IGN News – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Photos Surface

IGN News – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Photos Surface

We’ve got a good first look at Paul Giamatti
in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And he looks crazy. Giamatti plays Aleksei Sytsevich, aka Rhino. First, director Marc Webb posted this photo
on Twitter last Friday. Now a few set photos give us an even closer
look at the character. In the comics, Sytsevich is a thug in the
Russian mafia who volunteered for an experiment to be grafted with the Rhino suit that gave
him superhuman strength and speed. He betrayed the scientists behind the experiment
and ultimately went rogue where he wound up fighting Spidey. So this is apparently pre-Rhino Sytsevich. Given how the Lizard was created in the first
movie, it could be a genetic thing for Rhino, as well, rather than a suit like the comics.
Maybe they blend his DNA with a rhino’s or something. This will be the first time Rhino has appeared
on the big screen. He will be joined by Electro, played by Jamie Foxx, and Norman Osborn, who
eventually becomes the Green Goblin. Other recent set photos show Spidey holding
up a bus, although it is unclear which villain is causing the havoc. For more on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, stay
tuned to IGN.

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “IGN News – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Photos Surface

  1. Arthur Ferraz says:

    Wait for 4 villains…..we still have Venom.

  2. Mr Billa says:


  3. KingNazaru says:

    Why? They haven't even brought up or mentioned Venom. The 3rd movie's villain is going to be Green Goblin.

  4. maximoose123 says:

    Heard betty white was going to play the black cat and patton oswalt is playing the vulture!

  5. maximoose123 says:

    In the next one!

  6. LordOf TheBricks says:


  7. MassacrX99 says:

    why do they ruin the villains. stop making them human. there is a reason he is called rhino. because he looks like a frickin rhino

  8. eddie cruz says:

    Hey, wait a minute, no Jim Carey,no day -glo? What the hell man!

  9. billabongwardle says:

    You do realise he's a guy in a suit in the comics? he's human, and the suit get's grafted to his skin giving him super strength and all that.

  10. Slimshadow457 says:

    In Ultimate Spider-Man he was a geek in a robotic suit. In ASM it's just a costume the dude wears. Like Damon said, this could very well be pre-rhino suit.

  11. Slimshadow457 says:

    Is gobby confirmed though? I mean, the green goblin's cool and all, but how will they establish him as a villain, as well as make him do the… um… things… he does… to people in Peter's life… AND have Electro and Rhino on the side?! Sure, Electro's sort of Gobby's main man in the Ultimate comics, but Rhino? Unless he's just a quick villain, they can't do, like, 3 origin stories in one movie.

  12. Slimshadow457 says:

    They hinted at him by showing the locker from Ultimate Spider-Man.

  13. Sean Hussey says:

    The picture at the end with spiderman holding up a daily bugle bus could hint that he will become a photographer again.

  14. Azmuh says:

    Dat suit.

  15. kazamijiro says:

    no horn?

  16. CardriderDraw - Level2 says:

    not yet but look at the other phtos he does have the horn and it is a genetic mutation

  17. Joe M says:

    The Amazing Spiderman 3.15/5

  18. K.P.T says:

    New spidey suit?! I liked the one before. And I hope they do carnage as a bad guy soon!

  19. ABostonElite says:

    nooo i hate that cunt, Normon osborn was so much better in the original trilogy

  20. AlphizzleMusic says:

    the game is set after

  21. Izak Jackson says:

    But Jim Carrey is the Riddler 🙁

  22. Gianluca Sorrentino says:

    they are planning on making a venom trilogy within this sony/spidey universe and let them come together in a future franchise or something

  23. Dog of Wisdom says:

    Nerd rage O___O Great job at missing the point.

  24. Joe Victor says:

    I hope they don't do the genetic thing for all characters like they did in the Amazing Spider-Man game

  25. ENDtredecim says:

    @mcryan07 yeah i figured they leave a clincher to make ppl want o see the next movie kinda like what the hobbit did but either way if they do the scene from the comic justice… even i might shed a tear lol

  26. Hakaishin Franku says:

    why the fuck is jamie fox electro, its just as bad when i heard he was lynch in the kane and lynch movie

  27. KingNazaru says:

    No that's a mistake. That whole locker 214 was about Harry Osborn. The locker with Ultimate Venom (Who I hope they don't do and stick with the alien route) was in a locker named Brock.

