iCloud Explained – Closed Caption Support Available

iCloud Explained – Closed Caption Support Available

Hello everyone this is David A. Cox with PCClassesOnline.com
and today we are going to be talking all about iCloud. This is a topic a lot of people out
there have several questions about and today it is my goal to go over all of those questions
and also clear up many misconceptions people have about iCloud. So let’s start with talking
about how it works in regards to e-mail. A big misconception people seem to have about
iCloud is that in syncs your e-mail. It does not actually do that. It will only do that
if you create an @iCloud.com e-mail address. Otherwise, it’s not going to be a feature
you’re probably going to be interested in. If you have questions about how to get your
e-mail to automatically synch I recommend that you check out one of our other classes
that we have available (of course for free) at our website: www.pcclassesonline.com just
look for the class called “E-Mail Tips, Tricks, and Honest Advice” Next here we have Contacts.
Contacts is relatively straight forward if you put a contact into your iPhone it’s going
to automatically go into all of your devices. Next we have calendars which work very simply.
Now, if you use another service like Google Calendars you may not want to use this feature
because would you really want another set of calendars? But if you don’t and you just
use the calendar on your computer, this is a great feature. As someone who books a lot
of appointments with various clients, I can put something into my calendar on my Mac and
know that it is going to go onto all of my other devices. Next we have Notes and this
confuses a lot of people because in order to use Notes and have it automatically sync
you HAVE to use that @iCloud.com e-mail address. Next we have Reminders. Reminders is most
closely tied to the iPhone. Let’s say I’m on the road and I need to remember that when
I get home I have to put dinner in the oven. While I am on the road I might use Siri, the
automated assistant on my iPhone and say “Siri, when I get home remind me to put dinner in
the oven.” So then when I walk in the door, my phone, iPad, and Mac are all going to “ding”
at me and remind me to put dinner in the oven. Next, we have “Find My iPhone” which will
actually track more than just your iPhone. It will track an iPad, Mac, or iPod touch.
Here’s a big misconception that we can clear up right now. This is NOT going to help you
if your device is stolen. At least it’s not likely going to help. Here’s how it works.
Let’s say I am at a restaurant and I leave my phone on the bar. When I get home and realize
the mistake I’ve made, I can go on my computer or any computer to iCloud.com, sign in with
my iCloud account, pull up this App and as long as my device is online and powered on,
and not wiped, I will be able to track and see on a map where that device is. I can even
play a tone which will make it ring, I can have a message appear that says “this phone
is lost please call me so I can get it back.” The reason why it won’t work if someone steels
it is most thieves wipe devices after they’ve stolen them. Because as soon as you wipe out
the data, this feature goes away. Most thieves are not interested in your data, they’re interested
in reselling the device. Next, we have the ability to sync certain types of documents.
If you’ve never heard of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, they are the equivalent of Word,
Excel, and Powerpoint. They’re just made by Apple. What’s nice with this is I can start
creating a document on my computer and when I go to save it the first thing it asks me
is “do you want to save this to iCloud?” If I do, i could pop on my ipad or even any computer
(including PC), go to www.icloud.com and pick right up where I left off. The next feature
I want to talk about with iCloud has to do with syncing your passwords. In the Mac it
is referred to as your keychain. That’s the part of the computer that stores all of your
passwords. I always like to give a little warning about using iCloud for this feature.
The reason why I don’t approve of it is because it requires you to use Safari. If you’ve taken
our other classes you’ve probably heard me say this.. Safari USE to be wonderful… and
then Google Chrome came out. And Google Chrome has proven to be faster, more reliable, and
it automatically does sync all of your passwords, accounts, etc. So if you love Safari, this
is going to be a great feature, if you don’t, you’re probably not goign to care about it.
The next feature we’re going to talk about has to do with photos. Now, photos and the
way that they work with iCloud is the #1 misconception that people seem to have. Let’s go into iPhoto.
When you take a photo with your iPhone, a couple of things happen and I’ve noticed that
a lot of people seem to be very confused by this. When you originally take that photo
there are two copies of it that are stored. One is on the Camera Roll and the other is
stored in a portion of iCloud referred to as the Photo Stream. Those photos do not count
against your iCloud storage. Another thing that you should be aware of is that the version
of the photo that goes into Photo Stream is NOT the full resolution. So you may have noticed
that a photo you took on you iPhone for whatever reason just doesn’t look quite as clear and
vivid on your computer if the copy on your computer is purely from Photo Stream. And
that is the reason why many of my friends who take iPhone photography seriously have
stopped using iCloud… specifically that feature. Another thing you should know is
that it only keeps that photo on the cloud for either 30 days or until you have 1000
photos. After that, it gets cleared out. A lot of people believe iCloud stores your photos
as a backup and if you hear someone say this, make sure that you correct them. Another thing
you can do with iCloud in regards to photo stream is to create a Shared Photo Stream.
Most people who do this are going to do it from their iPhone, but it is a way that you
can take photos and instantly share them with your friends. Just make sure that if you do
this, that they’re…. let’s just say appropriate. The next feature that you can use with iCloud
is the ability to sync certain types of purchases that you make. So lets say that I am on my
computer and purchase the new Lady Gaga CD. Using iCloud, I can go here into iTunes, Preferences…and
here under the “store” tab I can have it automatically sync those purchases with all of my other
devices. So without having to plug my iPhone or iPad into my computer, I can already have
the music with me when I turn it on. Next, I want to talk about how iCloud works with
Windows. In order to get iCloud on Windows you need to download this little file here
called “iCloud Control Panel for Windows” You can get it just by Googling it. It’s on
Apple’s website. It’s a very small file. When you take photos it will store them in an actual
folder instead of loading them into a program like it does on the Mac. In regards to bookmarks,
you can choose different web browsers to have it sync with. The next is the tricky one which
has to do with Outlook. There are different programs you can use on Windows to get that
data some use Windows Mail, others use Outlook, and others use Thunderbird. I have always
recommended Thunderbird because Outlook has never played well with other services like
iCloud. It does play well with services like Google. The biggest example people seem to
run into is they may put a calendar item on their computer and it goes into their iPhone
perfectly. But when they do it in revered order, it never seems to go into their computer.
If you are on a Windows PC and want to use iCloud, I would suggest that instead of using
iCloud you may want to consider using the different Google apps like Google Contacts
and Calendars instead. It seems to be a lot more reliable. Well everyone, we have covered
an awful lot about iCloud. This is a very complicated topic to discuss with a large
group of people. I hope you learned something from this and if you did enjoy it, please
consider giving us a thumbs up/like button. If you happen to be watching this on PCClassesOnline.com
give us a comment in the comments section. This is David A. Cox with PCClassesOnline.com
if you’ve never heard of us please visit our website. We are a 100% free public service
currently with members in over 160 countries. Take care everyone. Bye.

