Incredible images of Toby Jug Nebula captured by Very Large Telescope

Incredible images of Toby Jug Nebula captured by Very Large Telescope

Space, the final frontier, these are the voyages
of – oh no wait – these are some pictures take by the European Southern Observatory’s Very
Large Telescope, or VLT for short. So, while the observatory’s astronomers may
not have boldy gone into space themselves, they did capture these incredibly detailed
images of the Toby Jug Nebula. The telescope, which is in Chile, took these photographs
which show a giant red star with wispy clouds of dust and gas loosely forming the shape
of a beer jug and handle around it. But Astronomer and ESO representative Fernando
Comeron says the images offer more than just pretty views of space. “They are not only spectacular images – images
with colour, images that evoke aesthetic pleasure – but they also contain a great quantity of
information and give us very important details on the composition and evolution of the universe
as well as looking at its great relationship with us. This nebula is formed by a red giant and that’s
where the interstellar dust is formed, which is fundamental material in the make-up of
the planets and all the phenomena occurring on the surface, including us. They are, in
a sense, our own origins.” According to the ESO the nebula was formed
by a star losing part of its mass and it was dubbed Toby Jug by British astronomers Paul
Murdin, David Allen and David Malin who though its shape evoked that of the British beer
jug. The Very Large Telescope that captured the
images is the world’s most advanced optical instrument, according to the ESO. And it can
see details up to 25 times finer than individual telescopes.

Dereck Turner

10 thoughts on “Incredible images of Toby Jug Nebula captured by Very Large Telescope

  1. cwuzii says:

    What happened at 0:04? Did he say something wrong?



  3. AK74SU100 says:

    Zoom in on fagballs

  4. Paul Dunne says:

    They just found out where heaven is.10/10/2013.Irish time 22:24.Thursday.

  5. Sam-UK says:

    I think he was taking the piss out of Star Trek

  6. JohnPaul Dixon says:

    Looks f*ck all like any toby jug I've ever seen.

  7. OneGirl007 says:

    At !:33 you can see an angel with wings, standing with wings out, and a shield cast high near the blue star. If you look closer, you can also see he has on, a really detailed breast plate. Anyone else see this? Really cool video!

  8. Sam-UK says:

    See use your brain Cwuzii

  9. Philip Tate says:

    "Incredible images". One image… and then nerds discussing.

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