  28. DeadlockABC says:

    Hope its better than the first movie. Compared to the first 3 it was terrible and the Lizard…lol he looked like a goomba. Terrible choice of villain, or rather it was terrible they way they made him look on screen.

  29. Ciaran Mc Callion says:

    carnage is born out of venom so really we need to see venom first. thats just how it works in the comics. after carnage their is also a guy named toxin. the list goes on but each symbiote suit is supposedly more powerful than its "fathers". but carnage would be amazing 🙂

  30. sk81991 says:


  31. Samuel Gregg says:

    what is your problem with that? he is a great actor, especially in Django. Okay yeah he isn't the iconic white Electro with his green and yellow suit, but that doesn't mean they can't try something new. Wait to see what they produce first before hating.

  32. MrImOriginal says:

    carnage wont happen… why??? disney owns marvel, so even if they made a carnage movie, it wouldn't be worth anyones time

  33. C4V3M4N27 says:


  34. C4V3M4N27 says:

    No it's not

  35. C4V3M4N27 says:

    Have you ever heard of these amazing things called new ideas or change?

  36. Josh Napier says:

    Lets hope for both introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man 3!

  37. VoxelizE says:


  38. Josh Napier says:

    What does Disney have to do with anything? Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man.

  39. arbknight12 says:

    So they won't go with the same concept?

  40. Brian Wolfman says:

    Well they can always reboot it again.:-)

  41. TokyoKazama says:


  42. TokyoKazama says:

    Disney owning Marvel has nothing to do with the 'rights' to use Carnage.

  43. L0Z3RKiD101 says:

    I Got A Feeling That With Multiple Villians And Harry Osborne In It Its Kinda Reminds Of Spiderman 3 Like If You Think About It What If Harry Died In This Movie Then Norman Osborne Will Avenge Him In Amazing Spider Man 3 Idk This Is All My Guess For The Future

  44. Persona Hearts says:

    The Amazing Spider-Man is way better than the campy raimi ones

  45. Niyaz Islam says:

    not all of them were bad in my opinion I felt number 2 was really good despite having some cheesy funny moments lol but 3 wow that was awful especially the emo Peter Parker dancing in the club and saying "now dig own this!" :L lool

  46. Rockaway Bully says:

    Yeah true it doesn't really Bother me that they chose j fox for the role since he is not a major character in the comics most people won't care but u saw who they wanna pick for Johnny storm now that is way to out there

  47. Sir Caco says:

    Dude I wish they would add Carnage to this, but then again, if there's no Venom, there can't be Carnage.

  48. Elton Van Zyl says:

    Your comment is terrible and you should feel terrible. The Amazing Spider-Man makes the Raimi films look like jokes.

  49. Elton Van Zyl says:

    Hmmmm well I agree with you on the suit 100%, I also like the eyes but still like the TASM suit a bit more but it isn't Sam's suit… Sam Raimi's films suit is based on the original Spider-Man suit which I'm sure most fans will actually enjoy…

  50. Elton Van Zyl says:

    Hmmm… I think TASM kicked the previous films asses, but you expressed your opinion in a sensible manner and I respect you for that… Unlike most people who just come to bitch and leave… And I knew some people were gonna really enjoy the new suit seeing as it's based on the original Spidey suit and although I'm a MEGA SPIDER-MAN FAN I did like TASM's suit a bit more I think… It was really original and modern… Do love the new eyes on the new suit though! So big, my favourite! haha

  51. Elton Van Zyl says:

    Well you're out to make no sense at all, aren't you? Does your mother know you're here? Does she know you're out at this hour making no sense on the internet? The new series is the one with the story more according to the comics, so go home.

  52. Elton Van Zyl says:

    I like your way of thinking sir!

  53. Elton Van Zyl says:

    I see nothing wrong with any of that? Besides the original Nick Fury is white and now I wouldn't have it any other way… (SamLJak to the max!)

