Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: Concept Art Reimagining Star Wars!

Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: Concept Art Reimagining Star Wars!

Adam Savage from tested here next to
friend of tested Brandon Allinger from props tour of London hello sir
thanks for having me good thanks for coming by we have here some pieces of a
new auction you guys have coming up it’s a different kind of auction for you but
I’m fascinated by the artist whose work it is we’re talking about Nilo rodas
jamero yes yeah that’s right I met Neil Oh a number of years ago when I was
doing the Star Wars costumes book because of course he designed the
costumes for Return of the Jedi yeah and I think a lot of people’s a lot of Star
Wars fans there early exposure to Nilo was through these sketchbooks oh yes
they did at the time I grew up with these as well looking at these different
iterations and ideations of parts of the Star Wars universe I mean this is such
an important like part of my childhood yes no absolutely I think everybody has
fond memories of these and you know they were primarily Joe Johnston’s work I
think it started on the first film they did one but then Nilo came on board I
think in the summer of 78 worked on Empire as Joe Johnston’s assistant
essentially the assistant visual effects art director and then was part of the
key group of designers after that that was working really closely with George
himself and for me that’s that’s one of the most interesting things about Nilo
is he’s one of those sort of you know generation one guys who was in there
working hand in hand with Lucas in the room with just you know it would have
been a table like this with him George Lucas Joe Johnson and Ralph McQuarrie
going what’s an Ewok and how cool was that
no it’s it’s insane and the the the to elaborate on this story I actually know
Neil oh and worked with him back in the in the mid 90s I mean I knew Neil Oh
before I worked for him as as a designer of the slave one of course one of my
all-time favorite chips and I loved Star Wars for first putting the cockpit where
I didn’t expect it on the Millennium Falcon like that would felt non-standard
and then the slave one was like what the whole ship like blew my freaking mind
right what’s it doing but I got to work with Neil Oh on both flubber and home
alone three mm-hmm and I got to watch what you got here is some iterations of
sketches and many different sketches sometimes of the same object with
different points of view and different ideas around it and I got to participate
in exactly that while working for him when he designed the weibo more
for flubber he had his own designs and he also was like I’m just not sure I’ve
got enough scope so he hired like three or four other designers for a day to
quickly bang out like dozens of sketches to kind of really wrap his mind around a
whole bunch of different forms before honing in on the one that we ended up
building on it’s interesting it was really cool to watch the process happen
and to watch him you know there were points where I had questions like what
should these computer carts beat he was like great question let’s figure this
out and we sat down with them and he’s like
okay on this one I’m gonna put a piece of tape I’m gonna write one of my
daughter’s names there and this is the first time I saw the Easter Egg really
boring into a classic tradition obsessed yeah yeah well he’s a talented guy you
know when I worked with him on the costume book he just had great stories
and great memories and I think he got to do those costumes for a Return of the
Jedi almost by default you know just in the early concept meetings he started
drawing characters and then it was well what does it look like well I guess it
looks like this and Richard Marquand specifically the director liked what he
was doing and said Neela should do the costumes but of course he had never done
costumes I mean he’s an industrial designer right he went to San Jose State
but like all these guys and like so many people at ILM where you worked it’s just
that there’s talent everywhere and that it’s it’s it crosses multiple
disciplines right so people can step in and out of different things and and and
and these guys specifically could just draw and just design and just brainstorm
stuff it’s really amazing well and in the same way that like the early
McQuarrie paintings they don’t just describe objects in a universe they
describe an entire universe and and Neela’s worked us to I know having
worked with him what a narrative thinker he is he’s really considering the whole
story in the whole universe and actually I’ve just forgot this until just now but
Nilo is responsible for my first intersection with Hayao Miyazaki okay
that I was working on home alone three and this would be 1996 and he said go to
Japan town go to their video store buy this video called Laputa you won’t be in
English it doesn’t matter this would end up being castle in the sky he said the
first five minutes of this movie is the greatest first five minutes of a me
movie ever it’s you don’t need to know the language of what they’re saying it’s
all totally clear and he’s completely right it’s a
mind blowing opening and I still have that VHS tape that he exhorted me to go
by very cool now that was at ILM there was no that wasn’t a me Heinemann’s shop
that was a colossal pictures model shop our job
there was a roboticist and engineer named Gary platic I believe who was
doing the weebo the hero we Bo’s with all of their mechanics Jamie was doing a
couple of simpler we Bo’s had some and all the stunts we both so every time I
we both got thrown into a couch the exteriors of all the weibull’s were done
in Jamie’s shop and I was the one to exact you form young into dressing in
the final painting on it all of it cool it was you know what’s what came through
the more I realized how much history he had and how I kept plumbing him for
information about working with George and working on the Star Wars films was
how much he still enjoyed the process there was no jaded miss in me was love
