iCloud Backup Tutorial | Countdownplus

iCloud Backup Tutorial | Countdownplus

This video will help you to restore your countdowns on your new ios device. This tutorial will only work with the paid version of the app. Grab your ios device that has all your countdowns is on, and we want to check that the app has enabled iCloud Drive. Go into Settings then scroll down to find iCloud then go into iCloud Drive. We want to make sure that the Countdownplus app is turned on so the green icon lets us know its turned on. So now grab your other ios device, now make sure you have downloaded the app again from the app store. You can find it in your purchases tab and then download it from there. So lets make sure that this ios device has iCloud enabled for the app. So we are going to repeat the last step. So Settings – iCloud – iCloud Drive – then make sure its switched on. As you can see it hasn’t been turned on. Now we can open the Countdownplus app. I have no countdowns what so ever but it should load straight away all of your countdowns. If for some reason it does not load straight away then, in the app tap on Menu, then tap on iCloud Sync. It may take some time considering the amount of countdowns you have. Say you have 20 countdowns it will take a lot of time. So leave it to download them all and go back later on to check they are all there. Thank you for watching this tutorial, we will be releasing more tutorials very soon. If you have any questions about the app then message us on Facebook. Click subscribe to be told when we make new videos.

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