I Paid Artists $20,000 To Finish My Drawing…

I Paid Artists $20,000 To Finish My Drawing…

I found thirteen artists. Each artist is gonna finish one of my drawings. What they don’t know is that I’m gonna be giving them double of what they ask for. So if someone charges $500 for a drawing I’ll pay them $1000. I have a $20,000 budget so whatever I don’t use I’m gonna give to the homeless or hungry families. Okay so let’s try to design something cool, we’re gonna start out with a simple Spider-Man pose. So pretty much what I’m doing for these is I’m doing the quick design layouts for the artists to finish it. I want it to be very dynamic so I want it to be fluent. With this particular Spider-Man drawing I thought buildings would be pretty cool. I think that should be enough honestly. So it’s just Spider-Man swinging through the buildings. And this is just gonna be one of many for them to choose from. Next thing we’re gonna do is Iron Man versus Spider-Man, ’cause usually they team up so it’s gonna be kinda cool to see them go against each other. For this I wanted more of a fighting pose and to be honest this is the one I’m most excited about. I feel like they can add so much to this piece and we’re just gonna get something amazing. Ooh, this is turning out really sick. Oh, to make it even cooler we’ll have the building over here. I wonder how the artist [will] interpret this? I think that’s gonna be pretty cool, I’m curious to see how it’s gonna turn out. Yeah. Okay, next I think we’re just gonna draw my original character Dax. So the drawing for this one is purely for reference which mean they don’t have to copy exactly what I’m doing. Alright so it’s gonna be something like that. I wonder what they could do with it. I think it looks pretty good. Let’s do a really cool female scene. Make sure we get the really powerful, bad-ass woman in here. For this one I wanted to do a full battle scene, she has a huge sword and it’s pretty much for anyone who wants to draw a strong woman. I think I added this one because I feel like I didn’t have a female option and all of the superheroes from before were all male. And I just want to be fair because I know some people prefer drawing females over males. I’ll give her like some pet flying dragon. There’s our strong woman. Now that we have the layouts, it’s time to look for the artists. The first person that I found was ArtUniverse6. These just look incredible, they’re very realistic. So I’m gonna take a moment and just send them a DM. Next, I’m gonna contact one of my favorite artists, his name is Villarrte. I mean seriously, just check out these drawings. That is incredible art work. His work is absolutely mind-blowing and I would love to see him draw one of my characters. Bro, seriously though, look at that. Next up I found Idan, he’s been very good friends with me for over two years. We met on Instagram a long, long time ago and as you can see his art is just great. Look at that Spider-Man and Miles Morales, that is beautiful. Up next I contacted someone named Studio Odin, so he does a more anime/manga style. I’ve tried manga style and it’s not as easy as it looks. So, respect to this guy. Next person up I’m gonna contact, you already know who it is, Gawx Art. He did a collab with me a while ago with a PewDiePie drawing. He did a great job on that, so I wanna do it with him again. [music] He has some very colorful drawings, very similar to my good friend Vex. But the next artist I contacted is Ink Art Luis. His style is interesting, it’s a mix of comic style and manga. One Punch Man! Enough said. We are getting this guy. I mean, there’s no way I can do this video without contacting my good friend, Terrence Unchained. This guy is one of my best friends on Instagram and this guy’s art is very impressive. Bro, back when I had nothing and I was tiny on Instagram, this guy helped me out so much. So huge shout out to him. And of course I contacted the realism queen, Flo. See this, it literally looks just like a photo. That is some nice hair. And my hair just looks like grass that hasn’t been watered. So some of you guys may already know this guy, PopCross Studios, I’ve done videos with him in the past. He’s really talented and he can do these cool animations, so I wonder what he’s gonna do using my drawings. Next we have Bella Rachlin. I really want her to draw my strong woman because I’ve been looking at her female characters for a while and they are so beautiful. Look at that, you can’t tell me that’s not amazing. To make this video a little more interesting, I actually contacted one of my fans. So, she actually followed me for a while and she’s done art like this for me before. Artist number 12 is Jackson Caspersz. He does some hyper realistic sketches based on reference. See that, he does basic layouts and then goes and does stuff like that. That is sick. The last and thirteenth artist is very special I flew him out to California to draw with me. So most of the guys I’m communicating through DMs, but this guy is physically gonna be with me and we’re gonna work together on this in real life. It’s been a couple weeks, so let’s take a look at their