#IMakeApps | Faith Ringgold | Artist | Quiltuduko | USA

#IMakeApps | Faith Ringgold | Artist | Quiltuduko | USA

Ringgold: When I grew up, there were no cars
in the street. Very few people had cars. I was born in 1930 in Harlem on 146th Street, and now, my work
is all over the world. The Guggenheim, the Tate–
everywhere. [singing] Interestingly enough,
I never thought of myself becoming an artist. I just thought of artist as something that you do. Everybody does it. Look at that.
Aren’t they beautiful? The art of a people comes from what they are seeing
around them, and I saw so many
beautiful color combinations and I interpreted
what I was looking and seeing. Anyone can fly.
All you got to do is try. The most important thing
to me in life is inspiration. I want to inspire others, and I want to be inspired. Isn’t that something? [drum music]

Dereck Turner

11 thoughts on “#IMakeApps | Faith Ringgold | Artist | Quiltuduko | USA

  1. Rafaelina Tineo says:

    Keep on Rocking Faith 🙂

  2. Michele Wallace says:

    I love you a lot mom

  3. Irodoku Puzzle says:

    OMFG That game is copycat of the game "Irodoku" I've been working on for years.
    It's actually copyrighted, should I sue this old lady?

  4. Faith Ringgold says:

    I Love This!

  5. MISS FRANCES 137 says:

    Ms. Faith. I wonder if I'm one of your firmer students at P.S.100 in HARLEM in 138/139th.

  6. Aprianto Anto says:


  7. Tyree Thornton says:

    Ms. Faith. I am one of your students from Spanish Harlem.
    Tyree Thornton

  8. มีเน เนปาล says:


  9. Robert Finnigan says:

    So inspiring. A woman bursting with creativity x

  10. AlexBestGame Alex says:


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