of the design and that’s actually really clear and these drawings which are again
it’s a different option for you these are new drawings they are yeah so so I
kept saying to Neil oh hey why don’t you do some new sketches you know comic
artists frequently get asked to do Commission’s I said do some sketches
we’d love to see you do some Star Wars sketches you know you have such a great
style that distinctive ILM style and and would love to see your take on and he
finally said alright I’m gonna do some but I’m gonna do him a little different
and I didn’t know what that meant at first but it bench it basically meant he
wanted to revisit the ideas like you’re saying it’s all about the concept and
what is it in the story and not just you know for him it wasn’t just I want to
remember the speeder bike and draw it or the chicken Walker it was well what
should a speeder bike be and let’s play with that you know and and many
iterations and so that’s what some of these things are is it’s just new takes
on classic designs you know here’s a speeder bike with it with the sky
trooper on it but instead of sitting he’s standing and Mila said the concept
for this was just what if he was riding a really big cannon and that’s his only
objective is to shoot and destroy you know I know you I look at that drawing
and it makes me maybe this will end up being a one day build because I know
that and it makes me itch to make a prototype it’s just a cool design oh
yeah and and and one of the things that he talked about also was how in that era
that him and Joe and Ralph working on things the concept was always about
making it look like it was from yesterday but behave like it was from
tomorrow so it’s
it’s very World War one Hardware armor plates things like that it’s not slick
or stylized or or you know 3d printed it’s more kit bashed and hammered out of
real worlds well yeah I years ago I had opportunity to ask Lauren Peterson my
friend and one of the original ILM modelers for Star Wars about the
difference between those early prototypes of the Star Wars ships and
the ones they eventually came out with and he talked about the FD a– the
aesthetic being what he what they were calling boilerplate yes but it felt like
you were in the engine room of his ship so you didn’t know what all those dials
meant but they clearly were part of a narrative and when Neil Oh does these
things it’s like up close you can see this is ballpoint pen or marker and it’s
very very rough but move it like four feet away and I could build an entire
model from this I don’t need any more information than this drawing to build a
complete shooting model I like to say one day built and be cool this is
totally something we’re gonna do and I love the energy in these you know look
at this one look look how loose all the line work is but one of the key things
here is this is all done with ballpoint pen on paper and so nothing digital
nothing computer nothing even pencil he said you know he works without erasers
and that’s part of the fun of it it’s just you put it down and it becomes what
it is and so all this this line work is really searching for what this thing
could be and in a sense very loose but it also has a great energy to it and for
him he said that line work that searching is part of the design process
it’s where you’re finding things well there’s one in here that I particularly
love for that is this the stormtrooper the trooper holding a gun that isn’t
drawn right he started with some of the well there’s gonna be a scope on it and
there’s some sort of group thing there but he hasn’t gotten to the gun and yet
still in the same way that a Mobius sketch is so evocative right just a few
simple lines the same thing writer the gesture is all yeah because you don’t
need it it tells the story as is exactly and and and so you know all these things
are different versions here’s a snow speeder with a single cockpit rather
than a dual cockpit yeah a bit like the a wing cockpit right I love the oblong
guns up front and the the cockpits much more streamlined yeah they’re rigged the
real one is square yeah and then all the coloring on these was done in colored
pencil and he said he actually went and looked for markers but the markers they
used at the time were time-based and he said you can’t really
get those anymore he said the modern markers which are water-based don’t
blend the same way and so he said it doesn’t behave like it used to when they
were doing these things so he sort of recreated the same effect through
through colored pencil I thought that was fascinating this is a probe droid
robe yet from the start of empire and I like that minion the probe droid minion
version and this so he did a series of chicken Walker’s or Scout walkers and
what he said about the Scott Walker was he always felt like it looked like it
was built out of plywood yes I guess – yeah – too rigid and so he did a more
organic a curved surface here and then he did he did four or five of these that
are all in the auction and just the other day on Instagram
Doug Chang who of course is amazing production designer of the prequels yes
many other things yes and still in there designing today and Lucasfilm creative
director I believe he did a version of this and he posted on his Instagram
where he said you know here’s something inspired by a piece I saw by Neil rodas
recently which was one of these sketches in our auction so how cool is that
that’s so cool um I will have a story to tell you I’m gonna bring an object over
to show it hold on just a sec speaking of the difference between the curved and
the straight I was one of the first modelers on Episode two and one of the
things that I was asked to come up with was what might the predecessor to the
sky hopper that you see in Star Wars guy look like so I came up with something
that was quite similar in some ways but added some paneling and definitely
changed the whole engine design how cool apparently when George saw this I wasn’t
in the meeting myself but when George saw this he said yeah the only reason
the sky hopper looks the way it did is because all we had was plywood like
