Incredible Photos of the Planets in Our Solar System

Incredible Photos of the Planets in Our Solar System

Incredible photos of the planets
in our Solar System Mercury
Roman messenger of the gods Orbital period around the Sun:
87.97 days First observed by ancient civilizations, including
the Romans, Greeks, and Sumerians. Mercury could fit inside of
Earth more than 18 times. Venus
Roman goddess of beauty/love Its atmosphere is surrounded by thick clouds
and its surface can reach more than 800°F. Venus (through violet
and near infrared filters) On June 8, 1975, the USSR’s Venera 9 lander
touched down on Venus. It sent back the first-ever photos
of another planet’s surface. It transmitted data from Venus for 53 minutes. 1.16 Venuses would fit
inside of Earth. Earth “Earthrise” was taken on Christmas Eve, 1968,
by Apollo 8 astronauts from lunar orbit. EPIC
(NASA’S Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera) snapped this picture from
one million miles beyond Earth. Mars
Roman god of war Iron oxide (rust) on the surface
makes Mars appear red. And Mars is home to Olympus Mons,
the largest volcano in the Solar System. 6 Marses could fit
inside of Earth. Jupiter
Roman king of the gods Pioneer 10 took the first photos of Jupiter in 1973. [comparison of Pioneer 10 photos from 1973
to Juno photos from 2017] More than 1,300 Earths could fit inside Jupiter.
Three could fit inside the Great Red Spot. Saturn
Roman god of agriculture Saturn’s main rings extend about
300,000 miles past its center but the outer rings reach over eight
million miles from the planet. Earth could fit inside of Saturn 764 times. Uranus
Greek god of the sky Unlike other planets in the Solar System… Uranus is tilted
on its side. And though it may look featureless… Uranus is covered by layers of clouds and
it may rain diamonds there. 63 Earths could fit within Uranus. Neptune
Roman god of the sea Only one spacecraft has been to Uranus or Neptune—
Voyager 2 in 1989. There’s a lot we still don’t know about
the ice giants, including how they formed. Earth could fit inside
Neptune 58 times.

Dereck Turner

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    Great C.G. I. The earth is flat.

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    Rains diamonds? Okay, pretty crazy!? I'm sure that theory needs to be confirmed. Nice video.

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    Wish I could go to Uranus to get some of those diamonds!

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