Inside the Artwork | Beatrice Alemagna’s Picture Book Illustrations

Inside the Artwork | Beatrice Alemagna’s Picture Book Illustrations

I am Beatrice Alemagna,
and I’m the author and illustrator of
Harold Snipperpot’s Best Disaster Ever. This is my, really,
first time drawing animals in a book, the anatomy, or
the character of the animals. And I spent two years in order
to learn shapes, and faces, and details of all the animals
shown in the book. You can discover real funny
situation with animals, because the most important things for
me was to find something strange. Something a little bit weird or
surprising in the book. My creative process is very crafty. I never use computer,
it is all made by my hands. Normally I use very bright
colors with very dark colors. I like this contrast
between the light of some fluorescent colors and
the dark of very dark colors. I’m a self taught and
I don’t know really the techniques. But it’s important for me to discover
every time something, and I think my feelings are full of emotion, and maybe
it’s on my drawings too, this emotion. [READING] On the day of the party
our house looked great. All decked out with ribbons,
banners and the rainbow of balloons. When the doorbell rang,
I run to answer it and wow, we couldn’t believe what we saw. When I was child, I saw a picture showing
a lot of little animals around a table, having a funny birthday party and
eating a cake. I dreamed to have the same
party with animals at home. And Harold Snipperpot’s Best Disaster Ever
is a book telling about this dream. [READING] What a disaster, but when I looked around,
it all suddenly seemed funny. Crowds of people snap
the photos in the streets, adding even more commotion and chaos. And I was there at the front of
the line when I had the greatest idea. [MUSIC]

Dereck Turner

4 thoughts on “Inside the Artwork | Beatrice Alemagna’s Picture Book Illustrations

  1. Michael says:

    Her books are outstanding. And she's bonny.

  2. 김수진 says:

    finally her interview that I can understand

  3. Sara Fonseca says:

    I can't wait to read this! The pictures look just gorgeous.

  4. inspiredflower says:

    I have an artist crush on Beatrice lol…..her books bring out my inner child, I cannot wait to read her books to my Grandchildren 🙂 (and perhaps my own books one day) 😉

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