something more rounded it’s like fair enough I totally get that but
interestingly out of that limitation came a certain aesthetic that it kind of
worked right I mean same thing with the set deck it’s like the reason it looks
like aircraft parts just because it is because you could go to the aircraft
junkyard and go I’ll take that and then one here one here one there and that
looks good if you visit the Flying Fortress bomber and you look at the
polycarbonate Gunners ball from underneath you’re like oh half of Star
Wars aesthetic is in this ball it is completely clear that this was where
they grabbed so much of and it also doesn’t hurt that a lot of
the Star Wars stuff was built by out-of-work aerospace engineers in 70 so
that was their background yeah yeah but but so there’s a whole range of
different sketches here you know a bunch of scout troopers which was one of the
things in Hilo design for Jedi a bunch of different speeder bikes here’s one
where the color is more orange and again he’s riding it more like a jockey on a
horse yeah in this sort of upward position which I thought was very cool I
like this try I mean I like the way in which it feels so Star Wars but it feels
like a new approach but still doesn’t change that sort of hand modded feeling
of Star Wars it’s not too slick right somewhere it fits right in yeah which is
which is part of the phone okay yeah yeah these are my favorites and again
the line work you know just the energy that’s that’s borne out of all that is
so cool oh yes some more color he said he loved
the tontons just thought they were great great design and creature I loved one of
the things I loved about those books when they came out when I started to
look through them is exactly the way in which the film was showing its homework
mmm the way in which you got to see this incredible art department exploring all
sorts of different avenues to come to the one they ended up with mm-hmm and
that was really inspiring as a young maker
realizing that it’s just as much an iterative process for someone at the
absolute peak of their field as it is for anybody else yeah I mean that’s
interesting to hear because probably with Star Wars there was as much in the
way of documentaries and making of type books these art of books as any other
movie that had come before it right so I think there’s probably a lot of people
out there working in the film industry you could speak to it who were inspired
by not just Star Wars the movies but Star Wars the process of making a movie
who went on to get involved in that industry well it’s the first time you
know I’m silent running was before that really important in 2001 but the the
cultural intersection when those two films was so much different than Star
Wars because in Star Wars the modelers and the the shop itself Industrial Light
and Magic was one of the stars and what I felt right and became one of the sort
of the cultural juggernauts that we understand people I mean for me looking
at like film Famous Monsters of Filmland in the 70s was where I discovered people
did verlan yeah and you know as looking at
oh my gosh this is a sandcrawler that that’s an imperial tank so before
they had walkers for HOF they were thinking tanks right so this is sort of
going back to a Hoth thang amazing and all these are being sold in the auction
which is running right now you know because they’re modern sketches they’re
relatively affordable they’re starting between 150 and 500 dollars and you know
to get an original sketch by one of the key guys who was there at that time
pretty wonderful and not more a lot would be a lot more if it was from the
film it’d be to be far more expensive I appreciate you constructing an option in
which the the price threshold is lower it allows more people to enjoy this I
have some original sketches from films that I admired that I purchased over the
years and I love having them up on the wall yeah that actually I find it really
inspiring to see them framed and given a place of pride well I think these
designs you know designs in general in the film production process they’re so
important right because it essentially all starts on a page I mean all the
things around us that the you’ve build replicas of at some point 90 percent of
those started in somebody sketchbook right I mean that’s that’s the birth of
it early and one of the things I loved about being a model maker specifically
for Doug Chiang which was when I was much more advanced as a model maker is
that Doug would come through and you’d get detailed sketches from him at the
front end hmm and then as Doug learned to trust my as Doug learned to trust
that I understood what he wanted he can give you less instruction okay unless
it’s trucks and then he’d go hey under here that’s all you figured that out
right and you get to do this really really cool stuff yeah oh look at the
deeply running tauntaun how cool was that that’s fantastic I like that he’s
got some sort of falcon hood on or something like yeah just slightly
different you know just sort of working from more of the concept of serving a
story as opposed to what did it look like exactly in that final movie and
he’s using a little bit of white out here on top of some of the sketching I
mean again the work is all clearly extending each of these drawings it’s a
beautiful collection yeah I mean when I talked to Neil oh he he describes
himself as a designer not an artist but there’s a lot of artistry in these works
and it sort of it takes on its own life and even though in his mind it’s all
about serving the director explaining a
concept to a director I think someone like myself or anyone who’s really a fan
of pop culture you you look at and you go that’s a piece of art totally I don’t
make the distinction yeah Brandon I really appreciate you taking the time to
come up here and show us these it’s really inspiring and the auction is
going on right now it’s running right now yeah it runs through this Friday and
yet take a look prop store comm prop store calm thank you guys for joining us
see you in the Star Wars universe

Dereck Turner

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