art and give them double of what they’re asking for. Wow! He finished my drawing and it looks so good. It looks photo-realistic but at the same time it’s not a copy of an actual photo, which is something I really, really love. I don’t even know how he go those details and that’s just mind-blowing to me. I can’t believe he turned my awful drawing into this. 5 Turkey punches out of 5. I think that’s gonna be the rating system from now on. Sorry Turkey. I just PayPal’d him and I’m gonna send him a message saying why I’m doing this surprise. I said, “Amazing art! I sent you double the payment as a little surprise and support great artists like you.” Oh boy, the next one is by one of my favorite artists ever. So as you can imagine, $20,000 is a lot to spend on just one video. So I got a sponsor to help me out with a few thousand. Crunchyroll is the world’s biggest site for anime and manga. So if you’re someone that like either one of those, this is the place to go to. Honestly, I didn’t know what show to watch, and a lot of you guys suggested “Attack on Titan”. So it should be pretty easy, we just type in, “Attack on Titan” over here and it should show up. Look, right there, now I can watch “Attack on Titan”. And obviously, that’s just one of the many shows on here. And I’m sure a lot you guys have heard about Crunchyroll already, so you guys can suggest some stuff for me to watch. All episodes are also ad-free, meaning no ads at all, and you get to watch it in 80p. Can’t watch it on your phone or computer? No problem, you can play it on your Xbox, Playstation, you name it. So if you do want to try this out and get a 14 day free trial, go to crunchyroll.com/zhc, or use the link in the description. In case you missed it, it’s crunchyroll.com/zhc. I’m kinda nervous to see this. Okay, he sent a time lapse in. Going very fast. Is that my character?! My character Dax? Bro. What?! How does someone do that! [triumphant music] Yo, my heart is racing right now. How is he so good? Look at that anatomy, that crosshatching. These guys are straight-up embarrassing me, I might as well delete my channel. I give it 6 Turkey punches out of 5. Here’s proof that I paid him double of what he asked for. “Hey by the way I sent you $600 instead of $300 ’cause I want to support hardworking artists like you!” He is really one of the most talented artists I know. Next we have Art of Idan, also drawing my original character Dax. Okay so, he’s doing the standing pose I made. Those colors, man. IT’S TURKEY! Wait is that Turkey? Oh my goodness! Wait, Turkey’s in there. Now that I know there’s a Turkey in the drawing, it deserves more than just a Turkey punch. Amazing artist. I PayPal’d him and I DM’d him too. “Also I paid you $600 instead of $300 as a little surprise for everyone helping out with the video”. Next we have Studio Odin who also drew my character Dax. Wow, look this is definitely his style. There’s a blue in the background, there’s a pink background, there’s a turquoise background, and there’s a yellow background. Which one do you like most, Turkey? I really like the pink one. How about you? [silence] Not talking, huh? Oh wait, wait, sorry. I-I think he said pink earlier. So there we go, we PayPal’s him double of what he asked for. And were gonna surprise him in in the DMs. “And just as a thank you and to support my fellow artists, I’m giving everyone double of what they asked for! Just a fun little surprise.” Thanks, bro. He sent me four so that’s four punches. Next we have Gawx Art, who also did Dax. [music] That is definitely his style, man. Here’s the PayPal and let’s see what his response is. “Amazing art, bro! Keep up the amazing work just as a thank you to my fellow artists, I’m gonna send you double.” We both liked it very much. Artist number 6, Ink Art Luis, sent us a couple of progress photos. This is the first one. I can already tell this is gonna be good. One punch for the layout. Bro, alright. Dude, those lines are so dynamic it just goes *motions up* And there is the final one. I think he was kinda on a time crunch and didn’t have time to color it yet. What do you think Turkey? Do you like it? How dare you?! Never mind he was talking about my sh*tty art. He said this one looks really good. There, we PayPal’s him. “Also I’m gonna send you asked for as a little surprise who helped out with the video!” Next artist! We have Terrence Unchained. Yooo! Is it just me or is it kinda creepy but awesome at the same time? Look at those teeth! Terrence is a master. *flustered* I’m just gonna pay him right now. I gotta pay him. Okay, maybe not just a hundred. Each one of these artists have, like, there own unique style and they just add so much to it. I said “I doubled the payment amount by the way! It’s a little surprise I wanted you to have for this video.” And the thing with Terrence is that he has a full time job and a family, so he wasn’t able to put everything off right away to work on this. So please go do me favor and go support him. This guy honestly deserves everything. ‘Kay next we have Flo. [upbeat music] It looks really, really good. So, I’m gonna have to give it to her on this one. This