I Bought EVERY Art Subscription Box!!?

I Bought EVERY Art Subscription Box!!?

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “I Bought EVERY Art Subscription Box!!?

  1. Chloe Rose Art says:

    Hi everyone! I listed the name of EVERY art supply in the description if you didn’t catch me say the name/I didn’t show it long enough on screen! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to click and watch. It means a lot to me ✨

  2. XYZ ABC says:

    Thanks for reviewing these. I was always curious if any were worth getting.

  3. Slimeysigns Xo says:

    I love your hair Chloe😍😍😍😂

  4. mohanned says:

    Art boxe is a fun way to try new things and force u to experiment with stuff outside ur comfort zone

  5. chick, it's AWESOME! says:

    Blah, blah, blah! No matter how far I skip to, I don't see art. I just see supplies!

  6. pixiepqueen says:

    All are a bit of a waste of money. Would rather just go to the shop and get what I needed

  7. Reddit Planter says:

    H E L L O T H E R E

  8. KOOKIES NJAMS says:


  9. Amber Moon says:

    Smart art must have stepped up their game, your box didnt look all that bad!

  10. Sadia Siddiqui says:

    You look like a fun art teacher in school I never had

  11. Private Person says:

    How do people afford these boxes… still a puzzle to me

  12. ticking tim-bomb says:

    Karin took my children

  13. Yiyin Art says:

    I knew about your channel by Rae and I love your videos.

  14. Snaily dino says:

    lEtS nOt LiE tO oUrSeLvEs Opening MaiL iS liKe Presents

  15. Kian's Corner says:

    I really like your arts
    Plsss Check mine too and make a pin

  16. Betz Golden says:

    Sketch box always claim their boxes are worth more than they really are by adding several dollars to what they say the value of each item is in the box.

  17. Average Dad says:

    I felt happy when she said the scrawlrbox is good cuz I ordered one and I felt like it isn't worth it

  18. chocopepperminthint says:

    Fan of Calligraphy here, I want the brush pens so baaaaad 😭💙

  19. Mildred Hubble says:

    U r using the gelatos wrong🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 ah well

  20. Hurricane Chaos Irma says:

    Should say this, thank you so much for the captions!

  21. D C says:

    Chloe thanks for the 2 months of skillshare, will be nice since I have free time in summer

  22. StellaAlmond says:


    Chloe: It's by Karen

    Me: ._.

  23. Esmay Pintor says:

    Looks like Smart Art Box upgraded since Rae’s video.

  24. Roasted_ Pickl3z says:

    Pistashio and red cherry or…

    Diarrhea and period blood

  25. Missy Cute says:

    $40 is the same amount of money you can pay monthly for a iPhone X

  26. McKae Meyer says:

    You should use all of the art supplies you got from all of the boxes and create a art piece

    Just an idea

  27. Marni 2008-_- says:

    chloe i witnnessed the worst add

  28. Rhianna Rajput says:

    I also just brought jazzas art box 😊

  29. Amydali86 says:

    Hi! My name is Amy, and I have a neighbor who likes to work with paints and she draws. She is only 14, and I'm wondering if you recommend any specific art supplies that I could gift her on her birthday and Christmas (I know it's months away, but in my mind it's never too soon to start saving/planning).

  30. Lin Tina says:

    I really like scrawlbox and btw I never knew kneaded eraser were white

  31. Michael Lazarou says:

    Palletful is definitely my favourite, Everytime drawing wiff waffles opens a palletful pack I love it!

  32. ᴊᴜʀɪsᴅᴏᴇᴢʏᴛ says:

    If you want the video faster,
    Make the video 1.25x (or any fast speed)
    If you cant understand her,
    Put on Captions
    You’re Welcome. 🙂
    Edit: You can also skip ._.

  33. ᴊᴜʀɪsᴅᴏᴇᴢʏᴛ says:

    Where do u buy those boxes?

