Importing to KineMaster – KineMaster Workflows

Importing to KineMaster – KineMaster Workflows

everyone this is Tim from visionary digital Mediacom and in this video we’re gonna make a modal vlog on a snowmobile I’ll be shooting this video on three different cameras the DSLR I’m recording on now this GoPro and this DJI maverick drone in this video I’ll show you how to set up these three different cameras to record in a kinam esthar friendly format then I’ll talk about three different ways to get that footage into kinah master finally we’ll talk a little bit about frame rates and using the speed control Inc in a master but first let’s ride [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I hope you enjoyed that short but sweet little glimpse at snowmobiling in the Wisconsin North Woods that video was edited 100% in kinam Esther and I’ve got the timeline here to prove it so now I want to show you how I set up those cameras and got the footage into Kenna master let me start out with the drone I’m in the DJI Go app now and in the camera settings there’s an option to choose the video format for editing in kinam astir you want to choose mp4 next you want to look at resolution and framerate your options here depend on the capabilities of your phone 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second should be a good baseline for compatibility with canon master if your phone isn’t able to handle 1080 try bumping the resolution down to 720 on the other hand resolutions up to 4k are supported on some more powerful devices so make sure to experiment and see what works for you the same goes for frame rate 30 frames per second is a safe bet but some devices can handle footage shot at 60 frames per second I’ll tell you why that’s useful a little bit later for now I want to set up my other cameras at 1920 by 1080 at 30 frames per second so here’s what that looks like on my Canon DSLR and I have the GoPro set up the same way with pro 2 and turned off once you’ve set up your cameras and recorded your video you’ll need to transfer that footage to your phone some cameras have wireless transfer abilities like the DJI Mavic so for my drone footage I’m simply going to transfer that over wirelessly using the DJI Go app for my GoPro footage I’ll use a card reader that is designed to work with a mobile device I’ll pop the card out of the camera and into the card reader this method is my favorite because it’s such a fast way to transfer the files then I’ll connect the card reader to my iPhone once connected you’ll see an option to import your files on the screen choose the videos that you’d like to transfer and then tap import selected you can follow a similar process on Android in this case I’m using a lexer USBC card reader and connecting it to a google pixel I can access the files by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping Lexar a USB Drive select the files you want to transfer and then copy or move them to your device if neither of those options work for you transfer your files to a computer first using an SD card or a USB cable then transfer the files from your computer to your phone for an iPhone use iTunes tap the device button then select File Sharing select kinna master from the list of apps and then click Add file navigate files from your camera select the files you want to transfer and then click open to transfer files to Android device you can use the file browser open the camera storage and the internal storage of your phone I’ll choose the download folder then click and drag over the files that you want to transfer you could also use online file storage such as Google Drive to transfer the files to your phone and an Android device you can even access your Google Drive directly from the media browser once you have imported the files to your device you can edit the video in kinam astir like you normally would with video that was shot on your phone all of the files will be accessible from your media browser I have to say it was a lot of fun editing in kinam astir with footage from all of these different cameras and there’s really nothing too complicated about the edit one technique that I did use that’s popular in action sports is mixing slow and fast motion this is where the frame rate that I mentioned earlier becomes important in this sequence I speed up the footage as the music starts to build energy later down the timeline I use slow motion for emphasis here’s the clip at regular speed and then slowed down and then regular speed again let me jump over to another timeline and show you how I made those edits so here’s a clip I use that was shot at 30 frames per second as I’m flying by these snowmobiles I want to speed up the footage as the music picks up to make that happen I’m going to split this clip in two and on the second clip I’ll use the speed control to speed up this footage now it looks as if the drone started to pick up speed right at that moment now on this shot I wanted to slow down the footage and crop in during the middle of the clip for emphasis to do that I’ll make a couple of splits near the middle of the clip then I’ll tapped us chunk in the middle and I’ll use the speed control to slow this down to 0.5 now this footage was shot at 60 frames per second so what I’ve done here is slow it down to 30 frames per second that way the motion will still be smooth but the playback speed is cut in half the other thing I did on this clip is crop in a little bit all right let’s put that back and see how it looks okay that’s not too bad I think it would be a little better if I just trim this clip a little bit and let’s try that again okay one think I can show you is how I made this Flickr transition so if you look at my timeline what I have is a video layer with a Flickr overall animation and a transition on my primary timeline that’s set to fade through white so now let me remove this and show you how I set it up I’ll change the transition to none and then I’ll delete this video layer so here it is with a regular hard cut now to set up the layer with a flicker I’ll select this video layer and extend it over the previous clip then I’ll listen to the music to see where I want the cut so I want to split this clip right about here then I’ll adjust the in and out points of these two clips on this first clip I’ll set the overall animation to Flickr it might be helpful here to zoom in on the timeline using a pinch to zoom motion let’s play that back and see how it looks so far and it looks like I need to adjust the timing a little bit and the last step is to add the fade through white transition I’ll tap this white box between the two clips tap on classic transitions and then choose fade through color tap on the colored circle to choose a different color I’ll keep mine at white and now I’ll play back the final video one more time so that you can see how those edits all came together in the final piece [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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