is 5 Turkey punches. I PayPal’d and I told her, “I doubled what I would usually pay to support fellow artists as a little surprise.” Turkey, unfortunately, is not an artist. Now, for the last Dax drawing. This one is by PopCross Studios. It moves! Dude! That hair! And that redesigned spike ball looks really dope. Turkey can’t even move this this, watch: Is that all you can do? This is better than anything I would’ve ever expected. I really wanna pay him but he told me to donate the money to people in need. Come on Turkey, I give stuff away too. No it’s not just for views. *whispers* It’s also for bait. Nah I’m just kidding guys, I actually really like helping people in need. Whoa! Bella Rachlin did a killer job on this. She even drew some creature’s skull that she slayed. Aw, it’s the baby dragon! Now THAT is a strong woman. I paid her and I told her, “I sent you double of what you asked for by the way. It’s a little surprise for artists doing the commission.” Don’t you like good reactions, Turkey? Who doesn’t like strong women? Excuse me, what? THAT’S what happens when you don’t respect women. Oh, you’re talking about me? Turkey, for the last time, I’m not a woman. Where’d your money go? Turkey, where’s your money? No! Turkey, did your money rip? Alright Turkey, it looks like you have this for the rest of the video. Next, we have CiCi Zhong, who drew over my Venom drawing. Woo! Dude! I didn’t think there was anything else to add to my Venom. This girl is 16 years old, and she did that. I told her I was gonna pay her, but she is also very kind-hearted. And she really loves animals so she sent me this link to this Taiwanese dog shelter or something, and she told me to help her give me money to that. So I’ll contact them and hopefully I’ll be able to donate some money to them. When I was 16 I couldn’t do that. Actually, I can’t even do that right now. [impressed] What? That Iron, Spider suit is so clean, bro. I feel like the more art I see, the more I feel like I have to learn. I think I just feel so grateful right now because even though I’m not the best artist, you guys are still following me and helping me out so much. I don’t know I just feel so grateful right now. I’m gonna send you double of what you asked for. Ready for the next one? For the next artist, I’m flying them over to meet me in person. So for this one I actually have a physical underdrawing and let’s see if James wants to finish it. Z- “Hey, James.”
J-“Hey, buddy.” Z-“Uh, so this was the drawing I was talking about.”
J-“Oh, right on!” Z-“I drew it first and then I’ll have you redraw it.”
J-“Okay, awesome.” Z-“Then of course I’ll pay you for it. Do you have any like, commission rates?” J-“Uhh, I don’t know, man. Whatever you think is best.” Z-“So, that’s Iron Man and that’s Spider-Man.”
J-“Spider-Man! Okay.” Z-“I’ll check in with you in a bit.”
J-“Okay, sounds good.” Kinda fighting the clock ’cause my flight leaves this afternoon. As cool as this piece is, it’s also gonna take a bunch of time. See that, 10:30? I gotta leave for the airport at 5 o’clock, so that’s all the time I’ve got. [upbeat music] The hardest part for me is the actual layout part. For the most part Zach got that done for me. That’s the part where I have the most thinking, trying to think of the pose. Pretty much just trying to get the proportions right, trying to get all the costume details both of them have very intricate costume details. Also wanted to get Spider-Man killable, which is also great. Look pretty good, um, Spider-Man feels a bit tall. I don’t wanna spend too much time on the layout here ’cause the layout is practically done it’s just a matter of getting the character proportions right. I’m going straight to ink, one more time. [electronic music] Right now, I’m gonna go to Well’s Fargo to get some cash so I can pay James Raiz in person, and get a little bit of cash for the thumbnail. Z-“James, guess what we’re having for breakfast?”
J-“What’re we having, eggs?” Z-“Bread!”
J&Z-*laughs* Z- “Nah, nah just kidding I got some donuts.” J-“We’ll see. See how many.” J-“Is that real?”
Z-“Yeah, yeah I just got it from the bank.” Z-“Michelle, guess what were having for breakfast?”
M-“What?” Z-“Bread!” M-“No way!”
Z-“Yeah.” M-“Mine.”
Z-“No!” Z-“Oh no.” [music] That jump was getting the figures done, doing the figures was a lot of fun to do. And it was such a great pose that Zach put together. But also, then I went ahead and then did the buildings. I wish I could’ve spent a few more hours on this, but all in all, [I’m] pretty pleased with the way it turned out. So hopefully, Zach will enjoy it as well. Z-“How’s the drawing coming along?” J-“Pretty good! Almost done.” Z-“Wow, that looks amazing.”
J-“You like it, man?” Z-“It’s a commission.”
J-“Mhm!” Z-“Here, this is yours.” J-“You mean just this one?”
Z-“Here’s a tip.” J-“What?!” Hey Zach, don’t tell my wife. [music] I think I did that too fast. J-“Make sure there’s none under the couch. Don’t get my belly in it.” I think he’s had enough punches for today. What? You didn’t subscribe? Subscribe or I’m gonna do that to you. I’m not joking.

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