  54. Dog of Wisdom says:

    Good luck finding a life, you've made it quite clear by the number of rage comments on this video you don't have one ^^

  55. Elton Van Zyl says:

    Just wait a bit… maybe in a third or fourth movie… Besides, wouldn't you appreciate it more if he was an end-character of sorts instead of a second installment char?

  56. Aman says:

    Man I wish carnage was a villain in the movie

  57. TricksterVision says:

    Batman begins had three trademark villains. Falcone, Scarecrow and Ras. Don't look at it as having a bunch of villains, simply characters from the comics and Electro as the main.

  58. Elton Van Zyl says:

    You're an idiot and anyone here who is a true Spider-Man fan can tell you that, the Raimi films were the ones that went off-story.

  59. RaginScottsman says:

    0:39 "The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Columbia Pictures – 2014)" Weird looks really similar to the first one…?

  60. Zepthire says:

    I honestly don't care how accurate the Raimi films were to the comics, for me they were 3 enjoyable movies in their own right. For what it's worth I saw TASM and I thought it was awesome as well tbh.

  61. AddamHusayin says:

    Who do you think you are? You can't define what a true fan is and neither can I.

  62. AddamHusayin says:

    They even had Aziz. But yeah they managed to pull it off in Batman Begins.

  63. cjcool91 says:

    New goblin was an excellent villain.

  64. Mr.Glasses says:

    i meant should

  65. andvas1994 says:

    When you are basing a movie on something that already exist… Characters and such, you should stick true to the material you got it from. But hey, they could have made Spider-man be half Spider. Hes Mom was a Human and hes Dad a Spider. New ideas… I wonder if you have seen many super hero movies? Many of the most hated ones are hated because someone like the idea of change a bit to much.

  66. Deadlyextreme1 says:

    The "bigger picture" sub villain approach Nolan took in the 3 Batman movies could work for this movie. I could see how they could fit 3: The lesser villain will come up first and be killed off or just get taken out of the picture for good, kinda of like a warm up for SM. Then you have the main villain reek havoc for the rest of the movie and then get rid of him (a la, Joker TDK style) then have you last villain be behind the main villain's attacks setting up for TASM 3,

  67. C4V3M4N27 says:

    If you follow the comics exactly then anyone who has read the comics could tell you exactly what will happen, but if you take the characters you can change things up a bit. Look at the Dark Knight, they changed the Jokers origin story completely.

  68. DanThePatheticGamer says:

    Thumbnail looks like calendar man

  69. Josh kelly says:

    That's shitty…

  70. tunde Abimbola says:

    Rami movies where unoriginal he told the same story 3 times

  71. jscott0126 says:

    I thought there were a few deleted scenes from Thor that would have been good to keep too

  72. Keeping It Real Awesome says:

    Wow that's to cool I can't wait for this movie!!

  73. Citizen. says:

    As comic book movies TAS was better but as movies overall it felt quite thin. The costume was original and more modern I'll give it that but the spidey we all know and love looks way cooler than that especially without those darn yellow eyes. It made him look like an alien, just saying.

  74. Elton Van Zyl says:

    Lol that's fine, your opinion is civil enough for me not to have to deny you of anything… :)… do hope you like the new one though!

  75. Elton Van Zyl says:

    Sigh… I suppose I was a bit harsh, but you can understand that a person has to get like that sometimes 'cause of the people that comment here… I have no problem with people liking what they like, but when they come here simply to say "TASM was shit" or "Raimi films were better" then I lose it… If you can't be civil then I won't… but if you're like @Xcore360 and can explain why Raimi's films were better to you the that's all good and I support you… But really glad you love TASM so far!

  76. Elton Van Zyl says:

    Uhm I'm apparently a better fan than you then, seeing as the one thing TASM is revered most for is something you say the Raimi films were. You ARE wrong… not in my opinion or anyone else's, you ARE just wrong. The Raimi films are extremely off-plot, one example, because the rest'll take too long: Gwen Stacey is Peter's first love, yet in the Raimi trilogy she only shows up in th 3rd movie. And geez nothing in Spider-Man 3 makes any sense… And I'll give you Franco, but the rest are a joke!

