How to Transfer All Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone without iTunes or iCloud

How to Transfer All Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone without iTunes or iCloud

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech
and if you have an iPhone 5s or newer that can have iOS 12.4 there’s a new way
to transfer information so maybe you don’t have access to iTunes on a
computer or maybe you don’t have access to a large iCloud backup this will allow
you to transfer all of your settings and other data from your old phone to your
new phone so I wanted to show you how to do that
you still will need a Wi-Fi connection but you can also direct transfer from
here to here depending on which device you have but it will still use Wi-Fi to
download all of the apps and then it will move all of your data into that now
first let’s go over what’s actually transferred and then we’ll move
everything over so a direct transfer is a new way you can transfer and it copies
information such as your iTunes encrypted backup would so all of your
photos media app data settings and more are sent over a peer-to-peer wireless
connection or like I said you can wire them but you will need these two things
to do that you will need a lightning to USB cable and then your lightning cable
so you’ll plug into here and then plug each end into a device and then you can
actually transfer the data you would only really want to do that if you had a
very poor network connection at home otherwise the wireless waste and the
wireless way is the way to go now let’s go ahead and set this up we’ll swipe up
and you’ll see it pops up and says would you like to set up a new phone it’ll
have your Apple ID there and everything so we’ll go ahead and hit continue now
that this has popped up what we want to do is just put it in the camera of our
phone and now it will start the transfer so it’ll say just a moment and it’ll set
everything up so now that it’s at this point we need to put in the password or
the passcode from our old phone to unlock it to put it into here our new
phone so let’s go ahead and do that it’ll say setting up your phone so we’ll
set this one down here and it says it may take a few minutes to activate your
phone so again you will need Wi-Fi to activate it and to transfer your data
now wait for this a few minutes and then when this parts done we’ll go to the
next step now it wants us to set up face ID so I’ll go ahead and do that now you
may have touch ID so if you have touch ID set that up with your thumb or
fingerprint I’ll set up face ID quickly so face ID
is now set up I’ll hit continue and this is the new part where it says transfer
your data transfer from iPhone transfer directly so that this iPhone will be
ready with your data when when you finish setting up so let’s go ahead and
do that so we’ll go ahead and tap on this button here it’ll say setting up
your Apple ID still and your old phone will be unusable for a little while
while you do this so keep that in mind but we’ll give it just a moment now we
have to agree to the terms and conditions and it says settings from
your other phone we’ll just hit continue so we’ll bring everything over
automatically and then Apple pay we can set that up later or continue you’ll
have to set that up again because that’s a security issue so we’ll just hit setup
later and then if you’re using an Apple watch and you want to move it from the
old phone to the new one without having to set everything up again hit continue
or you can set that up later now this is app analytics this allows developers to
see you when there’s crashes and things it doesn’t necessarily let them see your
personal data but it does let them see the crash information you can decide to
share that or not share that it’s up to you and now it says transferring data
from Aaron’s iPhone 8 plus and you’ll see there’s the transfer status and this
will take a while and again you won’t be able to use the phone while it’s doing
this so we’ll just let this run and hopefully it doesn’t take too long I
think it took about 15 minutes before when I tried this but we’ll see it’ll
tell us in just a moment now it’s saying we have about 23 minutes left this
number started at 44 and rapidly decreased to 23 it just depends on your
network and also if you want to go faster again you could use a direct
connection like this cable if you really wanted to so keep that in mind but we’ll
wait for this to finish and we’ll take a look at what it looks like when it’s
done now that the transfer is complete it says transfer complete on the old
phone you’ll hit continue and all of your information should match on this
phone once it reboots it starts a reboot as soon as it finishes transferring so
we’ll wait for this to reboot and when it does we’ll see what’s over or
transferred over now the phone has rebooted and you can see the wallpaper
now matches so let’s go ahead and unlock it there we go
now they match completely all of the apps are going
to install but all of the app data should also be there as well so it may
take a little bit but if we go into music so in music you’ll have all of the
same music but if you have iCloud music it will just redownload those since it’s
easier to do that and we’ll hit OK here and now everything is the same so all of
your photos everything else should move by itself and it will move all of the
app data into place and you’re ready to go so it may take a while to install all
the different apps and things that you’re used to using but you no longer
need to use your iCloud backup that’s only maybe five gigabytes if you don’t
pay for extra storage and maybe you don’t have iTunes or a computer to
transfer all of this information so it’s really simple but you will need I Oh s
12.4 or newer so that’s the catch with that so all of the exact same settings
should be the same if we go into settings you’ll see it’s got my iCloud
ID there if we go to display even the display settings are the same how I set
them for a video so I turn off true tone and all of those different things for
video and you’ll see even those settings have carried across so the only thing
you’ll need to set up new is your Apple wallet for security reasons and that’s
about it everything should be the same and
hopefully that helps let me know if you have any other questions in the comments
below though and of course I’ll link this wallpaper as I always do if you
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this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

Dereck Turner

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