iCloud Photo Sharing

iCloud Photo Sharing

Hi welcome back to Genius Lounge. I’m your host Matt Troutman So I bet you didn’t realize that there are
two different kinds of photo albums that exist on your phone. One is designed to stay on your phone, and
then one is designed specifically for sharing with other people. So I’m going to go ahead and open up the photos
app on my phone, and we’ll get started. So here I have a selection of photos that
were taken for a family portrait session. So what I want to do is I want to select a
few of these and just help organize them on my phone a little bit better. So I’m going to go ahead and tap select in
the upper right hand corner. and then I’m going to select all the photos
that I would like to add to this particular album. the first example album that I’m going to
create here is one that exists just on my phone or my other iCloud devices. Alright, there we go I’ve selected 50 photos,
in the lower center of my screen, I’m going to go ahead and tap “Add to”. And I don’t have any existing albums in my
iCloud account, so I’m just going to go ahead and tap new album right there (that grey square). And I’m going to give it the name of “Photos
2017”. I’m going to save that. You saw that little animation of the photos
flying into that album, now what I can do is if I tap in the lower right of my screen,
I can see albums – scroll all the way to the bottom, and here are my created albums. Now you can see that all 50 of those photos
are there. Now what if I went to a family picnic or a
work offsite and I took some really awesome pictures and so did some other people and
we want to all share those together? Well there’s a solution for that, too. I’m going to go ahead and scroll up here. I’ve got a different set of photos that I’d
like to share with a group of people. I’m going to tap select. Select all the photos that I’d like, and instead
of tapping “add to” in this situation I’m going to go ahead and tap the share button
in the lower left of my screen. from here what I can do is I can tap iCloud
Photo sharing. And what this will prompt me to do is to create
a new shared album, the name of which I’m going to say “Random family pictures” And it’s asking me who I would like to invite
to this particular album. At this point I’m not going to invite anyone. But I’m just going to tell it create, and
I can tell it post. Now if I wanted to see where those pictures
actually went, 3rd from the left in the lower portion of my screen, I see shared. And it tells me I’ve had a little bit of activity
on my shared feed. But also, if I tap the arrow in the upper
left-hand corner, that will take me to all the different shared albums that I’m a part
of. Now not only are these up in the cloud, and
these are shareable to other people, if I want to add some to the group, all I have
to do is tap the people tab at the lower part of the screen there. and I can say I want to “invite people” and
it gives me some suggestions here of other people who are able to be invited. The other really cool part here is even if
someone doesn’t have an iPhone, they can still be part of the group and so they can see the
pictures that you’ve taken. You can check public website right there and
it will take those photos public for you so that anyone with the link will be able to
view those. So the really cool part here is that anybody
that’s a part of that group has the option to contribute to the photo album and that makes a really awesome experience
if you maybe weren’t able to stay for the whole party or you missed the candles being
blown out on the birthday cake. So those are the two different photo album
type that are available on your iPhone. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to give
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