How To Use iCloud On Android Phones?

How To Use iCloud On Android Phones?

How To Use iCloud On Android Phones
Accessing your iCloud on an Android phone is relatively simple, however, before you
are able to do so you will have to follow some simple steps. The first step you’ll have to take in order
to use iCloud on Android is to find out which iCloud server is hosting your personal account. This can be easily achieved by following these
simple steps: 1. Go to your calendar
2. Click on the sharing icons next to it
3. Select ‘’Public Calendar’’
Once you have followed these steps, you will be provided with a URL which looks something
like: webcal://p** Note that in this URL the ‘’p**’’
is the number that represents the number of the server you are using. This could, for example, be p01, p02, p03
and so forth. Now, in order to set up your E-mail and sync
it with your iCloud – simply head to your regular E-mail client that you’re normally
using on your Android phone. Once you are here, you’ll have to create
a new IMAP account. While doing this, enter your e-mail address,
user your apple ID as the username, and fill in your iCloud password. When it requires the server number, simply
fill out ‘’p**’’, in which ** is the number you wrote down during
the previous step. After synchronizing your Android E-mail client
with your iCloud, you might also want to sync your calendars and contacts. Doing this might, however, be a bit more complicated. The first thing you’ll have to do is to
find out whether your Android smartphone supports CalDAV and CardDAV protocols. If it turns out that your Android phone does
not support these protocols, you’ll have to download an Application that allows synchronization. Some Apps that are capable of doing so are
Caldav Sync Free Beta and CardDAV-Sync Free Beta. Once your Android phone is able to support
these protocols, you can access your contact settings (or the previously mentioned Apps). While you’re in here, use
as the contact server. After you’ve done so, select the ‘’use
SSL’’ option and fill in your iCloud E-mail and password. Once these steps have been completed, the
contacts on your Android phone should be synced with your iCloud. For those of you that think the method mentioned
above is too complicated, there also are iCloud alternatives that are available to Android
phone users.

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  2. Johannes Wehrheim says:

    first step I didn't get at all… I'm not english so I don't know what you mean by "calendars" and "sharing icon"… And one question too, is this possible on 1 plus 3 too? (Cuz if not I dont even have to try…xD)
    I would be REALLY pleased if you would answer me, as I'm struggling to get iCloud email on my 1 plus 3. Thank you! 🙂

  3. KERRY WHITE says:

    This didnt work because when i went inside the calendar app it did not have a share option

  4. Elin Thapa says:

    bro this doesnt work can u make another video?

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    Does'nt work at all!

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