Incredible Shrinking Artwork Charms | Cute DIY Shrinky Dinks Craft Tutorial

Incredible Shrinking Artwork Charms | Cute DIY Shrinky Dinks Craft Tutorial

(rhythmic guitar music) (swooshing)
– Hey guys, it’s Kamri and today I’m going to
be doing kind of a DIY. My mom was telling me about these things that she used to do as a
kid called Shrinky Dinks, and I was like, “What are those? “It sounds crazy. “I have no idea what
you’re talking about.” So then she showed me and I was like, “These are actually really cool.” So today I’m gonna show
you how to take these and actually make ’em a
little bit more modern and put them on a pin or button so you can put them on a
jacket for back to school, or whatever you want with them. But before we get on to the video make sure you follow me on my socials. You can find them on the
Description Box below. Now on to the video. (swooshing)
(funky techno rock music) (swooshing) Alright, so you will
need some shrink film. You can buy this on Amazon, or at any craft store
there should be some, and there are lots of different brands so make sure that you
follow the instructions for whatever brand paper that you get. ‘Cause they have different
prepping instructions and designing instructions
and baking instructions. (swooshing) Alright, so now we are
movin’ on to the fun step. I like this one because you get to find your
design and print it out. So just go onto the internet and find a picture that you like. You can basically print
out anything to create. And make sure that you make it smaller. So you can see this one
I picked a dog emoji. And you wanna make it about three inches because a picture this size will come out about this size on your pin. And if you don’t know how to do this just go look it up on Google or YouTube. I’m sure there are lots
of tutorials on how to. (clicking) Alright so now we’re
moving on to the tracing so I have my trusty
black Sharpie right here. And since my paper is see-through I’m going to just lay it on top, but if it’s white you might
wanna hold it up to the window so that you can see the image behind it. So you wanna put as many
as you can on one paper so probably just move it
over to the side a little bit so you can fit another picture
right there, or below it. (swooshing) So now that I’ve finished tracing all the ones that I wanted
to trace on this paper I’m going to color it. And you can color
whatever colors you want. And I would do it with Sharpies ’cause we tested them
and these work the best. So this is where you can
get your creative juices comin’ in here. (swooshing) Alright, so now that
I’ve finished coloring I’m just gonna go back in and fill in some of those
places where the black marker is that I missed. (clicking) So I finished my butterfly and now I’m gonna move on to the donut. (upbeat techno music) (swooshing) So after you’ve been coloring your image make sure you go back with a black Sharpie and re-outline everything because the edges get a little
bit messy when we color them. (clicking) Alright, so for the mixed
tape it is a different brand and this one is white paper, so you guys can see how
it colors differently. (swooshing) Alright, so now you’re gonna use your 1st Grade cutting skills and you’re gonna cut out your
designs right on the border. So you don’t want to cut on
the inside of the border, just like right outside of it. Alright, here we go. (swooshing) (clicking) Alright, so now you will need your cooking pan lined
with some wax paper. And then you’re just gonna
stick your designs onto the pan. And I would not mix the
two different brands because they do have different
cooking instructions, so you don’t want one to get messed up because you’re following the instructions for a different set. So yeah, just keep ’em separated, it’ll all just make it a lot easier. And now we’re gonna go downstairs and bake them according
to the instructions on the back of the packages. (uptempo rock music) (swooshing) So now we’re at the final step and you’ll need some Pin Tie Tacks, you can buy these on Amazon
or another craft store. And you’ll also need a glue gun. So basically you’re just
gonna take one of the tacks and add a little bit of hot glue on it, and then just stick it to the
back of your Shrinky Dink. Just like this. And voila! You have your pin. (swooshing) Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. I hope you enjoy your Shrinky Dinks. As you can see I put
one of mine on my hat. Also make sure you
Subscribe to my channel. You can find that down below. And you can watch some
more of my other videos by clicking over here. So just you guys know I did like the white paper
better than the clear paper because it made the
colors pop a lot better as you can see from my hat. I used the mixed tape one. Anyway I’ll see you soon, bye! (playful banjo music)

Dereck Turner

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