How to take Fantastic Photo Booth Pictures

How to take Fantastic Photo Booth Pictures

Today we’re going to talk about how to take a fantastic photo booth picture! My name is Chris Rabideau. Everyone’s on a budget, or at least they should be. While price is important, so is quality. Selecting the right photo booth for your needs is the first step. Equipment is important. Equipment is one of the vital parts of taking a fantastic photo booth strip. This is an inside of a photo booth. Professional strobe light produces better quality photos than a pop-up camera flash. And a DSLR camera will produce better photographs than a webcam. Using a computer is better than a tablet, and it produces faster photos as well. While a dye sublimation printer makes quality photo strips, it also prints them and 14 seconds and are immediately dry to the touch. Customized photo strip! One of the fun things that makes a good photo booth pictured is a customized photo booth strip for the event. Here’s an example for a sweet 16 party. Picking your props! Next, we want to make sure you have a lot of props to choose from, have a prop table with fun props such as signs, lips, moustaches, hat glasses, and boas are great! If you’re having a photo booth at your wedding, it should be eye appealing, with the ton of fun things to put on. When selecting props have a theme that makes the photo booth even better. This wedding theme was the boring 20’s. Themes are always a big hit. Strike a pose! Best practice is not to wear props that are the same color as the guest attire. Contrasting colors work best. Poses are important. Make sure you have your props picked out ahead of time. If the photo booth takes three photos, have a different posing idea along with your props ready to go. Having fun while taking the photo is key. Smile a lot, make funny faces, produces best pictures. Being prepared for the camera to take the photo is important. Hold that pose until the flash goes off. Try not to blink or talk in the middle of a photo. Crazy hats! Having obnoxious and crazy props make an excellent photo booth picture. Thinking ahead of time on how you’re going to pose makes all the difference. Layer it up! Wearing a mask, along with a hat, or funny bunny ears, or a mustache, makes an excellent photo picture. You’ll take better photos if you only have to concentrate on having your photo taken. Posing groups! When taking photos with friends, more people can fit in open air photo booth. You want to make sure to get close. Signs shouldn’t be blocking people’s faces. This is in an enclosed photo booth. As you can see it’s not as easy to fit as many people in the photo booth. Memory album! Once you’re finished taking your fantastic photo pictures you’re going to want to have a place to keep all of them. A memory album is a perfect way. Here you can see what a great job you did and how much fun you had at the event. Let’s recap. You want to pick a great company. Equipment is important. Customize your photo booth stip. Pick some great props. Strike a pose. Don’t be afraid of layer up those props. Have a photo booth attendant take your photos. When in a group get together! An Open Air photo booth can have more friends in your photo. An album is a perfect way to keep your fantastic photos for future reference. And lastly, remember to smile and have fun at all times. by Chris Rabideau

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