– Wow! What the– (upbeat music) – We are in Carnaby Street today, gonna be doing a little
bit of street magic but first I thought I’d show you the trick directly to camera. We’re gonna be using a couple of Polos. These are minty sweets
that we have in the UK. You probably have these
in other countries, I don’t know. I’m sure you’ll let me
know in the comments. Anyway, we take ’em this. What we’re gonna do is
rub them together, watch. (loud blowing) And if we rub them like this, that mint, goes right through the other Polo. So they’re linked together. Part two of this trick is the following. Take a look, take a look. We’ve got a pack of Polos here and if you’ve not seen Polos before, they have Polos as the o’s on the packet, which is that’s just amazing, isn’t it? But look, watch. We can take it like this and just kind of rub that Polo and move it right across to there. And that ink, it’s totally on. Alright. Minty fresh, we’re all good to go. We’ve got our Polos, we’ve got our street. Let’s go do things. So now we’re actually gonna go and start doing the magic to the people. Tomek’s really excited. – Yeah! – Love it, very good. And it’s quite, it’s
actually a pretty good day. It’s quite busy. – [Tomek] And it’s warm. – And it’s warm. – It’s not like winter and winter coats and everyone wearing black stuff. – I know, we’ve not filmed
outside for a long time. – [Tomek] Yes! – I feel a little bit, I’ll be honest, I feel a little bit, I was a little bit nervous. When it’s the street stuff in the street, going up to people and going, “Hey, can I show you a trick? “Honest, I’m not crap.” – But I think there are
enough people this time compared to like last time we filmed where it was two hours
and there was just no one. – Yeah. – You just get a lot of rejection. Again and again, people are like, “No, I don’t wanna see any magic.” – Who doesn’t want to see magic? – Who are you? People that, A, think
it’s a prank channel. Thanks for that, all the prank channels and people that just don’t wanna see magic and might think I’m crap. Alright, so we should
probably just give it a go. And I should stop being a scaredy-cat. ♫ What if our love was alive ♫ What if our hearts still beat in time ♫ Don’t you just wanna find out And what are your names, sorry? – I’m Ellie. – Ellie, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – Steven, hiya.
– Amy. – Amy, nice to meet you. Chris, nice to meet you, I’m Steve. – Andy. – Andy, nice to meet you, Andy. This is Tomek, he’s the
guy behind the camera. Here’s what we do. Little bit of a warm up thing. I will let you decide
who will choose the card. – Go for it.
– Yeah, there you go. Don’t let me see. Just one of you but
thanks for being involved. I’ll look around, you show your friend. Take that back for you, thanks very much, and could you hold out, put your hands together
for me a bit like a table. Yeah, nice, ’cause we don’t have a table. We’re on a budget here. Here we go, right. That’s perfect. – [Chris and Andy] Wow! – [Andy] What– – What was your card? – It’s the–
– King of clubs. – Yeah. (laughing) – That’s so creepy! (laughing) – Guys, you like Polos? – Oh, yeah.
– Yeah. – Oh, yeah, big fan. – Yeah, I’m a big fan. – Take out one, one each. Don’t eat ’em. Well you can but that would kind of ruin what we’re going for in a second. Could you hold out your
hand flat like this for me? In fact, yeah, it should be perfect and we’ll take those and put them there. You can drop your hand down for me and could you close your
hand lightly over the Polos? Yeah, it’s perfect. So when I say lightly, it’s so that you don’t crush ’em because they’re very easy to break. So you should be able to give
’em a little bit of a shake. Keep it like that. (upbeat music) Open your hand. – Oh my god. – Look at it, check it out. – That’s so weird.
– That is strange. – Okay, dude, that’s really weird. (laughing) – They’re linked, right? – Yes, they are linked. (upbeat music) – Open your hand. (upbeat music) Check it out, check it out. Look, they’re linked, right? – I don’t– – We’ll do a little bit
of a bonus trick, right? – Okay. – We’ll use the, the
rest of the packet, okay? I know this is a little
bit of a strange question, but the ink doesn’t, smudge that. Would you give that a rub, the ink doesn’t kind of smudge. You can see that, yeah? The ink doesn’t smudge. – Doesn’t smudge, absolutely. – Yeah it doesn’t smudge, right? – At all.
– Cool. All right, look, we’ll do it like this. Watch. Move that o. – Where did it go? – And link it. (upbeat music) There you go. – I’m just gonna go home and pray. (laughing) ‘Cause I didn’t really
believe in magic until today. – I didn’t– – Ready, watch. We’ll take that o. (upbeat music) Move that along the packet like that. And that links as well. – This doesn’t make sense. (laughing) – There you go, magic
that isn’t a camera trick. – Thank you.