  77. Citizen. says:

    I really hope so too

  78. Elton Van Zyl says:

    Hey, I suppose me questioning someone's taste is inexcusable but so is the person who I said that to's comment… And the only reason I said that is because the movies he likes so much are the ones that went off-story and he is accusing the new TASM films of doing that… and it's actually the exact opposite…

  79. Citizen. says:

    I agree but there are too many fanboys that act like that all the time, it's really annoying thing I don't see why people can go to specific videos only for the purpose to be against them but again this is the internet if people like that didn't exist then only a few videos would have hardly any dislikes.

  80. lipjan says:

    so by your logic I should die because I didn't like a movie? Dude get a life and stop commenting on this video

  81. philfensome says:

    Rhino :p yes

  82. Chuck Norris says:

    So far this movie sounds like it'll suck. But I'll wait until it comes out to judge it.

  83. andvas1994 says:

    But here is where i have to remind you that The Dark Knight Trilogy is all about what if it was real? What would The Joker be if he was a real guy? That is what he would have to be… The Amazing Spider-man on the other hand is trying to be a comic book movie and not a realistic twist on the story. You are putting words into my mouth… I never sayd they have to stick like glue to the stoies that already does exist. But there are guide lines. And this is one of them, Venom came first.

  84. Dog of Wisdom says:

    Yeah sorry but he's not the one who spends hours cursing everybody who commented on this video 😛

  85. C4V3M4N27 says:

    Couldn't they just mix them into one character like they did with ra's al gul or however you spell that?

  86. Zone3917 says:

    don't worry dude. annoying fanboys like that won't exist anymore when this Movie will be released.

  87. Zone3917 says:

    and that's why they're gonna make a Venom movie. To avoid that step and make carnage the villain for spidey in future sequels.

  88. andvas1994 says:

    That would take away from the charm. I mean they are 2 very diffrent characters. Vevom does turn good at one point. And hes far from as Crazy as hes… Son? Something like that… Part of the charm is the fight between the to. If 2 characters are very much the same and in the end of the day serves the same role in the story you can merge them into 1 character. But Venom and Carnage are not the same… So you can't merge them into 1. Better to just stick to Venom and ignore hes… ''SON''.

  89. andvas1994 says:

    And that Venom movie has been in the works for ages…. Since long before they rebooted Spider-man. Since before the third film even… So that is not really a fact. That is just what we are guessing at this point. If the movie does ever happen wich it may not. At this point it wouldn't come as a shock if it's cancelled. But if it does happen i hope it happens after he apeers in a Spidey movie because that gives them a chance to evolve into a good guy. And so he would join Spidery vs Carnage.

  90. Zone3917 says:

    I hope the Movie continues, because I don't want him to be
    Spidey's villain again. It's more logical for venom to have his own movie so that Sony can finally introduce Carnage, the most badass symbiote.

  91. andvas1994 says:

    But again…. That is the whole story behind Spider-man and Venom.
    It first finds him… Then Spidey fights back and throw it away. So then a Butthurt Venom dcieds to hunt him down. If they are going to make a story, i don't want them to skip the best parts just to get to the epic ending. I want them to give me the full story. The way i see it, we need more then just a trilogy this time around.

  92. KNOTHEAD765 says:

    @StickDudesClub sorry, but there's only goin to be 3 movies.. That's confirmed, but nice list :)! Itd be cool

  93. andvas1994 says:

    I agree he should be bigger… More Buff, but 3 times is probably a bit to much.
    What works on paper does not always work on screen. I mean i'm all for sticking to the comics… But you can't stay 100% true unless it works. I mean let's face it. Some things from the comics and cartoons look good… But try putting it in a live action movie and it might just end up looking silly.

  94. Nabeela Khan says:

    Green Goblin, Electro, and RHINO! AWESOME!!!

  95. osvaldo Escobar says:

    Brock lester should of played him

  96. MrNosalk says:

    he cant act!

  97. John Jones says:

    Jaime Foxx as Electro…WTF?

  98. Lucky Looker says:

    Ummm… not.

  99. Mark Novic says:

    he won a oscar for his role obviously he was

  100. food wich says:

    No he didn't! He got an Academy award but not for Spider-Man.

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