  34. Anna Markowicz says:

    O Karin's brushmarker I really like them! It's polish art supply 😀

  35. cinnamon bunnz says:

    Smooth crayon = Oil pastel

    Lowkey the Gelato looks like an oil pastel

  36. Morgan Farrant says:

    7:29 Zues agrees.

  37. Vera says:

    I really like how paletteful packs and scrawlrbox and artsnacks really think about how the supplies could work together and give you enough to make a complete art piece with just those supplies!

  38. Jessica S says:

    Oh yay, very glad I found this! This was a video I very much needed, had all of the helpful information I was looking for to make my choice, and it helped me to find a cool channel to follow as well! Thank you very much!

  39. Caitlin Cruz says:

    It kinda sounded like she said I hate that you liked the video lol

  40. Josee Dunlop says:

    I like how Chloe's subscription box videos are all "I didn't open these so watch me open five" because the unboxing is the best part anyway

  41. LoyalKiki says:

    For the last box you could make like a spicy pistachio

  42. djocapn says:

    So many water based brush pens in every one of these, and also almost all the other ones you opened previously. Think it was only that one Sketch Box that had pencils that didn't include watercolors. No acrylic paints, oil paints, pastels, charcoal, Conté …. not much variety at all it seems. I would of said Sketch Box had variety, but now 2 of the 3 you opened were water color brush pens. I pretty much just draw though, don't' much use color, so that may be why only the one Sketch Box looked interesting.

  43. Jaelyn Ross says:

    I feel bad for your wallet i love your videos

  44. Twinkle Toes says:

    How is it you order a Scrawlrbox and get freakin awesome Ecolines, and the last one I got (before I cancelled my subscription in a rage) had a pack of office highlighters, one black crayola felt tip, a pink (hard crappy style) rubber and a bog standard pencil in it?! -.-

  45. reno lyons says:

    i just LOVE your British accent

  46. LexDomino says:

    I did that with Loot Crate when I hit a low point.

  47. Lauren lucas-baynes says:

    Looks expensive 😳 200

  48. lovfro says:

    The inks in that calligraphy box would probably do well for experimental Asian style ink painting.

  49. Nearly An Animator says:

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  50. ha. asibe says:

    yea you can hear the rain

  51. Cakes & Wonderous Wonders says:

    Did you not get the Inktober one from Art Snacks?

  52. Cakes & Wonderous Wonders says:

    Jazza!!!! 😄

  53. Cakes & Wonderous Wonders says:

    I'm not sure which box I liked best, but I definitely want to get one though!

  54. Cristal Luna says:

    2:32 thi is why i love bits "llamar"

  55. Angela Street says:

    I've just signed up to Skillshare xxx thank you for the promo code xxx I can't wait to get started xxx

  56. I don't even know says:

    Do i have to buy one every month? I'm confused ive never bought one of these before 😪

  57. Sara Gonzalez says:

    I remember watching DrawingWiffWaffles open the scrawler and art snacks box

  58. Minda Kahn says:

    Your engaging personality makes this worth watching, but the fact that you don’t know what some of the supplies are scares me.
    And, you end up with supplies you really don’t need now and I’d still prefer to make my list and buy from someone like Blick knowing that every week they are going to send me a sale notice, and the prices are sharp every day.
    But please remember that oops shopping should go to your neighbor elementary school art teacher. They always need supplies.

  59. Angelina Rejametova says:

    Lots of carbon dioxide – maybe

  60. Nindiya Nathan says:

    And this is when she knew. She fucked up.

  61. Lowkii says:

    Chloe: is british
    Also Chloe: talks in dollars so we dont understand how much she actually spent

  62. Oldfashion Dragon says:

    Skillshare is pretty bad ass

  63. Fake Account says:

    "I've never opened a smart art before"
    "One thing that I really love about smart art is that they always"
    Im sorry w u t? 😂😂

  64. gamer waymer says:

    Finger painting classes?? I think I took that class in preschool

  65. riechan9 says:

    Where is the jazza (sp?) Opening one?

