Impractical Jokers – Horrible Video Game Ideas

Impractical Jokers – Horrible Video Game Ideas

Joe: Hi guys how are ya? Q: Hello, hi. Hello, hi. Joe: Have a seat.
How’s it going? What we do here is present
our ideas to video games, and then it’ll say who’s going to
the next phase of development. All right,
let’s see the ideas. So this is just
one of my ideas that I got. I’m very proud of this one. It’s…”Superman:
Just the Clark Kent Stuff.” [ Laughter ] Sal:
You’re only Clark Kent. Let’s be honest. There have been a
bunch of Superman games
already, you know? We never have really nailed
the character. Yeah, yeah. You’re, like — Q: He’s at the Daily Planet,
right? Lunch break with Lois Lane. You got to clean your house,
but not at super speed. you got to get to Kansas — It’s a connecting flight —
to visit ma and pa Kent. This is
the most boring game ever. All right, well,
I’ll get into mine, I guess. Okay, so, here’s mine.
Mine’s a little different. [ Laughs ] Look at the face. “Murder Your Family.” [ Laughs ] So, here —
It really is just — You want to —
Sometimes you’re like, “Ohh, I could kill them,”
you know. We think
of video-game violence. We flip it on its ear here and give the kids the power
to murder their own families. It’s like you have
to build contraptions and you have to track them. We put it in a fun world where you could actually
just vent and no one gets hurt. [ Laughter ] Woman: Get a therapist
if you need it. There’s other ways. Q: Oh, there’s a level where Clark goes to
a therapist in this. Really?
Yes! So he needs one?
Yeah, sure, ’cause he’s got
all the power of a god and he’s got to
keep it contained, so he goes to a therapist. Wow, Q. Nice. So, is like the last level, like, you get to become
Superman? ‘Cause that’s really
what everybody wants. No, no, last level — You got to figure out
how to do the spit curl. So at the end of the game, it’s like [Humming fanfare] [ Slurps ] [ Both laugh ] There’s also a huge
share-ability content here, where you could actually
download the videos of the way you murdered
your families in a fun way, and then you can
e-mail it to people. I mean, I
need, like, excitement, but not Charles Manson. [ Laughter ] I say take this idea
before the PTA or something and see
what the parents say. They wouldn’t let us in. Bingo. Murr: [ Laughs ] Anyways,
take the vote, guys. If you think that
“Murder Your Family” is the better game
between the two, please raise your hand. [ Laughter ] Yeah, so, who would pick “Superman:
Just the Clark Kent Stuff”? Show of hands? One, two, three. Yep. Well, thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Murr: Nicely done Q

Dereck Turner

3 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers – Horrible Video Game Ideas

  1. Beeg Yoshi2 says:

    There just boomers (yes i said boomer im a retarted gen z)

  2. gripping raccoon says:

    More bad video game ideas

  3. EndlessEdgar says:

    The murder your family cover reminds me of punch out, that's a creative concept, I would actually buy it if it was made.

  4. Richie Duck says:

    0:52 Brought to you by LittleKuriboh.

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