iCloud Backup Failed – You Do Not Have Enough Storage Solution

If you’re one of the millions of iphone
users who has seen this screen, “iPhone Backup Failed. You do not have enough space in iCloud to
back up this iPhone.” we have the solution for you! In this video, you’ll learn how to fix this
problem and understand why you don’t have enough space in iCloud I’m Andy, and you’re watching Learn How. We create video lessons and tutorials to help
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consider subscribing! Before we start, if you haven’t seen our
other video about iCloud Storage, you are probably going to want to watch that video as well
to fully understand iCloud. But let’s get to why you’re here. You’re tired of getting that popup saying
your backup failed, even with all your iCloud storage space available! We dug a little deeper into iCloud backup
and discovered why you don’t have enough storage space, even though you think 5 GB
should be plenty! According to Apple, iCloud Backup includes
all of the following data. Most people think that the backup feature
is only for contacts, reminders, calendar, and those features shown on the main iCloud
settings screen, but iCloud backup is much more than that. I ran a test to see how much storage space
a full iPhone backup uses by plugging my iPhone into iTunes and doing a backup to my computer. After the backup is complete you can navigate
to the file by opening iTunes – Preferences – Devices. You can right click and select show in finder
to see the file if you’re on a Mac, and then right click get info on that folder to
see how big the file is. As you can see, my iPhone backup used around
34 GB of storage space on my computer. Apple only gives you 5 GB of iCloud storage
for free. Your iCloud backup fails because you don’t really have as much storage space as you need. Here are two solutions to this problem. The free solution is to manually backup your
iPhone to your computer using iTunes. You don’t need to pay for extra iCloud space
if you use this method. The other solution is to pay for extra iCloud
storage. You can do that from the iCloud settings on
your device. Just click manage storage, then change storage
plan. So why do you need iCloud storage if you can’t
backup your phone using it? Well that free icloud storage space is still
very useful. In the iCloud settings you’ll see Apps using
iCloud. These are all apps that save data to your
iCloud account. For example, if you add a new contact to your
iPhone and the contacts app is enabled for iCloud, that contact info will be instantly
downloaded to all your other Apple devices. The same thing happens when you create a calendar
event, or write a note in the notes app using iCloud. You can create an iCloud note on your iPhone
and also read that same note on your iPad. You’ll soon realize that the most important
data that you want transferred instantly between your Apple devices is found in these iCloud
apps. The free iCloud 5 GB of storage is best used
for this purpose. To stay connected on all your devices. It would be a hassle to create a calendar
event on your iPhone and then have to create the same event on your iPad and Macbook. The nice thing is that all these apps use
very little storage space so you should never have to worry about iCloud filling up again. A full backup is best used every few months
when you connect your device into your computer using iTunes. To finally get rid of the Failed iCloud Backup
notification, all you need to do is go into your iCloud settings and turn iCloud backup
off. All those other apps we talked about like
Notes and Contacts will still continue to automatically update. The nice thing is that data that is being
saved to iCloud will still be there in case of an emergency. If you haven’t backed up your iPhone for
6 months and it breaks, you can still recover all your up to date contacts info and other data from iCloud. Once again, if you haven’t watched our iCloud
storage space video you definitely are going to want to watch that to learn how to clean
up your iCloud storage. If you’re getting the notification that
your iCloud storage is full, you’ll find the solution for that in that video. If you liked this video, hit that thumbs up button and subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss out on our
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