  66. chicken noodle says:

    Omg 2000kr (in Norwegian money) thats like 5 non trashy hoodies

  67. Dillon Huynh says:

    *cant buy

  68. Mohammad Aslam says:

    0:41 me when i learn I failed life

  69. Ryan Collins says:

    As much as I enjoy art and liked this video that is not how you say "hello there". It's a golden rule if you say "hello there" you have to say it in a high pitch Irish accent.

  70. Nicole Wood says:

    Does anyone else think she looks like Anna Kendrick…

  71. Lauren Dolman says:

    This might sound like a stupid question but is it possible to find out what you're getting before you open the box? I know it might defeat the objective but since you pay for the box, I would have assumed there might be an option to find out what you're paying for? 🙂

  72. Artwork Fly, Pckt Dry says:

    Lol Patrick!

  73. Adam Goss says:

    Only 5 boxes that's not all of them and…… THATS A LOT OF 💰 LOOT OMG

  74. Shimmerriver Star {five years old} says:

    Americans cough meee: Eraser
    Brits cough meh cough heritage: Erazer

  75. Lacey UwU says:

    I'm going into middle school, I loved to draw and I have so many skec

  76. Vito vit says:

    scrawlr doesn't ship to Usa unfortunately. it does however ship to outlying united states islands…

  77. Julie Coleman says:

    Thank you I can't decide what I want to get

  78. DaTrippster says:

    I want a scrawlrbox but I live in the US. I don’t think I can get it :/

  79. AgentPedestrian says:

    Kinda funny that you don't use ink and like 4 of the boxes were ink! Kinds jelly… i love ink

  80. i says:

    the quality difference between these boxes and the crayola boxes is sad but amusing

  81. Deborah Anton says:

    Hi Chloe, can I be the friend you give all the stuff you don’t use? I’m kidding. I really enjoyed the video.

  82. Linde Voskamp says:

    "Don't you worry because I have saved you th-" psh nobody saw that


  83. Cutie Pie says:

    1:63 Chloe you have immense talent how did you do that

  84. Cool beans 17 says:

    Ummm what peeps have you been using throughout the video bc it seems to be realy nice to draw on

  85. August G says:

    Ah! My fave art subscription box channel!

  86. Drawing With C says:

    OoOoOo OoOh I fEeL fAnCy

    haha chloe I love your vids

  87. Hana Yuuko says:

    Thought she said e-coli 😂

  88. Lilian Hope says:

    Ik this is off topic from the video. But what jar did you use for the paradise falls thing on the shelf?

  89. Naseem Bashaar says:

    All cartoonist rise the best type of artist (jk you can love whatever you want)

  90. Pamela Linebaugh says:

    I think you missed one https://shop.toucanbox.com/

    Thats the one I grew up with has all the supplies needed for each craft they send out Has 3 kinds to choose from deluxe . super and regular has between 1 to 4 crafts plus book of instructions

  91. Pamela Linebaugh says:

    Am always looking for new craft ideas and supplies

  92. M e says:

    So shit ton of money for markers. Ummm no.

  93. Roberta DeJean says:

    SKETCHBOX has always had a sticker…they used to be bigger and recently changed to that smaller size

  94. Lord Shadow says:

    New to your chancel! Love everything about it including your predication and fair judgement. Subscribed 😊 can't wait to watch more (2 more I think before bed lol)

  95. Bhodisatvas says:

    I don't understand why you would pay to have random art supplies sent to you that you probably wont use instead of simply browsing Jacksons or CAS and buying what you want.

  96. Holli Bucher says:

    Is smart art the people that jazza partnered with because the boxes (not contents) are identical

  97. Jeykobz LT says:

    Where is jazzy art box?

  98. Pammi Payne says:

    Hello Chloe, Smart box is my heaven.. the posh pen is a dip pen and I use mine for parchment craft. They can give you the finest lines I have ever done with any brush. Love your video's.

  99. Ilydowa says:

    scrawl box is all name brand? for 25$ wow

  100. Vicky Yan says:

    Send me your life in a subscription box.
    Best life ever.

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