How to Take Amazing Before and After Photos with Liz Trotter

How to Take Amazing Before and After Photos with Liz Trotter

Before and after pictures, are you supposed to take before and after pictures at customers’ houses? That’s a great question and we get to talk
about that today. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown and this is Ask
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track, All right, onto today’s show, we have several
people that have written into the show. People call into the show, people jump into
our Facebook group and they ask these questions. Is it okay if I post before and after pictures
on Facebook, on my website? Is it okay if I take before and after pictures? What are the rules about taking before and
after pictures? Is it legal? Do I have to ask the customer for permission? Do I have to have them sign waivers? What are the rules? So there’s a lot of information
surrounding before and after pictures. And if you’ve been in the business, you’ve
probably seen a lot of before and after pictures of people’s houses. So today we’ve brought an expert on our show
to share with us some information. Now this is Liz Trotter from Castle Keepers. She co-owns some franchises across the country
of Castle Keepers, which is a house cleaning company from Portland all the way to Dayton, Ohio. So they’re all across the country and they
have lots of opportunities for before and after pictures. So we’re blessed today to have her as our
show correspondent. Please help me welcome Liz Trotter. Liz Trotter: Can you do it? Is it legal? My professional advice is, get approval. Just ask, people will say, “Yes.” 99.9% of people will say, “Absolutely.” So go ahead and do that. It just makes more sense. I just think that if you’re going to do it,
if you’re going to publish them anyway, it’s going to be smarter for you, and why take
any risk? Why take the chance of irritating somebody? It’s just not worth it. Angela Brown: Is there a way to take a better
before and after picture or do you just point and shoot and kind of whatever comes out comes
out? Liz Trotter: I think that that is the most
important thing. If you’re going to take a good before and
after, here’s the key, it’s just a simple, simple trick. Take the picture in exactly the same place
at exactly the same angle and exactly the same light as you took it the first time. Otherwise, people look at it and go, is that
the same tub? There’s a question there. But if it’s taken exactly the same direction
everything, it’s easy to see the before and
after. Also, if you have one thing in the picture
that is slightly different, maybe the coloring of the floor around the toilet or a certain
kind of a knob in a shower, that’s going to really help make it stand out and show that
it’s exactly the same tub. Angela Brown: Do you need to bring a special
camera with you or can you do this on your cell phone? Liz Trotter: You know what, better on a phone. I think that’s another mistake that people
make. They try to get this really professional picture
and then it looks fake. So the cell phone picture actually makes it
look right. It looks like, Oh yeah, that’s a real… I can tell, they really took that right there
in the house. So absolutely your cell phone .
Angela Brown: And do you have a preference or do you think there’s a right or wrong way
as far as doing it vertical versus horizontal? Liz Trotter: Vertical won’t fill up your space
when you go to post it. So you got to go sideways. And I may have made the mistake of doing it
upside down before and having to fix that. So just take a test picture. Angela Brown: I completely agree with the
horizontal because when… I’m new to technology, but as we started making
videos, we could import a video that was in horizontal, which is the sideways, like a
widescreen TV. As Opposed to the tall, skinny part with all
the extra stuff on the side because we’re not smart enough to figure out what to put
on the sides so it’s not distracting. Liz Trotter: It’s like you’ve seen some of
my videos, Angela. Trial and error over here. Angela Brown: Is it legal to take pictures
in people’s homes? Do you need a waiver or something signed from
the customer? Liz Trotter: Again, the legality is different
throughout different states and different countries. So get a waiver, just get somebody agreeing
to allow you to take pictures and then you don’t have any worries at all. I don’t want to speak to the legalities of
every single state, so my recommendation is don’t take the chance, get a waiver. People will give it to you. Angela Brown: And one last question, how effective
are before and after pictures, is that something you recommend for social media and websites
and all that stuff to prove the kind of job that you can do as a house cleaner? Liz Trotter: I really hate this. They’re cheesy, everybody agrees that it’s
like, “Ug.” Everybody does it, but they’re effective. So people like to see those before and after
pictures. They look and you hardly ever see anybody
that looks at one before and after picture, they look at every single one of them. To me, that says they’re working. People want to see that. They’re like, “Oh yeah, okay, wow. If they can do that, they can easily handle
my house.” So they’re effective, yeah. Angela Brown: All right, so that was the savvy
Liz Trotter from Castle Keepers. We are so grateful that you joined us today,
Liz. Thank you very much for your time, your energy,
and your attention and your very good ideas. All right. I hope this helps you guys a little bit. If it does, please pass on to a friend and
if we’ve earned your subscription, please subscribe. And until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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    I agree with before and after pictures on small business websites. They helped me in selecting who I went with to reclad my house.

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    Some pictures are delibretly taken up close to not show windows and mirors becuse its hard to realy make the spotless and allso special decors licke legose dont mak it in because some peaple dont have the brains or care to wash them in the bath tub with an allperpose cleaner and put them back with for example paper towels to drip dry ,not okay why is that?

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    Omg thank you so much for this video. I was going to take photos 2day and this information was very helpful😊

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