– So you’ve seen in real life. – Yeah, yeah, that’s real
life there, isn’t it? That’s true. – The good news is the
first people I stopped actually wanted to see
magic and had a good time. The bad news is, it is starting to rain and the weather app promised me, promised me there’d be no rain. Promised me. So, bit of a change of plan. Considering it’s starting to rain, it’s kinda ruining the whole Carnaby vibe, plus the drilling, we’re gonna go and show
my friend Dan some magic, our friend, Dan. – Yes. – Our friend, Dan, some magic and yeah, so… (loud rumbling) Very rude. Joe and the Juice. This place does the best
milkshakes I’ve ever had. ♫ So milkshake time ♫ Milk yo milk ♫ Milkshake time, milkshake time ♫ Time for a milkshake ♫ Milkshake time You’re gonna have the power shake. – Course. – So that you’re powerful.
– Yes. (loud whirring) – [Steven] Yes, thank you man. Have a nice day. – Cheers. – Do you know his address? (Tomek laughing) Ah, it’s raining, we’re gonna get on the bus. ♫ What if our love was alive ♫ What if our hearts still beat in time ♫ Don’t you just wanna find out Hey, Dan.
– Hey, man. How are you doing? – [Steven] I’m good, how are you? – [Dan] I’m good. – [Steven] Yeah, someone let us through. I know.
– They shouldn’t. They’re not allowed to do that. – [Steven] I know, yeah,
that’s the whole point of security doors, isn’t it? – [Dan] That’s why we
have these things, yeah. – [Steven] Yeah, well. Can we have a mini office tour? – Ah, yeah. I mean it’s very mini. (laughing) – [Steven] That’s what I’m after. Ah, this is real cool. – Steven, what does Dan do? – [Steven] Dan does sound design. – Because you have not
explained to anyone. – Yeah, I know. I’m keepin’ ’em guessing. (laughing) Yeah, Dan is a professional sound designer and he runs his own company. Okay, Dan, rubber band. Have a look at it. Check, it’s a real rubber band. It’s a nice rubber band. Do you like it?
– Yeah, I do, it’s blue. – I think it’s a good, if you feel the quality. You don’t understand this
because people don’t, that don’t do magic with rubber bands, don’t appreciate how hard it
is to get good rubber bands. These are great rubber bands. These are like medical rubber bands. I bought them off the internet. – How do they smell? They smell rubbery. – They’re for dentists.
– Yeah. – Believe it or not.
– Really? – Yeah, I’m not really
sure in what context but you learn something new every day. I’m gonna take ’em like this. This is sort of like a little
bit of a weird puzzle, right? So I’m gonna put one over here like that, one over here like this. So they’re kind of locked together. – Yeah.
– So the idea is, it’s sort of a puzzle
to try and figure out how you get them apart without just obviously letting go and doing that, right?
– Yeah. – And if you’ve spent any time sort of messing around with this, you can see it’s pretty much impossible. If you try and slide
off this way you can’t, this way you can’t, this way, this way. Obviously you can’t get it through the bottom of the hand. You can’t get it right through the middle. So it is impossible to get it through. But if we take it like this. (Dan chuckling) It goes right through the centre. – Yeah. – In fact, Dan, do me a favour. Hold out your fingers like that, like you’re firing a tiny little gun. In fact, curl in your
pointer fingers there. So you’re gonna put one band like that and the other one around
the other one like that and stretch those out, out a little bit like that. Nice. So we do the same thing like this. And put your thumbs on top so that it’s kind of
sort of locked in place. So if I try and sort of
slide across like this like this, like this, like this. Can’t go through obviously
or up at the top. – Yeah.
– Ready? Watch. Stretch it apart a little bit. – Wow. – And look, if I just grab
that off you like that. We’ll do one more time, a little bit different this time. Ooh. Ready?
– Yeah. – Instead of putting both
bands through each other, we can just take one strand. – What? – And that pops through like that. – Okay. – And could you just pinch it? Aight, so you got a good grip on it? – Yep. – And so you can kind of rub it like that. – Yeah.
– Slowly. Slowly let go real slow. – Wow. Okay. – And that goes through. And there you go.
– Jesus. – Your lovely souvenir,
those two rubber bands. – That’s amazing. – Oh, thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. Thank you. – [Tomek] I am just amazed from here. – Ah, Tomek’s amazed. (Tomek laughing) May I borrow a pen? – Yeah. – This is Dan’s pen, totally off the cuff. Dan, here’s what we’re gonna do. If we take a little bit like this. Oh gosh. (laughing) We’ll try it again without
ripping off everything. Watch. Take off the cap. That vanishes and reappears
on the end of the pen. We’ll take it like this and we give it a little
bit of a tap like this. You’ll see the moment it vanishes. Oh sorry, that was actually the pen that’s actually gone behind the ear. (laughing) We’ll do it again, ready? Look. The cap goes. Sorry, Dan, did you say something. (laughing) Now the pen’s actually gone there, Dan. It’s actually gone inside the cap. I’m not sure if you can see that but I’m actually– (laughing) It is in there. There you go. Slightly earwaxy pen there. There, your souvenir. (laughing) Dan, can you just, in
this voice, thank you. Can you do the thank you? – [Dan] Thank you! (bell dinging)

Dereck Turner


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