How To Use Knives – By Vahchef By Vahchef

How To Use Knives – By Vahchef By Vahchef

hello salaamwalekum and namaste welcome back to another session with VahChef where you’re going to learn the differences between different types of knives today so that you can use them better in your work. Tools are very important part of a kitchen they help you get up and running faster, they help you lighten your work they are no-nonsense implements that keep your kitchen hummin like a song, of all the tools the knife is perhaps the most used not to mention the most appreciated tool of all I would not be surprised if a caveman invented a cutting device before any other tool it is very simple if you want to eat anything you have to make it bite-size first knives coming various shapes and sizes and let’s go through each one of them today so you can use the right knife for the right task always remember safety first keep a knife blade away from you when handling a knife be always aware of your surroundings so the blade does not do any damage to others around you always keep a knife sharpened otherwise it is quite useless as a tool, a dull knive is more of a hazard and will cost cuts as you tend to apply more pressure to use it they also tend to go all over the place and cause more accidents. A chef’s knife, a chef’s knife is the most important part of his chefs kit if you see a sous chef in the kitchen with a knife in his apron or hand ninety-five percent of the times you can bet your bottom dollar that it is a chef’s knife this is an all-purpose knife used for chopping slicing dicing and mincing it is a good tool sometimes used to threaten and getting your job done too, don’t ever try that, it is a rigid eight to 14 inches long blade and a and about 1 inch wide at the heel gradually tapering to a sharp point at the end this is a must knife every household should have this knife next is the utility knife chef sometimes use this knife also as an all-purpose knife is used for cutting vegetables, craving poultry it has the same dimensions as a chef’s knife but it is narrower and wet. A boning knife this knife is usually found at butchery or any where that meat is used as the name suggests it has to do with the bone it simply separates the meat from the bone it is therefore cannot have a long blade it has a shorter blade for leverage and it’s either rigid or flexible with a five to seven inches long blade and quite narrow, a paring knife this is a speciality knife that is useful carving and working with vegetables when there is a delicate vegetable carving required on fruits and vegetables this knife is used if the blade is curved it is referred to as stone or bird’s beak knife as you can see it is rigid 2 – 4 inches long blade and very sharp especially near the tip channeling knife this is a speciality knife that is used for making groves on vegetables and fruits especially citrus fruits, a slicer this is a knife with long thin blade used for slicing cooked meat it can be rigid or flexible and the tip is usually rounded if the knife is not sharpen that knife is used for spreading whip cream on the pastry kitchen and it’s called pastry knife or palette knife, a similar knife with a serrated edges is used for slicing bread and call a bread knife a cleaver, a cleaver is also called Chinese chopper which is also a common knife found in the kitchens use for chopping vegetables very finely i prefer this knife to make thin slices of vegetables a butcher knife the rigid blade curves up at a 25 degree angle it is used for fabricating raw meats in preparation of cooking; knife sharpening rod this is one of the must tool in your kitchen and used for sharpening knives, sharpening knives is a speciality task and we will have another session for it lastly use a nice properly for the right task don’t be tempted to use one knife for everything invest in a good knife block with atleast six basic nice for different tasks never use a knife on a marble as it will scratch the stone and dull the edge, bones also destroy a knife sharpness so i hope you will use knives wisely I hope you have enjoyed learning to make use on different knives today remember to add your own this recipe and innovative ways to use other tools in my website so others may benefit from your great cooking ideas and tools

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