Dereck Turner

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    I made some tests using Aperture, Image Capture utility, iMac and iPhone 5s. I compared five different import versions of the same pictures:
    1. Streamed from iCloud, in iCloud folder in Aperture.
    2. Streamed from iCloud, in "January 2014" folder in Aperture.
    3. Imported to hard drive using USB and Image Capture utility.
    4. Imported to Aperture using USB.
    5. Emailed from iPhone in "actual size".
    Results varies with a few bytes depending on method. Pixel ratios does not change using any method. The ones imported into Aperture directly from the phone using USB are the exact same size as the ones streamed via iCloud. 

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    I want to point out that newer devices with iOS 7 will remain locked via Find My iPhone even if the device is wiped. From Apple.com:

    "Losing your iPhone feels lousy. Thankfully, iCloud can help you get it back. But if it looks like that’s not going to happen, new Find My iPhone features in iOS 7 make it harder for anyone who’s not you to use or sell your device. Now turning off Find My iPhone or erasing your device requires your Apple ID and password. Find My iPhone can also continue to display a custom message, even after your device is erased. And your Apple ID and password are required before anyone can reactivate it."

    I also disagree with using Chrome if you have multiple Macs/iPhones. Safari is based on the same rendering engine (WebKit) and is thus equally as compatible and the speed difference is only applicable with reference to the Javascript engine, and this difference will not be noticeable to the user and that is if you are even correct. According to Apple's 2013 WWDC Keynote, on SunSpider, Safari is 1.12 times faster then Chrome, and in real world Java like Google's own homepage, Safari is 6.4 times faster then Chrome in JavaScript. Also, Safari, the program itself, is much faster with regard to start up times and such on OS X compared to Chrome. It uses far more native code then Chrome does, often code that is already running like Bonjour, Keychain, all of the UI elements, etc and as a result has a much smaller impact on RAM usage (Apple's 2013 WWDC states Chrome uses about 1.6 times the amount of RAM) for those with older macs or portables with lower amounts of RAM, and it starts faster as well. It also uses significantly less power then Chrome, again mostly because it uses more native code, but also because it uses more of OS 10.9's power saving features (Apple's 2013 WWDC states Chrome uses 1.3 times the energy of Safari). I'd only recommend Chrome if, and that is IF someone already has been using it on several other machines or for a few years and uses all of Googles other services. Also remember, to get Chrome to sync bookmarks onto your iPhone, you must also use the iPhone Chrome browser, which as of iOS 7, is decidedly slower and less friendly to use.

    Further information: http://www.apple.com/icloud/find-my-iphone.html

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