photos to see
what’s in there also when it’s backing up the cameras and photo storage card
it’s backing them up in the pictures folder underneath the folder called
Google photos backup once you’ve selected your photo size
high quality is 16 megapixels or less or you can choose to consume your storage
space with original megapixels and click the start back up the photos icon will
be at the top right hand corner of your screen and this is where you can pause
or reconfigure your photos utility for backup
just select ok there, and it will begin downloading automatically. Here it shows
that I have 361 items and only 332 are being backed out this is because it’s
showing just the photos you’ll be able to see the progress just by hovering
over the photos icon. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the
amount of photos that you’re uploading, and the size of those photos it may take
some time for the backup to complete. In some cases several days on slower
connections with larger libraries. Be patient while it backs all your photos
up. From here we can right click and go pause back up, view uploaded photos,
already uploaded to Google, or go to the Google Photos page. Now let’s take a look at our uploaded photos we should start to see photos coming in from our Apple
photos library. The “Go To Google Photos” link will take you back to your Google
Photos in chronological order. You can always change what you want to backup by
right-clicking on the photos icon and selecting preferences. Thanks for
Watching This Video!

Dereck Turner

15 thoughts on “Install Google Photos Backup Utility on a Mac

  1. Jannell Selkirk says:

    When I select download app it comes up as "Install Backup and Sync from Google" not Google Photos Utility. On the menu bar it shows a cloud with an up arrow. Is this right. Also, I do not have the same menu option when I click on the cloud with the up arrow as the Google Photo icon. Help. I just want to create a back up of my photos on google photos to my Mac computer.

  2. Matthew Jardine says:

    I like the way you create easy to follow guides. Thanks for your hard work. These are the kinds of videos I can send to family members when they ask for tech support, but I am unable to visit or be in the room when they need to get something done.

  3. Kashif Ali says:

    Gotta love Google ⬆️

  4. Agaptos says:

    excellent tutorial! Maybe its just me but when you zoom in on a particular screen space I get a headache πŸ€• . Otherwise well done and thank you!

  5. Manuel Vanderhorst Rosario says:

    Thank You!! Crystal clear.

  6. K D says:

    This was so helpful. I really appreciate this video and how simple you made it all to get sorted. Thank you!

  7. Susie Nichols says:

    Thanks so much….very easy!!!

  8. Rodriguez vibes says:

    on my Mac its says uses an application called backup and sync from google not the other icon. For the other icon it says for mobile devices. 1:00–1:38

  9. Chelsea Hendrix says:

    I have photos on my Mac through an external hard drive from back in 2005. I want to move these to Google photos. Is there an easier way to add more than one "album" at a time? I still would like them to stay within that file as well.

  10. Ashraf Jr Robben says:

    thanks bro

  11. Pradip Kadam says:

    Backup and Sync doesn't work with macbook pro OS Mojave. It doesn't open to add account details after installing it. Do you know what could be the solution to resolve it?

  12. Yonamb says:

    Thank you! Excellent tutorial

  13. Melvin Alcantara says:

    just for what i need it for sync my picture from my android phone to my Imac ( i don't use iphone )

  14. 1100 X Cient says:

    κ³ λ§ˆμ›Œμš” 친ꡬ πŸ™‚

  15. Amanda Kay says:

    Thank you for the helpful clip. Clear and articulate explanations made it much easier for me to work out. Do you have a clip on removing or even not re-uploading duplicates of photos?

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